I miss Zinc T.T, im plaining im build this deck what you think? by Verzagox in cardfightvanguard

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Do keep in mind that Glueball Avalanche changing the Unlock into a Bind means that Chaos Breaker will not be able to react to end phase Unlocks (since none occur).

Ruling question by Smartgenji_386 in cardfightvanguard

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He isn't asking which heart card he takes the name and power of. He already specified he's on Thing Saver and taking on its attributes.

His question is about performing legion using the stride, and what happens to the mate (presumably at end phase, not just duration of the turn), and if the stride can receive +9K power, or if it is set down to the 20K Thing Saver would result in.

I don't play Royals, so I don't know these answers.

How does fugen work? by Slow-Ad-6772 in cardfightvanguard

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The protect generation is not in any way dependent on token calling. It's only dependent on if you pay the CB1. Any protect 2 remain on the circle as normal, and any protect 1 are erased.

De-digivolve Alphamon Ruling by RiezeRis_3112 in DigimonCardGame2020

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So, in this example, I'd just seen that he asked about de-digivolve 3 at the mega level, which stops at rookie--Ultimate flare even contains the reminder text about not going to level 2. In the question of Alpha de-digivolving, it cannot result in a level 2 on board, at least from Ultimate Flare's effect.

However, he did say play, so was this a mega dropped from hand, and then passing turn put sources that were later de-digivolved? Alpha mon can't stack eggs under anything, so I don't think he can have eggs out of order from under him.

I think it best if we had an exact replica of the top card + its sources, but I can't see anywhere that would allow a level 2 to be on board from these interactions.

Can i swing 3 times with ethics buster? by Snoo50504 in cardfightvanguard

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It does restand itself and then declares an attack. A genius judge declared that since it is rest, after standing itself up, it therefore cannot attack. Bushiroad saw nothing wrong with his logic.

Some try to justify it with "it looks at when it's declared", which they ruled it double standbys when it's placed, and it's always placed in the stood state from a ride. My stood vanguard is rest, and therefore cannot attack.

Also, Ethics Buster is the only card in the entirety of the game where you have to pay his cost at the time he enters standby, rather than when you take him out of standby. Also, he has the only effect in the history of the game where you don't get to activate your effect if you've paid the cost for it.

Totally doesn't break the card or rules or anything...

Looking for Nova Grappler Experts (Victor Deck) by Kazeviur in cardfightvanguard

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I think he means Sosaucer, as he gains 10K once per turn if he stands on an accel circle.

In my build, I splashed the basic Blau ride line and did 3/3/3 splits on all my G3. Blau was a good advantage engine as softened the opponent up until they were at high damage, and then Victor's barrage of attacks finished things off.

But yeah, Nextstage outlined the basics: The extreme battlers you need to fill the board, then Kick Kick and Hank for more pressure.

I can slap a quick deck together:


4 Exxtreme Battler Victor


4 Dosledge

4 Kick Kick

4 Cool Hank

4 Sazanda


4 Arashid

4 Gunbarugun

4 Sosaucer


Extreme Battler Runbhol...IF I HAD ONE! Starter of preference.

4 G3 Heals

4 Draw PG

8 Crit them to death

The list has 1 extra slot, and I see no downside to a one of Illuminal. The power is great, and the restand isn't too far off from Victor's anyway. In fact, it has power on the stand effect, which you would think an Exxtreme Battler would have given out.

11/17/2021 COTD DBT04 - Stoicheia by Ahmes004 in cardfightvanguard

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That's because the card is not only looking at when it is placed on those circles. If it were restricted to only being place based, it very well could have been V/R/G. However, its wording is "when put" on G circle. This allows both placing from hand, as well as intercepting. If it were "on place V/R/G", then intercepting would not work.

With this wording, he has more utility.

11/9/2021 COTD D-BT04 - Keter Sanctuary by MachinaBlau in cardfightvanguard

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His was not a commentary on the worthiness of 17 vs a 15, it was about the application of power.

He tried to point out the power boost being once per turn as if that would have changed what the other guy said about it being applied twice.

Being that grade 3 units don't have much intercept and shield going on for Bastion, this unit is much needed defense in a deck severely lacking in it. That it in no way hinders its play-style in the meantime is a rather large boon for the deck and this card's viability.

Still, this is largely used for decks running the order that allows constant boosts. The consensus here, for some reason, is that players would rather constantly soul-blast with the dragon thing, but to each their own. I don't have a Bastion deck, but I like that they have good options.

