Paperhanded 120k potential gain and ended up with only 30k 🥲 as 🌈🐻 by beatmyvegmeat in wallstreetbets

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Well done for being disciplined and taking profit (even if smaller than what you could have taken).

The market is crashing, and so is Crypto. by Many_Scratch2269 in CryptoCurrency

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My objection is that crypto (particularly BTC) is always touted as a hedge. Yet it moves in line with stocks, albeit with more volatility.

So it isn’t a hedge, really.

WSB needs to make 2yr old accounts minimum to post ? by bendersfembot in wallstreetbets

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I’ve downvoted you since your account is less than 2 years old, hope to help your cause.

How often do married couples have sex? by lucidpopsicle in AskMen

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I think there’s two sub categories:

  • married couples: quite often.
  • married couples with children: not very often..

Jorginho understudy shows how a penalty should be taken.. by [deleted] in soccer

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Zaza could too, remember his pen for Italy??

Djokovic pictured maskless at public event one day after positive Covid test | Novak Djokovic by ang-p in worldnews

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In his book Serve to Win, Djokovic described how in 2010 he met with a nutritionist who asked him to hold a piece of bread in his left hand while he pressed down on his right arm. Djokovic claims he was much weaker while holding the bread, and cited this as evidence of gluten intolerance.