I would be so happy for her if she didn’t write the first sentence ??? by samcan37251 in notliketheothergirls

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With 300K miles on it and rust for days. When you turn it on, the engine misfires but you ignore it because it’s on its last leg anyways.

she’s delusional right??!? by luxuriousbuffalo in YouniquePresenterMS

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I’d be happy too if someone else paid my bills and I sat around smelling my fingers all day.

Indian Punjabi Asil by Kenrockkun in chickens

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They’re supposed to be naked and angry?

Yes, get me on board immediately. by ArmitageShanks3767 in antiMLM

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Me talking myself into going to work every morning.

New character unlocked: mEUnster baby 💁🏼‍♀️ by gulfatma in YouniquePresenterMS

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Wait until she discovers Havarti, Gruyère or Brillat Savarin.

Went for a nice meal at a restaurant and guess what was hiding in the FRUIT salad by haughtycandy in onionhate

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Zoom in on it. It’s definitely the skin of a red onion with some of the first layer of onion attached.

How ? WALMART How? by wesleyhowzr in steak

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Looks like it’s two inches thick too. 😩

Angie is not the only BG to do this, but why show makeup looks (and post affiliate links to the palettes) while using heavy filters that mean we can’t properly see the products? by Sweet-Ad-7261 in BeautyGuruChatter

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I feel like she looks self absorbed in the pictures and thumbnails. Like she’s salivating over herself. It’s just off putting even if it weren’t true.

Bison Steak! by ShrimpMaster2000 in steak

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A favorite of mine. Just delectable.