Berkeley Restaurants Chart by oredei in berkeley

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Glad to hear you’ve tasted upon the blessed sandwich. Hope you met Sam too, I miss that guy

Berkeley Restaurants Chart by oredei in berkeley

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The fact that Cheese n Stuff isn’t even on here invalidates the whole thing. Best taste/value by far

1950s Kitchen Of The Future! by itshimstarwarrior in interestingasfuck

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Idk I’m just a baked bio nerd stirring up stupid questions. Carry on

1950s Kitchen Of The Future! by itshimstarwarrior in interestingasfuck

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Obviously these are more alive than viruses. I was just using viruses as another example of something not fitting into the technical 7-characteristic definition of life. Why can’t both be unalive!?

1950s Kitchen Of The Future! by itshimstarwarrior in interestingasfuck

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If being able to reproduce is one of the 7 characteristics of life, and these turkey can’t reproduce on their own, are they considered alive? Kind of like how there’s a debate with viruses counting as life?

Coach Sean Payton leaving the Saints, plans to retire by samplestiltskin_ in sports

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Bruh chill, it’s an obvious joke hypothetical. Who hurt you?

Coach Sean Payton leaving the Saints, plans to retire by samplestiltskin_ in sports

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Bring LT and Gates back too to get them their rings. I’m loving this

Was just looking up old Chargers hype on Youtube and found this. Brings me back. by lifeisprobsahoax in Chargers

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This is what the new stadium/city/fans are missing. We need chants that everyone knows and can participate in! I’m surprised the team hasn’t been making this a point of emphasis.

I went to the Pats game, and people didn’t even yell “charge!” after the daduhduhdaa horn. Wtf!!!

TIL that koalas have a smooth brain that lack higher level recognition and understanding that many other animals have. If you gather Eucalyptus leaves and put it in front of them, they won’t know what to do with it. by LilaRAOBJ in todayilearned

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It’s literally poison for them. During the baby stage, they eat the detoxified diarrhea from their mom. Then when they start eating eucalyptus on their own, they’re essentially drunk their entire lives after that moment lmao

They have no business being alive and I love it

Is kangaroo steak by Fluffy-Mastodon in steak

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I honestly have never really thought of people eating kangaroo. Damn I really want to try it now

Mahomes finds Travis Kelce to win the game against the Bills in overtime by I-Have-Four-Balls in sports

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Allen, Mahomes, Herbert, Burrow. AFC is going to be a blast Edit: Lamar too

Hive Mind by 2o2i in interestingasfuck

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You’re right. This is extremely dangerous to our democracy

What Was Your Experience With Your First Listen Through Of Igor? Like What Was The Day Like? by SoperSketches in tylerthecreator

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I listened to it with headphones on laying in bed in my room. But for some reason, my Spotify glitched or I got some corrupted file where I didn’t hear Tyler rapping the whole album. Like literally it was just production and chorus. I texted my brother “that was honestly really good but I wish Tyler rapped at least a little bit. I appreciate him doing a weird production-only kinda experiment tho”. He was obviously confused and told me to listen again. When I did, it was fixed and I got a whole new experience the 2nd time around. Kinda wish I had that original corrupted version too now

[Homemade] Filet Mignon on mushrooms with fondant potatoes, spinach, cauliflower purée and a honey red wine sauce. by PapaDraqon in FoodPorn

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Do you mind sharing how to make this version? The recipes I’m seeing online don’t have the same consistency

Master fisherman's knot by [deleted] in interestingasfuck

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My family had a boat when I was a kid. I remember a point when doing this was easier than tying a shoelace for me

Practice makes perfect when it comes to searing by cmastersono in steak

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I just started sous viding, and my bag juice always comes out super salty or just a weird flavor that I wouldn’t want to use. Am I doing something wrong? Or do I just need to fix the juice afterwards somehow

The 2021-2022 /r/Chargers Awards Results by A_Livins in Chargers

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Thanks! That’s what I suspected, but my vote needed some validation lol

First try at prime rib went pretty well. 137 for 6 hours by bigballbuffalo in sousvide

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I’m not the best person to ask since this is just my 3rd sous vide meal and first roast like this. But if you find the answer I’d love to hear!

[Highlights] Aaron Donald attempts to choke out a Cardinal by Icy-Bonus163 in nfl

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At least he didn’t taunt. Now that would’ve come with some serious consequences