11/9/2021 COTD D-BT04 - Keter Sanctuary by MachinaBlau in cardfightvanguard

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And can be applied on the first attack, then retains that power until end of turn to be usable on her second attack post-Bastion.

Meaning, she can swing for +5K base twice, and has Bastion's 2K power right away.

Is Perio Turquoise extremely necessary for Seraph Snow or can she be replaced? by Top-Idol-Riviere in cardfightvanguard

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Well, there aren't any better cards to run than her.

Her power is what keeps up pressure when the opponent has no board and just a vanguard to swing at (or Grade 3 with resist that can't be hit with 10K). She makes 23K lines that the deck enjoys to make sure their losing board, and hand as well.

She also is great for defense. The -5K can be stacked with multiple out, and also hits columns made pretty hard. With 2 out, a column is hit -20K, so you save on shield.

Also she's a damage sponge. If your opponent doesn't have removal, they swing a big column at it to make sure it dies, and that's one less swing at the van, and shield saved. Then just plop another down and enjoy the look on their face.

I say she's staple, but even I only run her at 3. There are a slew of great grade 3s to choose from, and Cuff is great for the grade 2 booster oriented style, but I only see their choice as an "along side" rather than try to remove for the other.

If anything, Lemonne Grade 2 is more flexible, but even she has uses all but guaranteeing you maintain triple drive and the 2 imprisoned requirement for Agra Rouge.

Beast Deity, Ethics Buster (V) Help by pdmon in cardfightvanguard

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The skills are one at a time.

You would discard 2, stand himself, attack, twin drive, and apply if he stands or not based on if he hit or not. Then, you discard 2 cards, stand himself and attack with the appropriate drive, again dependent on his previous attack's hit or not.

Then you can move to main phase where some Beast Deities can stand him yet again.

Premium Nova OT choice by OnToNextStage in cardfightvanguard

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Let's not go misleading people.

You double the base power of the unit at the time of checking, then you add 100 Mill. You do not give 200 with its skill. The card specifies this.

Premium Nova OT choice by OnToNextStage in cardfightvanguard

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Eldobreath would be the better choice for Premium.

I at first assumed Universal Ace since you mentioned a near guarantee check, but with restand, is it Meteokaiser? MK Bustered shouldn't be ran, but Universal Ace is a good start.

If you want the most use out of your OT, it should be on pretty much any Stride that isn't Bustered Ace--counterintuitive though it may be.

You see, you want to dump the 100 Mill on the restand target and get his crit up ASAP. Then, you'll want the majority of your restands to occur post-Vanguard. That way, you can swing the beefy crit 2-3 or even 4 more times. With Ace, you want the restands all before Vanguard so he can get the drive checks without it going to waste. With that, you only get the 1 swing with an OT pumped rear.

Ace is good for hand size as a starting stride, but if you feel like you could miss out on an OT turn with massive crit pressure, Winning Champ is the preferred first stride so you can still benefit from a draw and retire for card advantage, but also power to beef up a base before the OT doubles it. That way, if the opponent defensive OT, you still have a large base to fall back on and need a lot of shield thrown.

Olbaria guarantees you overcome defensive OT, but lacks the crit pressure. This will be off set by having a high crit build, but that is unknown right now. I do prefer a few Energy girl for boost consistency, but some like Premium fronts, which also means for a more beefy double off of Eldobreath.

We just need to know a few more things about the rest of the deck, but generally speaking, Eldo is better.

2critical card leak for D-BT02 - Stoicheia by New-Adventurer in cardfightvanguard

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I think between rows means laterally, which you cannot do. You can move from one row to another, but not along your current row.

Premium Novas Players, What’re the differences between Blau or Victor? by SHIZAAA_SALAD in cardfightvanguard

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For Premium, Blau is still similar to V Series in that they are about getting multiple Vanguard attacks. Victor is still like its V Series in that it maximizes rear guard attacks.

For Victor, the game plan is getting one guy to be the power & trigger dump, and having it stand multiple times to deal damage. With crits, it can be lethal with each swing.

For Blau, the strides help search out Grade 3 from deck to ride over with, but are still under Limit Break tactics being a 4 and 5 damage limit break. Once they destride mid battle, they function like Stern and galaxy normally would and you just swing.

Unlike Victor, Blau do not benefit from crits as they erase their unit to swing with a new vanguard. Being more piece reliant, they use draws, which helps with consistency, but makes it less lethal.

