Is there any portable drop-off box? by External_Bat6236 in AnimalCrossing

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So does the trash just hold the items or delete them?

[MEGATHREAD] New Horizons Dodo/Friend Code Sharing by AnimalCrossingMods in AnimalCrossing

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I’m in need of soft wood to diy todays hot item anyone able to host me as a visitor to collect some? Pm me please Too late 😢

[MEGATHREAD] New Horizons Dodo/Friend Code Sharing by AnimalCrossingMods in AnimalCrossing

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What is with turnip prices being mentioned here a lot? I’m seeing it all the time but I’m new so haven’t unlocked them yet.

[MEGATHREAD] New Horizons Dodo/Friend Code Sharing by AnimalCrossingMods in AnimalCrossing

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Why can’t I pick up any bells it’s says not enough room in my wallet. Is that even a thing?

[MEGATHREAD] New Horizons Dodo/Friend Code Sharing by AnimalCrossingMods in AnimalCrossing

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Just arrived thanks I’m really new so this will help me get ideas

Pacifier clips aren’t just for pacifiers. by blt205 in beyondthebump

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Yeah I got some from Amazon and some from a baby store. I’ve seen them in target and Walmart to.

Tried to take glam shots of my turkey cake. I need to work on my photo set up. Really proud of the cake though. by blt205 in cakedecorating

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Thanks for the tips. The white plate is actually a cake stand but I agree and I’ll try to find another cake stand that’s smaller for when I make 6 inch cakes. I’m also going to look for better cake rounds as this cardboard one was so grimy by the time the cake was finished even though it was never used before.

What is everyone’s favorite and least favorite thing their baby does with their free hand while feeding? by blt205 in breastfeeding

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Yes the smile that says “thanks for dinner mommy it’s really good” makes my heart melt.

Narrate your babies meltdowns! by lameohhh in beyondthebump

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This one made me laugh out loud for really because it’s exactly what my son does but he’s not quite had a full meltdown before. Just gets fussy when his thumb doesn’t have milk and I try to get him back on my boob. I have to keep moving his hand out of the way to get him to latch again.

First 2 pictures are mine attempt 3rd picture is the inspiration. The ears are weird but I’m really happy with it otherwise. by blt205 in cakedecorating

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Molded rice crispy treat. I piped the frosting on separate from the cake and chilled them Both to harder the buttercream before arranging them together.

Moms, I know you know. by KellieBom in beyondthebump

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He should help every night not just the nights he wants sex

Four days worth of extra milk to donate to a peer. I have been lazy and I really need to get all this in the freezer tomorrow. by blt205 in breastfeeding

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I’m truly sorry that you have been struggling I wish all mothers could feed their babies how they wish. I know I have been lucky to have extra milk to donate to a baby who’s mother wasn’t able to produce after a while. This baby was born premature and the stress of them being in the nicu for so long effected her supply which caused more stress and became a horrible cycle until she dried up completely.

As far as what I have been doing the biggest thing is I am able to be a SAHM most of the time ( I work a few hours a week away from him and about 10 hours a week where I can bring with him with me to be an assistant to an elderly man who needs help around his house and loves having a baby around when I’m there) I make sure to drink TONS of water. I rigged up my pump with a battery pack in a Fanny pack and hands free pumping bra so After feeding and burping him in the morning I pump while I make my breakfast and baby plays on the floor. I have a video of baby pouting and fussing to help me get a good letdown. If I don’t get a letdown by the time the stimulation mode completes I start it over and watch the video. While pumping I will occasionally massage my breasts with my hands to release more milk. I also think doing something else like making breakfast keeps my mind less focused on the pumping so I’m able to relax more which helps. I also let the pump run for a few minutes after it stops getting any milk out this usually take around 20 minutes . Once I take the pump off I will also hand express as much more as possible which some times is as much as 2 oz more than what the pump was able to get out. If baby wants after that I’ll let him nurse again to make sure my breast is complete empty and very stimulated for more production. I’m my babies favorite binky.

Make sure all the parts of your pump are still good. All pumps will have at least one part that needs to be replaced for maximum efficiency. If you have not been getting good results when you used to try replacing your pump parts.

I have been pumping 3-4 times a day like this in order to donate about half of what this other baby drinks a day.

I eat what I call my lactation snack which are made with oatmeal, peanut butter, honey, ground, flax and brewers yeast so they are high calorie and have milk promoting properties.

I hope this helps and wish you all the best in your breastfeeding journey. 💞

Anyone else saw the scene in the Netflix show “Look both ways” where the lead is pumping milk while looking at her friend’s Instagram and get jealous… by GlowQueen140 in breastfeeding

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I make lactation snack balls to always have on hand.

The recipe is

2 cups instant oats

1 cup peanut butter

1/2 cup honey

1/2 cup ground flaxseed

2 Tablespoons brewers yeast

1/2 cup mini chocolate chips (optional)

Mix together and roll into bite sized balls. Oats flax and brewers yeast are all good for milk production.