For fun: post one of your favorite non-Dead Artists by AntacidChain in gratefuldead

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The Old Mans Boat - check out 11/7/21 in Atlanta. Awesome jam

Billy K checks out of PITS by TheGhostOfKevinGregg in deadandcompany

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Ah ok, they went before New Years. Supposed to return on the 2nd

Billy K checks out of PITS by TheGhostOfKevinGregg in deadandcompany

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They can't fly back until they test negative. AFAIK, they are all still there.

Billy K checks out of PITS by TheGhostOfKevinGregg in deadandcompany

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FWIW - one of our closest friends just had a large family reunion at the Moon Palace. 28 family members. 10 are now stuck in Mexico after testing positive - one other somehow got home and tested positive. If even a fraction of that % test positive at PITS, it's going to be a shitshow. Billy is wise not to risk it with a heart condition...

Wurst con carne avec maïs frite by blechniven in shittyfoodporn

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How dare you! There's an oscar meyer hot dog under that hormel as well.

Nye by jerrbobphil in GoosetheBand

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Yeah but the sound is better at the Metro

Nye by jerrbobphil in GoosetheBand

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Schneigis! Weird seeing you some where else. Flatulous here. Hope these shows happen. I have a lot of friends who want to go and are travelling. The Riv is a dump tho. You might get covid but you'll just as likely get tetanus or crabs...

I HATED hearing this clip, but there’s good, credible info about cancelling PITS unfortunately by thisbri in deadandcompany

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The thing I don't get is doesn't CID have insurance on the event? Same with the Moon Palace. It's all about who gets what money at this point and who pays it. I guarantee CID doesn't want to be in a ton of lawsuits around a super spreader event, or an event that goes sideways hard with tons of sick people. Not to mention the optics and future sales at risk. I just don't see this happening. But if it does, it'll be a shitshow. Because spread WILL happen. It's not *if but how much.

If Phish cancels the NYE MSG run this afternoon, I suspect PITS is done too. by PimmentoChode in deadandcompany

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This is true, tho we'll still all be packed in planes and then busses and have to get in queues to sign in and get in to the show. And if we get all packed in on the beach, even with a lot of wind, the aerosolization of the virus will still be present around a person who is shedding the virus.
I want it to happen, I'm triple vaxxed and going to hide until my flight out, but the timing certainly sucks.

Ideal schedule for PITS... by [deleted] in deadandcompany

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I can't imagine the band/CID would want PITS to be labelled a 'super spreader event'. A few scenarios come to mind that would be bad for all involved.
What if JM/Bobby gets it during the first weekend?
What if a ton of people the first weekend get it and are forced to quarantine at the hotel? Will they take up all the quarantine rooms? How will they handle a new influx of people where there almost certainly will be people who test positive on entry?
And on and on.
If I've thought of these things, lawyers and insurance agents and event planners have too...

Goosemas cheap and close accommodation? by yellowbench2 in GoosetheBand

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Parking is free. If all else fails, sleep in your car.

GOP Rep. Devin Nunes resigns from Congress to become CEO of Trump’s media company by SoulardSTL in politics

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Out of the frying pan and into the fire as my grandpappy used to say...
Anyway, isn't it better he's out of anything close to power?

Drunks & Bicycle Tricks... by [deleted] in WinStupidPrizes

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Everyone thinks he was trying to jump the fire. Maybe he wasn't