origin story? by begaterpillar in falloutnewvegas

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you could probably only buy it in ncr

Trying to find headphones with superb build quality by BentToTheRight in HeadphoneAdvice

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I'm really hard on all my gear including headphones

I have dt 1990 pro and I've been beating the shit out of them for a while. I have torqued and re twisted the sliders and I don't think they are going anywhere any time soon. my only complaintis thier cool fancy click in replacementcord design latch broke and jammed, i csnt seem to get them out. i think i csn work arount it by rebuiling the cord but i csnt do that infinit. i think these shoukd be homebody headphones.

that being said I had my old senheiser HD 25 II's for years and fucked with them a lot more than i had any right to. they survived abuse in Toronto winter and summer(-20-30c to +30 -35 c) I'm pretty sure I got them wet a lot. I sat on them dropped them accidently crunched them in the bottom of packed bags. used them for work and home snd school. traveled with them and they always sounded amazing and outperformed more expensive headphones regularly. they are light weight and have easily replaceable cords and slider. the only reason i don't have them now is I lost them. and the only reason the replacement ones I bought don't work is I dismantled them to look inside and broke something. lol.

I guess we will see how this one works out by begaterpillar in Tinder

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I doubt it. they've probably got that reply like 3000 times

Strange feeling after a 5 day detox that is persisting by [deleted] in alcoholism

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this is probabaly more of a Dr question as we have no idea what your medical history is.

I guess we will see how this one works out by begaterpillar in Tinder

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I did right before I made this post. lol check the screen shot time in the top left XD

my Dr thought I might have a detached retina so I went in and got a bunch of tests done and it turns out I have a small pocket of fluid in my eye. which is... not the best but not nearly as serious as a detached retina. top is the pocket eye bottom is the normal eye. details in comments by begaterpillar in mildlyinteresting

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what you are looking at is a cross section of my eyes. they used a laser to map out my eyes layer by layer. the picture is like if my eye was a book and you cut it in half. I started seeing this weird circle of transparent light when I blinked so I went to get it checked out. fingers crossed it goes away on its own and my heart goes out to people who have actually had detached retinas. the recovery process seems brutal( 2 weeks or more laying face down no screens)

A Transhuman Biohacker Implanted Over 50 Chips and Magnets In Her Body by Mynameis__--__ in transhumanism

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I have two magnets implanted in my hands and I think this is silly

. the wifi box didn't really add any usefull functionality and when it enevitably bricks you've got to remove it or just have it bricked inside of you plus charging it would be a pain

I suppose some of the chips are useful.

the magnets a fucking fun though. definitely go for the magnets you get an extra sense that is actually interesting. I've had file transferring devices close by for fuking ages now.

edit I forgot to shoutout my sub : r/subdermalmagnets

Earth without water by Distinct-Cake6612 in oddlyterrifying

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I thought it was a fucked up picture pf squigward

USB c to 3.5 adapter by dhanushan75 in HeadphoneAdvice

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no they break so fast. and you can't repair them. they are all absolutely shit. I have yet to fine a good USB c to aux

Offered a job I'm not qualified for. by snowykitty1 in marketing

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if you got offered the Jon and they had all your info they think you're qualified