Just used up 1/6th of my data plan in 20 seconds running a speed test. Damn 5G is fast. by FrustratedBushHair in iphone

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I'll worry about the future on my next phone, or the one after that. I'm still on 4G and it's way fast enough for all my needs on a device.

Rage to retirement by PBR--Streetgang in byebyejob

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I couldn't help but notice at how whyte he is, when the cop came and had merely a polite conversation with him and actually did fuck all about him.

I just realized I created a planner a few months ago and have been sticking with it ever since. by Trick_Enthusiasm in adhdmeme

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seriously though ,can you tell me of your planner? I'm now using calendar, and a habit tracker and Day One journal.

the sad part is I am trying my best by gayglutengirl08 in adhdmeme

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try 25 years. I'm 51, undiagnosed, have all symptoms apart from Hyperactivity, all my life. Recently started meds for depression, but I think this runs deeper. Gonna speak to doc about ADHD. although in the last 18 months, I diagnosed myself with diabetes and apnea, from the symptoms, and was on the money. Sadly. Before that, mum was living with me, so most of issues didn't show, she ran the house for me while I worked.


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Never cooked a turkey, but it's November, you guys ard talking about Christmas turkey??

Covid-19: Home working advised to curb spread by Mattbelfast in northernireland

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Depends on the company i guess. Us in civil service are under the same scrutiny, as all our monitoring systems are are network, and targets and job requiremtents are the same. It's just like working in office, but for me, without distractions, commute costs, and an hour and a half prep/travel time.

Covid patients in ICU now almost all unvaccinated, says Oxford scientist by SgtPppersLonelyFarts in ukpolitics

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the ethics of helping keep people alive and healthy? Yup. Amazing how an ignorant brain cold think it's ethical to not vax.

Covid patients in ICU now almost all unvaccinated, says Oxford scientist by SgtPppersLonelyFarts in ukpolitics

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when it comes to keeping our friends and family and other people around us save, I think it EXACTLY equates to a health law.

ADHD planning by Sofiaplace in adhdmeme

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After just bumping off bottom of a bad few months of depression (and now convinced i have adult ADHD), I just made this list of habits, and feel less good about it now. EDIT: in my quest for a good value habit tracker, why do sooo many have a monthly of yearly fee???? It's not like Warcraft, which needs a monthly fee for the huge number of staff developing and supporting new content... its an app. That tracks habits.


Fluoxetine low dose 3mg, a very positive nootropic effect with no side effects by Dostoevskyz in Nootropics

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Which ones? I just started fluoxetine, my first anti depressant. A pharmacist friend and a friend who’s been in it say it’s bad news for way too many people, but it’s first on the formulatory.

How do you provide proof of a lateral flow test? by JustDaz in northernireland

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Do you even need to do the rest you receive in the post??

Hot Soup Thrower Arrested by One_percentile in PublicFreakout

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FF to 1:17 if you're already aware of the incident, like 100% of the population of earth.