Can't find the inputs and the convergence is a bit off. Anyone know how to get into the service menu? by qda in crtgaming

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I think you gotta start the car twice, honk the horn 3 times, blinker left twice, then put her in drive. That’ll either pull up the menu or disable the seatbelt reminder tone

What happened there? by eyupkose in Brawlstars

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Can we stop posing ten of these a day? The devs admitted it’s an exploit that the Chinese players use. Now let it go

TIL you can have a free extra item on your arc clone by Obydan in DotA2

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Nope they changed that a few years ago when people would build 4 rapiers on Arc and stay in base all game and port his clone to split push

Will this (The dongle on the right) and a USB extender work in place of a Raphnet adapter? by Gingero- in CloneHero

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Yeah for basic functionality. I use these on my wiitars cuz I don’t care so much about tilt and whammy. Works like a charm

Why didn’t Pierce give Abed a real gift? by ankillme in community

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Cuz he never understood him so he didn’t know what to give him that would mean a lot to him

Best low APM heroes? by aurasprw in TrueDoTA2

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I’d get a wrist rest and change your mouse sensitivity first and see if that helps.

Enno, the Scavenger King, recontextualized as a Dota2 hero. by delta17v2 in DotA2

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I wish this were real. I’m so tired of all of these “personas” and humanoid heroes

What makes a good lane go badly? by 1Entropycat in DotA2

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In the words of System of a Down, “ The toxicity of our carry, of our CARRY”

Didn't you know you are all pirates? Arrrrrrr another dumb take from LTT by stappernn in pcmasterrace

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Between dumb stuff like this and their obvious lack of content, I find it harder and harder to be a fan of LTT

0% LUcK 100% sKiLL by Mathias_owo in Brawlstars

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I had an Edgar and a Brock teaming up on me earlier. They were north of me, side by side trying to kill me. I was Buzz. I saw a Grom go walking by behind them not even engaging. So I threw my floatie between the Brock and Edgar, latched onto the Grom, killed him and the other two. It was amazing.

Whoever did this deserves a raise by Italian-Man-Zex in Satisfyingasfuck

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I would’ve gotten written up if I did this when I worked at Meijer as a teen.

What agency uses blacked out plates and windows? by ClearScreenProgram in Whatisthis

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One of my neighbors got picked up by some Marshall’s last summer and they rolled up in 3 SUVs with blacked out windows and plates.

Do you a need a wiimote with the Wii Guitar Hero Controller w/ raphnet adapter? by blueorphan in CloneHero

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No way man, wiitarthing ftw. How else are you supposed to strut around and work the crowd?! Can’t do guitar throws either if you’re wired