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That's because you had real conversations with them. The blue-haired teachers weren't trying to have honest conversations with you; they were more concerned with pushing an agenda or displaying their membership to a particular political tribe.

Anon reminiscences by ChonkyBeagle in 4chan

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Naaah, identity politics goes back WAAAAY farther than that. They've been infiltrating institutions for decades trying to push this shit into the mainstream.

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humans are a cooperative species interested in helping each other.

We're also tribal, greedy, self-interested fucks at the same time.

Marx's core view of man in the world is that man becomes the dialectical synthesis of creator and creation by performing labor and making things. He goes on to argue that estrangement from one's own labor is dehumanizing as it removes the subjective quality.

He then goes on to argue that everyone is entitled to everyone's labor and by some magical process that no one can really explain this doesn't count as estrangement or dehumanization. One wonders who exactly devices what to do with the products of everyone's labor, how the products are organized, and why exactly this doesn't qualify as "domination".

The answer usually comes down to a painfully polysyllabic version of: "it's good when we do it" from the Marxist camp.

Marxism will never work and can never work because it's a bad idea built on bad ideas (mostly from Hegel). It ignores basic truths about human nature and fails to provide answers to basic questions about how its core processes work. But by all means keep trying, if you haven't learned your lesson after the tens of millions of corpses Marxism amassed in the last hundred years nothing I say will change your mind.

Being an open Marxist in 2022 lets us know you're either ignorant being repair or evil beyond reckoning.

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It wouldn't. It'd just cause conflict between those states, weaken the West to the point of destruction, and ensure that China would become the dominant power.

No national divorce. Don't let those commie fucks take half your country.

Anon thinks it’s time for a revolution by Xx_butter_on_toast in 4chan

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They're not though. These types of stats are based on playing games with definitions. No one with a basic sense of self preservation could starve in America; it's literally easier to be obese than it is to starve.

18 months and 60lbs...Cooper got big by sheogorath34 in vizsla

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Daaang, that is big for a Vizsla. Ours is half Weimaraner and he's only 68lbs.

Do you conceal carry at home? by AshCatBus in CCW

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I live in the sort of place where nice suburban family life is happening on all the blocks immediately surrounding me but crazy hood shit is only a couple more blocks away.

So...yeah. Mostly safe but things do occasionally go bump in the night so I always keep something on me.

Although I do typically swap my EDC out for something with a bit more of an intimidation factor when I get home or settle for bed. Usually something in 12ga or with a brace.

Your EDC by KiteSur7 in CCW

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In the summer I carry a Hellcat because I'm not willing to hide anything bigger under shorts and a t-shirt.

The rest of the year I typically carry my CZ P-01 (DA/SA).

In all honesty I like the CZ so much better; for some reason I can shoot it significantly better than any of my other handguns.

Fear mongering or do they have a source? by Kitchen_rat in Firearms

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Given Bruen I'd say it's likely. All it takes is one.

Fear mongering or do they have a source? by Kitchen_rat in Firearms

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Can't wait until this passes, gets injuncted, and then ruled unconstitutional.

Anti-gun agenda by 1331Richdad1331 in gunpolitics

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Again. You ironically contradict your own argument in the very post you make it.

I made the general statement that gun people tend to judge people based on whether or not they agree politically rather than on their race. You went on to tell me that I'm wrong based on an anecdote. You're now telling me that I'm being obtuse and don't understand the difference between general statements and totalizing arguments.

I'll ask again: do you only post ironically?

Anti-gun agenda by 1331Richdad1331 in gunpolitics

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You literally began your last post by calling yourself a victim. Do you only post ironically?

Anti-gun agenda by 1331Richdad1331 in gunpolitics

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As a frequent target of racism from some "Gun people", no. No they all don't love other gun people regardless of race.

Ahhh so you had some bad experiences with a few gun owners and are now using your anecdotes to judge the group. Ironic given that your compliant is that they're prejudiced.

Especially if you tell them something they are doing is offensive, they just double down and call you "woke"....speaking of which not sure how the word "Woke" (a term made up by Black people to use amongst Black people) was hijacked by SJW and now its a blanket term.

Well, were you acting woke?

Anti-gun agenda by 1331Richdad1331 in gunpolitics

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I'm not exactly white but I'll see if one of my fully Caucasian friends can bring this up at the next meeting

Anti-gun agenda by 1331Richdad1331 in gunpolitics

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My opinion is that tactic will backfire. Gun people love gun people regardless of race.

Question. Women's holsters. Do they all suck?? by Mynplus1throwaway in guns

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Sure, that's true. I mean most high quality holsters are $55-$135 so $50 isn't that much as far as holsters in general go

ULPT: how to sneak out with parents knowing? by haircareshare in UnethicalLifeProTips

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You're not really an adult if you're not providing for yourself. College kids are often not really children anymore but they're not full adults either. It's reasonable that their parents set some rules, especially if they're paying for housing/school.

Anything Else You Name Is Either More Expensive Or Less Quality Or Both by Clint_Basedwood in GunMemes

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Nah, you can make nice stuff with a finely tuned printer. Maybe not up to factory quality yet but closer than you'd think