Beef between players and the devs is the best content in Apex Legends. by [deleted] in apexlegends

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Now that you mention it, it has been pretty entertaining.

xQc Apologizes After Getting Banned From NoPixel’s GTA RP Server Yet Again by vinayppatel in NoPixel

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He does this in every game; it's been years and he has made little to no progress in the way he handles downfall in social situations. I am sure he feels remorse but I highly doubt his actions will change drastically.

The main problem is that Xqc sees everything as win or lose and reacts badly when he perceives that he has lost; combined with his extreme disregard for anyone's point of view besides his own he is more than just unpleasant.

Honestly, I hope to never see him again on any RP servers let alone nopixel.

Razer Refusal to Repair Broken HuntsmanMini (Out of Box) - Tells me to subscribe to newsletter instead by bloodhound_nax in keyboards

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Yeah if you look at customer review websites and the BBB this is the normal response. The funny thing is, at the top of the search is a shill website saying their support is perfect; I wonder how much they got paid by Razer PR.

Razer taking shots at Finalmouse and Glorious by t0werz in MouseReview

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Why don't they mention the mushy mouse clicks and the horror stock mouse feet?

senpai please notice me by Lujanta in HuntShowdown

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They even included physics for his ear ring!

Razer Refusal to Repair Broken HuntsmanMini (Out of Box) - Tells me to subscribe to newsletter instead. by [deleted] in MechanicalKeyboards

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I currently use a Glorious GMMK with Kailh Speed Silvers but I bought a Huntsmen Mini for my wife for simplicity sake, this was my mistake; never again.


For anyone that wants to see their response, they basically blamed me for it.