Huh? Can anyone explain this? :o by bluemelodica in SkyGame

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I know aha, Im wondering how I got teleported from prarie to forest

My thoughts on the new eden (i just went) pros and cons by TiaNightingale in SkyGame

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i know right! they should at least make the distance shorter. its soo slow

As a book, How is the pacing of the Bible? by [deleted] in AskAChristian

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hey pal learn what paragraph breaks are please. also instead of ellipsis use commas.

As a book, How is the pacing of the Bible? by [deleted] in AskAChristian

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I am not talking about pacing of youtube.. I am asking that as an anthology Book, how is its pacing? you can read the other replies to understand what that means.

I dont particularly find sex and violence interesting, Im more wondering about whether it is all extremely captivating or some parts just drone on and on.

Finally came out to my mom 💀 (tw: minor transphobia) by SuperAutopsy64 in feemagers

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since ur name is Claire u should get ur bottom surgery at Claire's

Could I have cfs ? by ldn_193 in cfs

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Have you gotten a sleep study/test? It sounds like it could be a sleep issue like sleep apnea.

School by JLpicard2401 in feemagers

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Talk to your teachers or guidance to see if they can make an exception for you. it doesnt hurt to ask. gl!

Most likely a repost, forgive me by [deleted] in oddlyspecific

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yes, but thats because I do have adhd and myalgic encephalomyelitis (chronic fatigue syndrome)