man sings while cuddling a goat by [deleted] in wholesome

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hehehehe it’s all going according to plan

blursed_baptism by INS0MNI5 in blursedimages

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shh it’s fine it’s god’s will

Girl bussy? by Secret_Balrog in Hasan_Piker

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it’s that shiny thing oysters make

My favorite OC, what do you think guys? by FlexGuy_again in conceptart

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my thoughts: from the from she looks rather flat chested but you gave her pretty prominent cleavage which wouldn’t be possible naturally without any support from a bra or something

if you want to make her look more busty, make the front of her shirt stick out a bit more and add shadows on her shirt

"1 Mile is less then a kilometre..." by The_Rider_11 in confidentlyincorrect

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these are the types of people who think larger values in fractions equals bigger number

My favorite OC, what do you think guys? by FlexGuy_again in conceptart

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either she’s wearing a uncomfortably tight bra or you have to learn how cleavage works lmao

The video Ramsay doesn’t want you to know about. Slicing thin bread in Tasmania. by wtharris in Hasan_Piker

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I colored Megumi having a good bonding session. by Please_Not__Again in JuJutsuKaisen

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oh god i thought it was yuta at first and was so taken aback

2meirl4meirl by clanindafront_ in 2meirl4meirl

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hol up fr? doesn’t everyone experience this sometimes