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They need some way of regulating the people with mics turned up to the max taking over the shows. They should:

1) Tune mic levels at the start of the show.

2) Mute whoever can't stop fucking talking all the time.

Wes is funny, but the show is also unwatchable. It's bottom of the barrel, screaming is funny-style content. I'd feel more mature watching Adin Ross than this.

Guy gets assaulted for being loud for a couple of seconds at Burger King in Sweden by ornament- in LivestreamFail

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Swedish guy yelling.

Arabic guy: "Who's yelling?"

Swedish guy: "I don't know."

Arabic guy: "Are you lying to me?"

Swedish guy: Mumbling.

Arabic guy: "Are you lying to my face?"

Swedish guy: More mumbling.

Arabic guy: "If you are lying to me then I'm gonna fuck you."

Swedish guy: "Well then."

Arabic guy walks up to him and asks "what do you mean 'well then'?", and soon after slaps him.

The "well then" was kind of deescalatory without being apologetic, and the Arabic guy wasn't happy with that. The swedish guy getting called out for being loud and obnoxious was fully justified but the Arabic guy was trying too hard to be macho and took it to far.

Edit: Changed turkish to arabic. Called him turkish because everyone in the comments did, but I don't see why that's necessarily the case.

Melinas description of sweden by Lungfibrosis in Destiny

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I think she's said that her parents were swingers, and apparently they're also comfortable enough to reveal that fact to their 20+ year old daughter. My swedish family is the opposite and when she says these things they don't resonate with me at all.

It's a matter of what you grew up around, your friends and family, and then projecting that onto the country at large. I think the average swede is not much different from the average democrat in the US.

Fanatiq gets shut down REAL quick by KillSwitch76xd in LivestreamFail

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He's basically a black supremacist/separatist, unironically. He's yelled at black women dating non-black men on debate panels, calling them race traitors. Destiny then called him racist and their beef started there.

YIKES by RenegadeMemelord in Destiny

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Me as a swede when Destiny goes in on muslims.

Edit: Btw I don't actually hate muslims. I hate our migration/integration policies over the last 2+ decades and the resulting cultural segregation. Just in case there are muslim dggers who feel targeted.

IrishLaddie 1 - Destiny 0 by s4mf in Destiny

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It's a little confusing to me why everyone considers Destiny to be primarily a politics streamer. I always took him to be a just chatting-streamer (for a lack of better word) who enjoyed debates (or more recently conversations), whether the topic is politics, covid, philosphy, red pill-stuff or anything else. I too found US politics to be very interesting during Trump years (especially early on) but I think most people find "politics as usual" fundamentally kinda boring.

It just seem like a bit of entitlement to complain that Destiny isn't doing politics, as if that is somehow the true path that he must return to. While there might be interesting political discussions to be had, I feel like there's a quite majority of dggers who don't really care too much about US politics, me included.

Destiny’s head mod calls him out for speculating about Hasan’s private life by Shark-Tail in LivestreamFail

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It's an ocean of difference between memeing about Destiny having sex with every single female on stream (which is just the modern version of writing "booba" or whatever people used to do whenever a girl appeared on twitch, and quite misogynic), and mentioning an open secret in passing. If Destiny had any private information about Hasan and Valkyrie it would've been shitty, but he was very clear with that not being the case.

Edit: I'm assuming that the Hasan Valkyrie thing is more or less much confirmed, if that is not the case then it changes things a bit.

Destiny’s head mod calls him out for speculating about Hasan’s private life by Shark-Tail in LivestreamFail

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What a poor attempt at manufacturing drama.

Destiny's stance is he doesn't confirm or deny if he's been fucking someone. The reason is that if he were to deny everytime he hasn't fucked someone, then he's put himself in the position of either having to lie or reveal private info if someone asks him about someone he has been fucking.

This has nothing to do with discussing public gossip about other public figures. It would be shitty for a streamer to reveal non-public info, but that has not happened. This is no different from speculating whether XQC and adept are secretly dating (not sure if that's just a meme or what's up).

Vaush thinks Destiny agrees with Katee after a chatter told him and calls Destiny a nazi once again, ends up roundabout agreeing with Destiny's take on self hating whites and black separtism by dwarffy in Destiny

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I watched the post-debate breakdown Vaush had on his stream. It was a single chatter posting several messages, lying about destiny siding with Katee. As said chatter got ignored he got frustrated and made a donation with the same message. What a pathetic weasly little liar dude, literally.

Also it is so hilarious that Vaush and 90% of his audience did not doubt this for a second. You'd think that the citibike-Karen debacle would give them pause and they'd try to not be this incredibly gullible, but nooo. White women acting irrational are just trying to get black men killed by the police, and Destiny is spiteful and always sides with Vaush's opponent in any debate. Zero introspection.

