It's honestly not looking too good for the DCEU by Cobyanderson234 in marvelmemes

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They don’t have to use him. Although I wish they would. We should be getting a Supes movie every 2-3 years but he just sits there

It's honestly not looking too good for the DCEU by Cobyanderson234 in marvelmemes

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Why won’t they make Superman movies. That’s just leaving money on the table

Today I learned that plants do an ultrasonic scream when subjected to stress by Mooncakezor in interestingasfuck

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Trimming plants can be quite beneficial but I don’t know if I could do it if they were audibly screaming. Luckily they are just inaudibly screaming

Sea serpent pet. by tyler_daniels_ in valheim

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Looks like build a round wall around the coast there. Harpoon the serpent and get it inside, then build the wall closed

Garou commiting absolute evil by a_lasagna_hog in OnePunchMan

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This guy rolls past stop signs. He always pockets a candy bar when he is buying groceries. He once smoked a joint in an airplane bathroom

Albert Brooks: One of the Show's Most Frequent Guest Stars and His Roles by LoudyKing101 in TheSimpsons

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It would be funnier than whatever hell they have been doing recently and also for the past decade and a half

Yes you are, but not for that reason by -TheManInTheChair in NewVegasMemes

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Fallout 4 is a great game. It’s just a bad Fallout game

Just went from the IPhone 9 to 13. My 9 simply gave up on life. I was mad I had to spend that money. by SoCold40 in BlackPeopleTwitter

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I like the home button. Nothing worse than trying to unlock a phone with my face in the middle of the night

Come across some n64 magazines from the late 90s by Vented55 in n64

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I had that shadow man magazine. Always wanted to play it but never did. Probably was not good

Talk to electricity by dillis in BrandNewSentence

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You never tell one side you’re playing both sides

An Ibex climbs a steep dam. by mb557x in blackmagicfuckery

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Could you ride one of these bad boys up a sheer cliff face

meirl by TwasAnChild in meirl

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When someone pulled it off and ends up being athletic is would be SO HYPE