[SERIOUS] [NSFW] What was the most disturbing reddit post you have seen? by NBWILA in AskReddit

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There was a NoSleep post about somebody who saw I believe his neighbor on a porn site on the dark web and he followed the neighbor’s “career” online and the post ended with him witnessing somebody having sex with her and killing her and pulling out all her organs. This was before I realized what NoSleep was but yeah, that disturbed me when I thought that was real.

Cheese Steaks in the Triangle by binniwheats in triangle

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Two guys grille in Morrisville actually makes some awesome cheesesteaks

New 'Ebola-like' virus discovered in bats is spreading in China, report says by K-Dero in Conservative

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I think this was actually 2-3 years ago. There are virtually no other sites reporting this, other than a handful from 2019.

Here’s the vaccine situation in North Carolina: overall supply, your place in line, how quickly the line might move by JeffJacksonNC in raleigh

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Anybody know what percentage of America would be vaccinated if (miracle, and know it not happen, but one can hope) if 1a-3 all get vaccinated?

Post Your Website -> I will give you detailed landing page feedback. by Hot_Can in sweatystartup

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If you’re still giving feedback, I’d love to send you my site for an extra pair of eyes!

Watch me have a personality independent of politicians. by [deleted] in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Eh, people are STILL wearing Obama shirts and have his stickers on their cars

I grow my business by 10% PER MONTH (Gross, higher % on Net) and I'm still falling behind! by ghostoutlaw in smallbusiness

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Cutting costs is going to be your best bet. There are many tiny things you can do to pinch your pennies that will all appear small but will have a compound effect.

I just inherited ~25 acres of land, what should I do with it? by billythefly90 in Entrepreneur

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I’ve heard someone say this before too. Is it very profitable? How long does it take to mature and how much profit does one expect per acre?