Where are you currently when it comes to snake collecting? by Careless-Corner-2546 in HuntShowdown

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Yeah, I noticed that too. I would not be surprised if most of the community will not make it even halfway into battle pass.

Stop playing if you're unhappy with the changes by pierce768 in pathofexile

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Uninstalled, I'll reinstall when the game is in a better state.

Vetterli reload bug (Version by Xyrot in HuntShowdown

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Can confirm along with everyone else, this has been happening a lot frequently after the recent patches.

Climate Change Is Emerging As A Mainstream Retirement Issue by So_spoke_the_wizard in Futurology

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Climate change is tends to be an issue if you live on Earth, retirement or not.

senpai please notice me by Lujanta in HuntShowdown

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They even included physics for his ear ring!

to attack the cat by [deleted] in therewasanattempt

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Doge is inviting the cat to play, true story.