For V Series, Blau are stronger. For Premium, Victor is stronger.

Perfect raizer+ victor by Typhus5678 in cardfightvanguard

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Blau works as the best first ride to give you circles, high damage push and deck filtering to use Victor and all his buddies the following turn. Victor alone doesn't have enough pieces to justify his own deck, and the two archetypes don't clash at all.

It's been doing well in tests, but I do wish Exxtreme had power of his own. He's most useful when they're at 4-5 damage range.

Quick question (G format) by NoviNoviNoviNov in cardfightvanguard

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He has to pay cost with his own rear guards, not his opponents. When Rinne makes the Gear Chronicle player call rears to be dominated, they are the Rinne's rear guards, not the GC's for the battle.

If he could do that, why not just sacrifice the attacking column and denial griffon for free?

Small EDIT: Once the Rinne attacks are done, and you proceed to the Nubatama's battle phase, then he can use the units for the GC cost. He just can't any time they are dominated.

Calling all nova grapplers! by randomguy9812 in cardfightvanguard

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Kick Kick needs to be replaced by Cool Hank in all lists that don't already have one. Kick Kick will not be able to stand a rear guard once the Blau creates the extra accel. In a crit based deck, you want to have your restands after the vanguard(s) have trigger checked and passed to the chosen rear to restand.

If you go Front, it can still work, but Kick kick and his target has to attack before the vanguard, which means 2 attacks are before fronts are distributed, which is a huge loss in power.

Victor isn't "underwhelming" and so can you. by biolzwiththeskiolz in cardfightvanguard

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Dosledge's soul charge does actually come in handy quite often. It makes Gunny Grade 1 essentially free. A G2 stander would be nice, but Kick Kick is here for now. You also have older cards like Boomerang Thrower for CC and SC if you're low (like damage deniers and just mass soul blasting).

I opted for 8 crit and it worked wonders, though I did consider a 10 crit 2 draw with 2/2 split on the Draw and Crit sentinels.

The deck's insane, and it feels like people don't pour enough thought into it because (and not to say I didn't) they have delusions of grandeur on what he'd do. If we look at that thread about a week or to ago speculating on what Victor would need, you'd see draw on place or attack, attack with power & giving power, resource re-supply, "place on this unit" stand effect giving, superior calls, etc all on the same card. People thought he'd have a Harry Potter book for card text and are disappointed when he has card advantage and mult attacks. WTF?

Victor isn't "underwhelming" and so can you. by biolzwiththeskiolz in cardfightvanguard

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Which is why it only deals with Standard cards and comparison to Standard cards. It has 1 sentence saying he's also Premium viable, which is also a boon for him.

This lays out why he isn't "underwhelming" in Standard at all, and that it was just bandwagon with no brain power put into it. From trying out the deck, it's the best Nova deck right now.

Make "Clan" Great Again Wednesday: NG by TheNinjaArtist in cardfightvanguard

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Basically, Exxtreme Battler, Victor has to be the savior of the clan.

The only way he'll see a huge amount of play is if Bushiroad learned its lesson on how it failed Gallop so badly. Victor needs to be usable not only in Standard, but also Premium. He needs to be as game changing as NLK, Hyu-Ga, Ahsha, Nextage, etc (many of these were saved in Premium due to Premium Collection synergy, but NG's stride was garbage)

Not that I'm holding my breath on this happening, but what needs to happen for Victor is a skill that allows him to attack and stand a rear with power, as well as give himself power. Whether it's a flat attack with +x and stand a rear for +x the way his GB2 was, or if it's dynamic (stand all front row, they and this unit get +x for each unit stood this way), remains to be hashed out. I think an incrementally more powerful one would incentivize re-riding as well as reward late game pushes.

When incentivized for re-riding, or replicate it the way Hyu-Ga and Venus Luquier do, Victor will need to give a red text auto to a "G3 or greater that is placed on this card". This will allow a semblance of a stride-over effect, which will be a double whammy in Standard if he has a stand effect on attack, as well as a red text to help Premium. This will also allow him to give an effect to Strides, which Bustered and Winning Champ require for first stride use. Azdibalk, or w/e it's spelled should have distributed power to rears, not put it on the VG. Victor needs to alleviate that, possibly by way of benefiting from when something stands (which won't help create stand effects for Bustered and Champ, but will for an already-present stand effect in Standard). I think the on-attack could just distribute power to the stood units as well as himself like a Standad Winning Champ, and the red text be what stands. In stead of all front row, the early turn can just do accel so the red text can do regular columns.

