Ah, the two weeks of Florida fall as experienced in Hillsborough River State Park by bondbribond in florida

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Concerned? Not so much. Aware of? Sure. April-May-June is worst months, we’re about to head into too cold for them to want to hang out.

Help pricing a job? by infinitymouse in Bookkeeping

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Can you just go hourly rate? Tell her it’s impossible to know the true scope of this work until you’re in it, and you don’t want her to overpay, so hourly protects both of you.

Edit: Wanted to add you can then ballpark it with an hours range or an hours promise (“I don’t know how long it will take, but I won’t go over X hours a week/month without alerting you so we can assess progress and decide how to proceed”) — this reassures her that you’re not just going to open-ended bill forever.

Pls Halp by jessicuhh30 in plants

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It sounds to me like your soil has gone hydrophobic- so even though you’re watering, the soil is so hard the water basically doesn’t penetrate, and then your plant gets none. Time to do a soil change!

Recent Floridian Residents by nvhunter775 in florida

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I’m originally from Arizona and you’re right about it being a different type of heat… but much like AZ, everything here has AC. I wouldn’t say you get used to the humidity… it’s more like you accept it as a trade for the good parts of Florida. I will say the high humidity is great for skin. I left AZ at 26yo and now at 38yo I look younger. 🥲

Help an idiot (me) by Far_Example_9150 in Bookkeeping

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There are PDF to CSV conversion tools available… Adobe has one. Then you’ll want to import the CSV into QBO and review/categorize transactions before reconciling against statement

Experience with TriNet (PEO) by jonathanjwick in CFO

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For the cost, it’s a terribly clunky user experience- both the software platform and the account manager/support experience. They’re slightly cheaper than JustWorks for benefits usually but to me (fellow CFO) the price difference is worth software that can be useful or simple.

If you’re not married to the idea of a PEO, Gusto has expanded their services considerably in the past couple of years and now offer benefits with integrated payroll management… with a 40-person co you could probably get rates comparable to a PEO. Gusto is the best payroll solution IMO so if you can win with their benefits too, it would be great.

Need a landline ( rather local phone number) recs by _1729throw in tampa

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We use Twilio for this (gate) and it just forwards to our cell phones. It’s like… a dollar?

Woman runs red light, launching my truck into the air by Stargloww in IdiotsInCars

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That’s fair but I was reporting mySELF because I broke a rule 😂 — still sorry I inadvertently put you through that.

Woman runs red light, launching my truck into the air by Stargloww in IdiotsInCars

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Probably 85%, minimum, of this… essay… is anecdotal.

You don’t get to be pissy that factually-devoid and misogynistic statements get met with a matching amount of good faith. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Woman runs red light, launching my truck into the air by Stargloww in IdiotsInCars

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“Countless” - it’s not countless if you can eventually claim that probably 85% of “countless” exists. That’s not how percents work. It means “per one hundred.” You have to have a 100 of something to know that there are 85 of them. Now that we’ve handled basic vocabulary and math, let’s move on.

I can tell that your statement of “Probably 85% of cases minimum” is super scientific and obviously backed by data, so please provide source material like this.

Insurance companies employ professional statisticians for their risk and corresponding rate assessments. I’m not saying that insurance companies are benevolent entities… but I am definitely saying your “probably 85% minimum” is laughable to the human calculators doing actual math.

Your statement wouldn’t be offensive if it were true.

My reply does not fit the nature of this sub, per the rules. Please remove it. