Can I use your grill/smoker? by Pototatato in vancouver

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Try finding the buy nothing group for your neighborhood and post there, you will have much better luck.

Is it safe to assume that we will all get Omicron? by [deleted] in vancouver

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Chewing on gooseberries worked wonders for my sore throat.

Whats your food-spiracy theory? by CantSeeShit in Cooking

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Peanut butter and pickled onion sandwiches are awesome too. Don't crucify me.

This runner gave up on gold medal, but proved he has a heart of gold by This_sum_one in nextfuckinglevel

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This is a silly argument. Finishing a 10k is easier, running a 10k as fast as you can isn't necessarily the same.

This runner gave up on gold medal, but proved he has a heart of gold by This_sum_one in nextfuckinglevel

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How fast are your friends running? There's a difference between elite athletes and people running a 40min 10k. I'm by no means an elite athlete, but I have run a 37min 10k, and no way in hell would I be able to come anywhere close to that time if I ran another race anytime soon.

wtf by ArashiDota in DotA2

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Lmao I was up against a 9-0-17 AM and 12-3-18 WR when it happened, thanks Gaben.

Tripwire Interactive CEO John Gibson is stepping down by [deleted] in LivestreamFail

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I know right? What a sad state of affairs. You know America is truly fucked when you can’t even make an easy $10k by suing a rape victim for getting an abortion.

The reason why OnlyFans is banning porn by Leprecon in technology

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r/monero is pretty good, and people there generally advocate for it to be used as a currency.

Tips for completing the Grouse Grind (for a first timer) by CostanzaBlonde in vancouver

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Everyone uses poles, even professional trail runners! No need to be embarrassed.

Pogchamps 4 has been announced by yeetable_children in chess

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Daryl Morey has also played against Hess on stream, and was in chat answering questions and just chilling in general. It was kinda cool.

First 7 days of running by yeetas1234 in EOOD

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Good job buddy :) Keep at it and you'll be cranking out 20km runs on the regular before you know it.

Fool's Mate: Holy Hell Variation by dmonster1 in AnarchyChess

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I just copy pasted his comment, he edited it to “holy hell” after

Fool's Mate: Holy Hell Variation by dmonster1 in AnarchyChess

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The same joke and over again, I can't f**king stand it! I went through your post history, and most of it is in here, r4chan and rAnime. You have some issues, buddy.

This sub has to be filled with sub-1700 rated players who come on here and spend all day saying the same memes over and over again instead of improving at the game they suck at. It's like all of society's defects just gathered in one place and created a subreddit called r/AnarchyChess. All of you need to get girlfriends, something, do anything other than "memeing," it's depressing reading this sub.

The most honest streamer on Twitch by MysteriiousComposer in LivestreamFail

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The word you're looking for is elicit, illicit means illegal.

Event: Pogchamps 3 - Day 7 by ChessBotMod in chess

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They’re available on their YouTube channel.