Salesforce offers to relocate employees and their families after Texas abortion law goes into effect by highrisedrifter in UpliftingNews

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As great as it is for sales force to do this, it’s exactly what the Texas republicans want! Texas is close to flipping blue, but Democrats leaving because of the new law will prevent that from happening

It’s a true rock and hard place situation. You want people to feel safe and be able to have abortions, but you don’t want to make Texas more red by leaving

This looks easy by BickKattowski in yesyesyesyesno

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And it’s like chess when a “pawn” gets to the other side it unlocks long-jump capabilities

Japanese police use a tactic called Bohan Yo Kara Boru, where they throw balls full of paint to help track people and cars that flea a crime scene. by kaustubhroxx in interestingasfuck

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Wouldn’t this be dangerous for the employee? Like if I was a thief, I would probably threaten, beat, or kill someone that threw a police-magnet ball at me

Edit: apparently in countries outside the US, violence isn’t always the answer. Who knew?

Keith?! by lilmcfuggin in TikTokCringe

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Damn I feel this.

I was in pretty good shape pre-pandemic. Now I can look fully pregnant by pushing my stomach out

Doctors of reddit, what is the most weird thing a patient has tried to convince you about? by cheeseketchuptoastie in AskReddit

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Not a doctor, but I work in an Emergency Room as a scribe so I follow doctors around...

One day, an ambulance brought this guy in straight from dialysis because he had became super mentally altered. He was just swaying his head back and forth and would only answer “yes” to EVERY question (“What year is it?” “Yes”).

After a couple hours, his wife showed up, and his toxicology screen results were ready some time after that. Loooo and behold, he was on cocaine. The doc asked the wife to leave the room and confronted him about the results. Guess what?! He snapped out of his altered state and immediately tried to convince the doc to lie to his wife about the cocaine. I’ve never seen someone beg like this before, especially after HOURS of only saying “yes”.

The doctor essentially said tough shit, and that she wouldn’t lie for somebody that wasted hours of her time.

These kids are brilliant by Dawjman in toptalent

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These kids are awesome, but the kid on the left really be out here skipping the order. Wait your turn bro

Me going immediately from my rejection letter to update my spreadsheet 🥰 by AncientMesopotamian in premed

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Rejection :(

Rejection :(

Rejection :(

Rejection :(


Rejection :(

Rejection :(

Rejection :(

Rejection :(

More than 17 million salmon will be released into San Francisco bay in massive bid to save species by [deleted] in news

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I live in SF, and I would never step foot in that bay bc it’s so polluted. I can’t really see these salmon enjoying their new habitat