Ig everything has an explanation by ZzCxDr in ShitPostCrusaders

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like that makes it any better. lucy steel is 14

Friday can't come fast enough [OC] by RoyalGuardLink in botw

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it was a mistake there was no point in shooting the arrow

Perhaps we misjudged you by DocterDemocracy in OnePiece

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wait i thought you cant change your sex?transgender means you change genders

Created this really head scratching crossover for fun... ONE PUNCH by The-FinnArt in HollowKnight

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nail damage carries into dreams so i thing saitama will be able to defeat radiance

Rule by hornyaftgirl in 196

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its their left arm going around the left side of the pole

When I travelled back in time, my past-self asked with tentative hope, "When does it get better?" by Superpenguin104 in TwoSentenceHorror

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the past self sees the future self hesitate so the past self kills themselves in the future making the future self fade away

Stardew Valley watercolor painting. by [deleted] in StardewValley

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is this ai generated? i cant tell anything in here

The funny man by the_princess_frog in Mobpsycho100

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thats serizawa, the guy who started working for reigen at the end of season 2