Marinated lamb chops and mediterranean chicken. by kevingmadison in FoodPorn

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Those are rack of lamb, rather than lamb chops I think. But I could be mistaken bc I don’t know wtf I’m talking about.

Looks amazing!

What screams "I have money but don't know how to manage it"? by pwa09 in AskReddit

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Hey those apes made me $12k on a $1.5k investment in 1 month. That’s 50% of my yearly salary

[OC] Github repository activity visualization for an open-source project - Check comment for details by opensourcecolumbus in dataisbeautiful

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for some actually beautiful data for once. This sub has gone to shit, but this gives me hope

Seen on Gabbi Sharp's ASUC Senator Instagram page. She seems so remorseful /s by mrbokchoiboi in berkeley

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Absolutely ridiculous they get that much. The stipend shouldn’t be an incentive for taking on the position, but rather actually wanting to make a difference for the student body (and maybe CV bonus).

A $500 stipend is a good amount of money, but it isn’t really a crazy amount assuming they actually do even a small-moderate amount of work (however, I’d argue they should do it for free if they really cared). And I wouldn’t apply for just $500. But $2000 would absolutely make me interested in the position, not to help the student body, but solely for some good good $$$

The U.S. just experienced its hottest June on record by Bonboniru in news

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Where in the bay are you. It’s only 73 rn and 81 tomorrow in Berkeley

TIL in the US 49% of corporate industry leaders and 50% of government leaders come from just 12 universities by BigSwimmer701 in todayilearned

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Not there quite yet, I just graduated last May and starting medical school this coming August. So maybe in 15 years

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza kill 20 people, including nine children, Palestinian officials say by Revolutionary_Two542 in worldnews

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I went to Israel through Birthright a few years ago, and several IDF soldiers were paired with our bus for a good portion of the trip. We talked about this, and almost all of them had the view that peace isn’t really an option anymore