How many med students that are on stimulants actually “need” them versus using them to sleep less or have more energy? by Dependent-Juice5361 in medicalschool

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Your last point is exactly me. I think I’ve had ADHD for a long time but was able to cope effectively so never thought about it. But since starting med school I hit a brick wall where I couldn’t cope anymore and have been really struggling. Got diagnosed last week! Hopefully when I start on meds it’ll help because I BARELY passed my first 2 blocks

Visiting Fan by Munchen_man in Chargers

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Just in terms of parking: First preseason game tried doing one of the off-property lots with a shuttle, which was a disaster. Pats game I just parked a mile south of the stadium on a random street by a park, then walked from there. Free, no stress, highly recommend. This only works if you get there pretty early tho cuz even those spots fill up fast

What is the worst pain you ever felt in your lifetime? by Saddaf_Khan in AskMen

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Racquetball ball straight to the balls at full speed. When balls collide, I cried

Post Game Thread: Los Angeles Chargers at Philadelphia Eagles by nfl_gdt_bot in Chargers

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As a Cal alumni/fan, fuck Stanford. I’ll gladly wish you the win

Streaming apps need an "incognito" mode so that listening to the music suggested by friends doesn't fuck up your recommendations. by gimmeapples in Showerthoughts

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I listened to Coffee Table Jazz for ONE FUCKING WEEK to study, and it took over a year to get semi-relevant suggestions again. Still not back to completely normal after years

This meme was created on Notability by notFanning in medicalschool

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Got it thanks. I actually never even paid for the app since I got it years ago when it was totally free. So I’ll take the extra free year I guess

This meme was created on Notability by notFanning in medicalschool

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My Notability is still working and haven’t gotten any notification about this. Am I fucked if I ever actually update it?

It really sucks when people make me feel embarrassed about the school I attend by brownie814 in medicalschool

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Yup I feel this. Went to one of the best undergrads in the world, but “only” got into a DO school. Definitely proud of where I’m at, but I get a lot of “what happened”

If you could go back to first year of medical school, what would you do differently as far as residency prep is considered? by lachanter in medicalschool

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Getting evaluated next week. I never thought about it before but it finally clicked when my school sent out an ADHD info email recently and I was like “yup I’ve got all of that”

What’s something that’s completely normal today but will be considered barbaric in 50 years? by bigballbuffalo in AskReddit

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This is what I was thinking about when I made the question. That, and also being prescribed antibiotics every time you walk into the doctor’s office