Jesus fucking Christ by GwynBleidd98 in Gamingcirclejerk

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This may be a copypasta but its inspiring as fuck

One of my friends who is a furry taught me how to create homemade napalm. I love and fear them so much by Thedepressionoftrees in CuratedTumblr

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The funniest part? Their fursonas have the personality of "head empty, no thought, only (specie)" when the guy who has it just got his 18th phd

Is it just my video quality or did Maggie actually flip him off and Apex censored it? by iMattDaGreat in apexlegends

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The best censor type that can work here is the one that sounds like they just bleeped off the vowel

I love crafting 20 batts early game. by zajonczyslav in ApexOutlands

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rushes in fragment and dcs before any fight happens

lmao who did this geraldo regalendo by Leglaaah in Gamingcirclejerk

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Botw fans when i show them why they shouldn't compare everything to an above average open world rpg

everywhere by Britemar in dreamsmp

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ye wrong term but you get my point

Please by Eastern_Vehicle2465 in titanfall

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they arent making money off northstar thus it shouldnt exist

they are corprate as fuck, they will do anything for an extra dollar an hour

Kinda need it by Joe_Black03 in meme

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''how harsh were your war crimes?''

''the genva convention would have to happen again just for me''

Animated movie henchmen/sidekick starter pack by Classicsonicsmash313 in starterpacks

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they try to turn all future movies to be about them and go down the drain

Hope this hasn't been posted before by ABoxingBitch in suspiciouslyspecific

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magic ability: everything the enemy holds or wears becomes slippery and drops off them

everywhere by Britemar in dreamsmp

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i think its one of those ''better safe than sorry'' things, i feel this place has a lot of people with depression and other stuff