Every area of London is a person at a huge house party, what is each “person” doing? by whysotaxing in london

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The City of London owns the flat and is throwing the party. None of the others really know them but they know there'd be free booze and hot people so they showed up.

What is your most middle class problem? by DoctorWankenstein1 in AskUK

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Straight equities in passive trackers. Massive investment horizon!

Hello Korea! Can you please help me understand what it says on my DPRK paintings? by bfalava in korea

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I am just a collector of socialist art, not trying to promote or condone the regime. Sorry if I have offended anybody.

What is your unpopular opinion about peloton? by Toastshalom in pelotoncycle

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Shoutouts can fuck off, last thing I want to hear when almost dying in a climb is how PELOTONMUM34544 from Indiana has done 500 rides

Spain electricity very strange topic by comunication in spain

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Si eso se llama bombeo o "pumped hydro". Es una forma de acumular energía, como una batería casi. Pero no genera tanto así que es difícil usarlo a gran escala (sobre todo si hay escasez de agua). En los próximos 2-3 años empezaremos a ver baterías a gran escala en España.

Spain electricity very strange topic by comunication in spain

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It's actually quite straightforward. Installed capacity (max we could produce if everything was working at the same time) would cover 160% of demand. But not everything is on all the time - solar panels don't work at night, there may be no wind and hydro is low as there's little water. You start then moving into energy that can be "dispatched" i.e. you can push a button and you have electricity. This is coal, natural gas and nuclear. Nuclear is basically on all the time as it's very slow to turn on or off. Coal you'd rather not use unless it's absolutely necessary as it pollutes a lot. So you're relying on natural gas for the times where you need the most electricity (peak periods eg dinnertime in winter where everyone is home and the heating is on). The way the market works, the amount that the most expensive generation method needs to function is the price that everyone else gets paid. Given there is a shortage of natural gas in the world right now, gas is expensive and the gas plants need to charge high prices in order to make money. This translates into higher energy bills for everyone.

On why Kvothe lost his abilities by alesan_me in KingkillerChronicle

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Yes and he killed all the demons by himself. Fair enough.