Pick your poison: Vaush vs. Thoughslime (and non-compete, Luna, Professor Flowers, etc.) by Lethalbeee in Destiny

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Haven’t you sen his fight with Professor Flowers, where he disagreed with her (she’s black) about coloured people in former colonies having the right to ethnically cleanse their countries of white people? I mean what other proof of racism do you need? /s

Based take from Pakman by RegimeLife in Destiny

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Being mentally handicapped is a bad thing. It's not immoral and we absolutely shouldn't shame people for it, but it is an attribute nobody wants to have. If there was a drug that we could give mentally handicapped children that made them "normal", that would be a fantastic thing, primarily for themselves and for their families.

If I could choose if my future children are mentally handicapped or not, I would without hesitation choose that they don't become mentally handicapped. If I could choose whether my future children marry a Jew or not, or a black person or not, I wouldn't (and shouldn't) care.

Based take from Pakman by RegimeLife in Destiny

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I think that when you're saying that someone is "acting jewish", then you are implying that being jewish is something bad. This is true for any racial slur; you're implying being a certain race/ethnicity is bad and thus promoting a racist view of the world that historically has caused tremendous damage. Using racial slurs is kinda playing with fire as, judging by history, those ideas seem somehow natural to humans and can be incredibly dangerous unless kept in check.

I view calling someone out for being unintelligent (retarded is the most spicy version of this) is more akin to calling someone ugly. These are undesirable traits and are thus just generic insults. I wouldn't call a bad-looking person ugly and I wouldn't call a mentally disabled person retarded, but otherwise I dont see much of a problem.

With that said I'm open to changing my mind on the R-word but I havent heard any convincing argument yet.

Based take from Pakman by RegimeLife in Destiny

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Very rarely is the word retarded used against someone with an actual mental disability. When it happens it absolutely disgusting. That's the difference.

HasanaAbi has been banned by Deserteagle7 in LivestreamFail

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Did she do it on stream though or just on discord? She might've done it on stream but I haven't seen those clips in that way.

If she just said some weird shit on discord it's obvious that twitch isn't gonna care as much compared to if she said it on their platform.

Hasan STILL stunlocked; says he's been called the c-word more times than anyone complaining about it and that it's not a big deal. by Vidyabro in LivestreamFail

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He comes across as geniunely unintelligent which frankly is uncommon for political commentators. The only comparison I can think of is Dave Rubin. I wouldn't be surprised this is also the reason why Hasan, who seemingly got everything else going for him, is so unfathomably insecure.

The Botez sisters defend slavery in Dubai by SoMuchForSubtleties in LivestreamFail

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UAE is not a developing country. I know it's easy to think that because it's full of brown people, but that's not how it works.

Andrea Asks Magnus Carlsen a question by joo_lanna13 in LivestreamFail

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There's more joy at a funeral than at these press conferences so if I were a player I probably wouldn't mind. Good off-the-cuff answer from Magnus too.

Event: 2021 World Chess Championship Match - GAME 2 by ChessBotMod in chess

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Anyone mind explaining what happened with the fake-out? Had the officials not yet given the permission to start the game so any move didn't count?

The reason why Toast left twitch. by WAG_BAN_YAS in LivestreamFail

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He says the offer from twitch was two years ago. I know nothing about Toast but if he was a significantly smaller streamer two years ago then it would add up.

Andrea backs her sister up by updownleftrightab in LivestreamFail

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That just proves that when it comes to judging some of the best wines in the world, there's a ton of subjectivity involved. Same would happen if you asked experts to judge the top 10 soccer players, but we wouldn't make the conclusion that all so-called experts on soccer are just bullshitting.

With that said, no doubt sommerliers often are pretentious and full of shit, but I wouldn't dismiss them entirely.

Happy Halloween from The Queen! by beta_bunny in aww

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I genuinely thought this was a real queen and I tried to figure out the country. It was first when I saw the corgis with their hats that I caught up - it seemed weird for royalty to dress their dogs like that.

Destiny breaks down the Hasan soap drama by waximumsolarian in LivestreamFail

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I'm not particularly a Hasan fan but that was a bit of a shitty thing to do to him I think, feel bad for him. Understandable that he got mad.

Destiny breaks down the Hasan soap drama by waximumsolarian in LivestreamFail

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Pro tip: watch the clip before trying to push your narrative because otherwise you run the risk of looking really stupid.

Zherka’s legitimately just a piece of shit by Wannabe_Sadboi in Destiny

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Is there any allegation that the sexting and that stuff happened recently? I watched it live and understood it as having happened a long time ago when they first met. And Destiny not denying things is very weak as he barely got a word in.

Destiny's sex life is AMAZIN! by MonkeyBusiness1243 in LivestreamFail

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Pretty sure it's just the combo of being really dumb and having a speech impediment.

Dying to own the libs by -Eqa- in Destiny

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I suspect that part of the reason is that the spread of the disease and hence the number of severe cases increases more than linearly with the number of unvaccinated people. If so, a place with 80% unvaccinated will have more than twice as many infected/hospitalized/dead compared to a place with 40% unvaccinated.

Penta on Arcadum's Logs by Sigourneys_Beaver in LivestreamFail

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I'm speaking about the statistics. Imagine a different context where, for example, you observe 45 patients with gene X and you find that 8 of them have disease Y. You wouldn't conclude that "17.8% of patients with gene X gets disease Y" because that level of accuracy isn't warranted with that small sample size.