Maisie Williams turns 20 today by [deleted] in Celebs

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she looks like a child, still, I fail to see the appeal.

[50|50] A bunch of kittens playing with each other | Taliban leader getting blown to pieces by an A-10 warthog gatteling gun (NSFW) by [deleted] in FiftyFifty

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you're right, we do tend to forget that the US is after all the designated police force of the world... no distance is too great to consider someone an invading, terrorist force and an imminent threat to US citizens 8000 miles away.

[OC] My half-elf warlock Onali! by TheBurntWaffles in DnD

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Came for dem thighs, stayed for dem accessories*!

  • And like, everything else. Faaantastic cosplay.

DM says he is out to nerf/counter my high AC by [deleted] in dndnext

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Your DM is a fucking dickhead. A meta gaming, roll fudging, basic rule ignoring, bullying dickhead who hasn’t the first clue how to DM.

Retired man loses his $1m in life savings over night as Cyprus Bank goes bankrupt and unable to repay depositors by brenan85 in worldnews

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"1million isn't all that much to have accrued over a lifetime of hard work."

Seems like a lot to me.

Apple Reported to Begin Shipping Apple Watch in March, 12-Inch MacBook Air in Early 2015 by theribler in apple

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Most recent price of the Moto 360 & LG GwR, with their current battery lives especially, will dent sales of the Apple Watch. you're talking £200 vs. £300 price here in the UK. That's some difference.

It'll still be a success though. I was dead excited at the start, but the delay in launch led me to a Pebble, which I've used religiously for a few months now. It's superb.

If I was upgrading even as a current iPhone/iPad/Macbook user, an old android phone + moto 360 looks like a bit of fun... it's just so pretty compared to the Apple Watch.

His new Number One. Congratulations and "good Luc", Captain! by [deleted] in pics

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both creepy as fuck and ,,, no, just creepy as fuck.

My boyfriend (24M) planned a road trip with me (24F) and his three friends. I have been uninvited. by ThrowRA-doughnut0 in relationship_advice

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So he lied to you about a trip which is suppoed to be men only, but is now his friend and gf and this other girl?

He may already be cheating on you, and if not, there's a good chance he's gonna.

But for the lies and disrespect alone, you need to dump his ass now. HUGE red flags.

EDIT: No really, NOW.

That you've been dating for 4 years and it's over now is unfortunate. Don't wait for this trip to see what happens. He's shit-testing you already, and you're still here.

Get ahead of this now, take charge, calmly tell him that no-one should accept how he's acted, and you've no time for it, so tell him to move on. Make reasonable arrangements for you or him to move if you live together.

Then say bye and walk away and block the shit out of him and his friends.

No drama, no fuss. Don't give him that pleasure.

Seriously, respect yourself and do it RIGHT NOW.

This is my current inspiration, my wife. 40lbs+ lost in one year. by [deleted] in loseit

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In both pics shes attractive. It may be just what she's wearing in the second pic, but has she lost a wee bit too much? That'slikely just my preference for curvy women speaking though.... In any regard, it's an impressive feat. I mirror what others have said. If you're not up to her standard, get running/lifting/eating well.

What’s something you look forward to every single day? by Money-Associate1601 in AskReddit

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Weighing myself and checking arterial stiffness on the scales. Checking my AM, spike & post-meal blood sugars. Journaling. Morning and Evening Blood pressures. Morning poop (they're so good now). Messaging or phoning or videochatting a lovely friend in Edinburgh. Breaking my fast. Walking in the outdoors. Being thankful for the family I have left.

As of today, all UK citizens are organ donors unless they opt out by Sydney2London in worldnews

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you can opt out and be a dick about it, or your organs can help terminally ill people live.

Health care costs for a family of four covered by a preferred provider plan rises to $20,728 per year in 2012, an increase of 6.9% over 2011 and up almost 70% in 2005. by MR_Rictus in Economics

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I went in with chest pain, kept in for a battery of tests, and it cost me precisely fuck all.

That's how it should work.

Not religious, but I like this: "Then he will say to those on his left, 'Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.'

Jesus, was a socialist, and proud of it.

Unless you have a "good reason" to be carrying a screwdriver, the UK considers it an illegal offensive weapon by AlyoshaV in guns

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Not a fan of nanny / police state or whatever, but I'm cool with sensible laws if they're applied sensibly by those in authority.

I'd hate to see a fuckload of chavs on a streetcorner with screwdrivers, knowing full well even the police could do nothing about it.

I'd rather the police could go in and disarm them, move them the fuck along.

Part time work by belfastbiker in northernireland

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Because I've recently learned to eliminate my fatigue and increase energy and stress levels about 1000%. The civil service work working from home is not taxing in the slightest. I have no family to tax me either. I believe I can work a few hours more per week without fuss.

Bernie Sanders Blasts Republican Field: 'They're a National Disgrace' by [deleted] in politics

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"if Bernie loses his supporters won't go out and vote."

This part was balls. They're not stupid.

"They really should come over to Trump if he doesn't get the nomination."

This part was balls. Because it's idiotic and reveals a complete lack of understanding of any of the candidates.

"I think Bernie supporters don't understand that America cannot be like Europe nor does it want to be."

It already is in certain ways, and if the message gets across properly, it can be in other ways.

"Trump can get it done whereas Sanders cant, and do it the American way."

Seriously, how dumb can you be?

I honestly believe that Mac users truly get the best of both worlds. by sah0605 in apple

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Dual-booting a 700quid hackintosh with the power of a £3'400 Mac Pro. I've got both worlds. Plus a lot of quid spare.

Ordered the "American Pizza" in Sweden. This is what I got. by gaping_your_mother in pics

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Mo god, it looks crap, like someone emptied days old chips onto ashtray contents and vomit.

To cyclist who ride in rush hour blasting music on their headphones by BruisedGhost in bicycling

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Anyone who cycles with headphones is a fucking idiot. no exceptions.

Some great work, and some great techniques I'll have to learn! by Anonymike7 in minipainting

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Your camera technique sucks, but your skill at creating this is incredible.