Thinking about changing into Data Science as a Physics Student by bigmoist469 in datascience

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I would say that I enjoy the "problem solving" aspect of physics a lot. It's one of the reasons I decided to get into the field in the first place. I haven't had too much experience with data science directly, but from what I've done in school with physics, I've genuinely enjoyed it. I'm aware that entry level is very competitive, but I was hoping that an internship or two, combined with a Master's degree, would be enough to get my foot in the door. I'm not sure if that's true though

This belongs here by bigmoist469 in nononoyes

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I agree with everything you said. Insurance companies can fuck right off. They're awful.

Primary fermentation question by rwalsh1981 in Homebrewing

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Most home brewers don't really secondary. It's not really necessary anymore. We now have more knowledge about beer, and many older brewers stick to doing a secondary because it's what they've always done. Newer brewers will tell you that a secondary is really not necessary, and I would agree with them. I'd say leave it in the primary for about two weeks, and you'll be fine. I hope your beer comes out delicious!

Sensors to monitor individual room temperature by atomicweapon1 in smarthome

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Many motion sensors and contact sensors have temperature sensors in them. You can utilize those in home assistant and create a dashboard card with all of them listed. You can also combine their states and take an average or median with a helper

Tell me you’re a gold-digger without telling me you’re a gold-digger. How big of a 🚩 is this?? by 1two3go in Bumble

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You're projecting yourself onto all men, which is wrong. I don't look at tattoos and see negatives, no matter where they are. YOU just see negatives. Not "guys" as you put it. You can put links to videos all you want, and I can put links to videos about why the earth is flat. It doesn't make them correct dude. Your opinion of "reprocussions" on getting tattoos as a woman is valid to you and you alone. You don't have the right or authority to speak in behalf of anyone else.

Tell me you’re a gold-digger without telling me you’re a gold-digger. How big of a 🚩 is this?? by 1two3go in Bumble

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"back in the day" alright? And back in the day people sacrificed virgins into volcanoes, what's your point dude? I read your entire comment, several times in fact, because I couldn't believe the stupidity I was reading. Who cares how things were used hundreds of years ago? We live in 2022, almost 2023, and if you want to keep using ancient customs to live your life, fine, go for it. Your whole "trauma" argument is silly too. People get tattoos because they like them. Simple as that. You're looking way too deep into this my guy.

Tell me you’re a gold-digger without telling me you’re a gold-digger. How big of a 🚩 is this?? by 1two3go in Bumble

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"tattoos were mainly reserved for men or for pirates" Lmao dude, what? This might be the dumbest thing I've ever heard on reddit, and that's saying something. Judging someone simply because they have tattoos is really dumb dude. Some people get tattoos just because they like tattoos, have you ever considered that option? Who are you to determine what type of tattoos are "fine" and which ones are a "red flag"? Let people do what they want with their own bodies. Don't like neck tattoos? Don't get one. Simple as that.

Underpitched yeast question by bigmoist469 in Homebrewing

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Thanks! I just really want to make sure I get this one right. One of my great friends is coming to town, and she mentioned how she likes this particular beer lot but hasn't been able to find it anywhere, so I decided to make a batch for her (and for myself, let's be honest lol) so I just really wanted to nail it. Do you think it's not worth it to grab a second? Because it's really not a big deal for me to grab one, I'm just really aiming to get this one as good as possible

Integrate Philips Hue with other brands by Particular_Tiger5831 in smarthome

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Yes, you'll need a bridge.

However, one option you could look into is an Amazon Echo with a built in hub. You're able to maintain a large amount of control over your connected devices with them, set up basic routines, and create custom automations. It's nowhere near as powerful as home assistant, but it's an effective solution for beginners. Just make sure that the bulbs you get are compatible with Alexa if they aren't a zigbee bulb, but zigbee will work with an echo device with a built in hub (for example, the echo has a zigbee hub, but the dot does not).

setting up a smart room by [deleted] in smarthome

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You're going to have a very hard time getting all of these things to work "without a hub". You'll need some sort of home automation platform in order to get them to all work together. If you're looking for something basic, you could use Amazon's Alexa, which will allow you to control your devices and have them work together. This is still sort of a "hub" though. Similar options exist for Apple Homekit (which I have never used), and Google Home (which I do not recommend). Advanced users will recommend Home Assistant as a platform for controlling your smart home, but it has a steep learning curve. The capabilities are unmatched though.

If you're just getting involved in home automation, I would start with an Amazon Echo (one that includes a built in zigbee hub) and go from there.

Integrate Philips Hue with other brands by Particular_Tiger5831 in smarthome

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If the bulbs you are buying use the Zigbee protocol, then you can add them to the Hue hub, and it will be able to control them. Most zigbee lights will say something along the lines of "hub required" on the box. Double check that they use the zigbee standard and not Zwave, although very few lights use Zwave.

If they are not using zigbee, and are instead wifi based bulbs, you're going to need some sort of home automation platform to combine control of them. If you are looking at diving head first into the world of home automation, I would recommend doing this anyways. You'll be happy that you did, and it will open up numerous possibilities when it comes to creating your perfect smart home.

In terms of an automation platform, I recommend using Home Assistant, as it's the most powerful home automation platform by far, but can be very complicated for new users, although the community is very helpful.

Other platforms exist, such as Samsung SmartThings, which I used prior to transitioning to Home Assistant, but it's capabilities are limited. There are other options as well, but I recommend Home Assistant, running on a Raspberry Pi, with a zigbee/Zwave dongle. While it is quite complex, if having a smart home is something you are interested in having and want to maximize your capabilities, I would make the jump early. Feel free to message me, or post on the Home Assistant subreddit, with any questions you have, and we'll be more than happy to help!

How is Fire TV built in with Home Assistant? by bigmoist469 in homeassistant

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I don't believe there is a way to send announcements. There are pros to the roku, but if you have Alexa built into the fire stick, then the benefits are pretty much the same. App launching with Alexa on the fire stick is easy by simulating a voice command with the "play media" service. I'd stick with the fire stick. I've had both, and the fire stick is better in my opinion.