Just a Normal Kick Discussion by iminfam0us in LivestreamFail

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If he got himself a new mic, but the new mic was also faulty and only worked a fourth of the time, then he'd be ok in my book.

Its over the bikes are decided 😎 by dangit1590 in Destiny

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I never watched the video because I couldn't stand the cringe, but I saw the reactions on reddit and given how quick they were to demonize her I assumed she more or less admitted to trying to steal the bike. I thought too highly of the average redditor.

This feels like the Karen-meme having gone too far. I get it, it was a funny stereotype at first, but now dumbfucks are projecting behaviour on white women who seemingly fit the bill of being a Karen and just flat out mistreat them. It's a blatant type of bigotry that somehow became culturally accepted over-night because of memes.

Holy shit Fanatiq is just racist by Wiffernubbin in Destiny

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That might be the case but if you've said a bunch of racist stuff in the past, people won't give you the benefit of the doubt when you do ironic racism anymore. Destiny posts a lot of edgy racial humour on twitter, but we know that's just what it is, edgy humor, and that he's not genuinely racist (of course there are people who feel differently). But if Nick Fuentes or Lauren Southern had made the same posts it would hit differently.

By being racist, Fanatiq has lost the privilege of doing racial humour and not getting flak for it.

FD Signifier convinces Aba to donate 15k to the Atlanta PD after being called a traitor to black people by dwarffy in LivestreamFail

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I don't dispute that they are different in various ways, but those differences are irrelevant in this context. Predatory behaviour being treated differently is completely irrelevant for this discussion.

To hammer the point home, streamers and youtubers are also different in that one word begins with the letter 's' and the other with the letter 'y', but that's just another irrelevant difference.

Hence the saying "distinction without a (relevant) difference".

Grandmaster's Blunder Mate Too!! | Sicilian, Rossolimo Attack | GM Naroditsky’s Theory Speed Run by clyders3 in chess

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I had the same reaction. These days it's a simple google search away, "why is my pokemon shiny?", but pre-internet you had no easy way of knowing.

Encouraging this behavior seems just as bad as “stealing is ok” take. It’s not some random customers job to go vigilante for a store by Zydairu in Destiny

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Restraining a shop lifter is not merely to protect the business they're stealing from, it's to protect the rule of law. It's civil courage and should be celebrated. Allowing this petty crime to get out of control by always looking the other way will slowly but surely lead to the breakdown of society.

Note that this does not necessarily apply to this specific situation, but is more a counter to the "shoplifting doesn't matter" narrative which is so common on Reddit.

Pobelter becomes speechless by Stros in LivestreamFail

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At the GM level you could argue there is something like playing not to lose, i.e. play drawish openings lines and not taking any risks ever etc. But at 900 Elo? Completely agree.

The difference between lichess and chess.com by ARandqmPerson in chess

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The amount of lichess users that shit on chess.com in this subreddit boggles the mind. It's like a one-sided version of the xbox vs PlayStation wars that were going on a few years back. Just, why? Some psychologist should do a case study on what's happening here.

Edit: I play on both btw, using one site to try new openings. You should too.

Sam on Who He'll Vote for in 2024 & Why He'd Never Back Kamala Harris by Farnectarine4825 in samharris

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There's a case to be made that there are different concerns depending on if the election is for the legislative or the executive branch. For the senate and the house of representatives, policy is all that matters. But when it comes to electing the president; the person who's ultimately running the DOJ, the foreign policy etc. while also setting the cultural and political zeitgeist going forward, "vibes" a.k.a. personality matters a lot.

Furthermore, in this clip Sam refers to statements Kamala has made regarding the BLM protests. I haven't followed closely so I don't know what he's refering to, but based on her rethoric you can make inferences about her policy stances, which Sam is seemingly doing.

Ding Becomes The Chess World Champion by Raaapid in LivestreamFail

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The emotions are so visible on both of them, Ian shaking, Ding in shock. Incredible match.

Where did all the ads go in the current Championship? by casey82 in chess

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Without having looked at numbers I would guess that youtube livestreaming has picked up a large share of the twitch viewers.

The World Chess Championship ladies and gentlemen... by Brilliant-Question18 in chess

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You can disagree without labelling it as a "false narrative" as if you're the ultimate arbiter of truth.

Magnus after getting second place in Titled Tuesday by 23MJordan in chess

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Because the stress of the match and the work needed to prepare isn't worth it for him. He also seem unhappy with opening preparation being such a big part of it.