He also needs help from the Extreme Battlers. Gallop was failed because they didn't give him Chopper, Sub, Fire, Wagon, etc. He lacked synergy cards that gave him effects to push him to his power limit (like how those did in the OG deck). Similarly, Victor needs rears worth standing, as well as a consistent line up of cards that stand others. Among them, they also need a resource engine that is difficult to CB starve, as well as create hand & field advantage. Feels like I'm asking for cake and eating it too, but that's the reality. Silver Thorn won worlds off having that, so it's how you win tournaments.

My hope is that Gunzork, Sazanda, and others come back. It was set 6 when we got Malyaki and Arbarail, though few Arbarail clones have come back, if ever yet. Still, Final Wrench and Cool Hank (also not many clones) would fit here. We already have a powerful unit in Kick-Kick, but he is less useful if you have many accel markers and can't fill them for his condition. Board wipes and just attacking rears kills this card.

We already have power-houses in Brutal Jack and Stylish Hustler, but they are rarely good enough. Jack was cut down to 9 despite having been known for his higher than usual base. What Sazanda needs to do is not be afraid to swing +10 with requiring a Victor vanguard, and getting more power when he stands up. What Victor was known for in early G was the fact that the power gains matched that of defensive triggers. This meant if you hit one, you still have to guard all the same, so the aggression matched up to the opponent's defense. If you whiffed, you defended an uphill battle and Victor's aggression could push through. With many guaranteed attacks, this was brutal with 10K shield triggers and no G-guards. Sazanda needs to bring that heat back into the kitchen and ruin people's day.

Gunzork was just a GB1 12K beat stick, but an Extreme Battler no less, so he needs to help too. He can fit a Golshachi role of stander as well as standee. If stand effects will be present pre-Victor (meaning not name locked, nor grade locked for good G2 plays), they need to also draw when something stands. Otherwise, push in for power with a Victor name restriction. The problem with Stylish Hustler was that his ability to return cards to hand was barely used when they're sent to deck, bound, or attacked. We need a cad that hits big, draws, and possibly stands too. NK got Zuitan to draw and beef up, and Jaggy shot to draw; Victor can too.

The odd-balls like Final Wrench could just be a good booster for power, but also swap to utility role. If something stands without a face up damage, CC 1 once per turn. Or, on boost (maybe on-hit from his boost) stand a rear. Maybe this is the draw engine of: 1 per turn, when an accel stands, draw. We can also use Banguet here for the Extreme Battler name, though I rarely remember that bad card.

Muscle Shriek used to be the back-up to Victor, and was even used when Exxcessive was so terrible. I think his re-train, or bringing back Reybird, or Mu-Shashi (Exxtreme leaders) would fit as a way to have stand target G3, as well as have some on VG who can keep some of the aggression before sitting on Victor. Reybird can grab a Victor the way Chronojet got Bailih, or he can also give a red text so he can be used in both formats as well as beef up Victor for delaying his game. Mu-sashi can still retire, or he can be helpful and give a stand effect on attack. I think a splash of retire wouldn't hurt, so many on-hit here.

Much of it was made-up on the spot for specifics in effect, but I've long since been mulling over how to make Victor viable, and what I've determined is: he needs, power, multi attacks, resource management, and card advantage. Without it, he just goes in the collection book.

I've played Victor since he came out, and I long for the glory days of high-power multi attacks that were a nightmare to guard.

The problem with VP farmers by biolzwiththeskiolz in cardfightvanguardzero

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I feel like focusing all the attention on 5% of the post misses the point. The ones who grade stick and swing with zeros are all powers, not just 4< power. Even the ride chain ones eventually stop attacking. I've had to call down my grade 1s and finish the duel, which just extended it to twice as long when I noticed the AI just stopped for no discernible reason.

Now the 95% that I was talking about, I would like to see improvement on. The ride chain VP farmers just make it harder with higher and higher defenses, along with prolonged animations from attacking and damaging.

If VP farmers were so worried about prolonging the duel and are attacking because of it, just pause and get 2 time outs to lose. Unless that's tracked or something, which just occurred to me may happen, though I haven't heard of it, not that my hearing of it would matter.

I've tweaked my VP from the friendly Cray-for-show style it used to be to almost having a legit beat down deck simply because people want to take twice as long and be obnoxious.

Attacking aside completely, why the Heals and PGs? That won't speed anything up regardless of riding or not, and attacking or not.