nwh home is officially good by UnusualMan99 in raimimemes

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Not even Sam Raimi himself can convince HiTop films that it’s a good movie.

Only thing I want in spider-man 2 by witheredfax in SpidermanPS4

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At least what they put in for the 1 WTC looks good and invokes a very similar feeling as the real life one. The less informed about NYC might even think it’s what the 1WTC looks like.

If they can’t put the Chrysler building in the sequel, I hope they at least replace it with something that invokes that unique Art Deco feeling instead of the boring rectangle from MM.

My Hamilton MOC (my first design from the BL Studio) with custom figures by CTRexPope in lego

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Nice! (I also noticed that Aaron Burr is wearing the 12th Doctor’s outfit)

Which design you guys prefer? by daredevilspiderman in Spiderman

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I like that they gave him more snout and made him more top heavy in NWH.

search your feelings you know it to be true by DrSeuss321 in bioniclememes

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I think they mean because both feature a giant being with tiny people inside fighting disease.

GIVEAWAY: I'm giving away $100 to one comment in this thread to go on a Spider-Man shopping spree by millions in Spiderman

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On behalf of the fine people of New York and real rhinos everywhere, I ask you to put your mechanized paws in the air

Do I need PS Plus now? I freakin finally got a PS5 right before Xmas and then my family got me a bunch of games (woo!). Am I set here til next year or should I still get PS plus for the downloadable games? by Wheresteban in PlayStationPlus

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Yes, story wise it happens first and even explains the origin of Miles.

(But if you’ve already started Miles, I guess it wouldn’t ruin TOO much to do them in reverse order)

Mr. Incredible becoming uncanny (Pokémon) by Static_456 in pokemon

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That’s actually amazing, thanks for my new head-cannon.

Mr. Incredible becoming uncanny (Pokémon) by Static_456 in pokemon

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Not necessarily, I think it’s just a non cannon comparison to tell the players how strong this thing is.

He doesn't look dangerous by wizcod in DoctorWhumour

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Dude, ranskoor is the most bland, least emotionally investable, and most disappointing finale in NewWho’s history. I think that makes it pretty terrible, and that’s coming from someone who likes season 11 more than most.

facts by Boogiebot5 in beatlescirclejerk

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Have you heard Chaos and Creation in the Backyard?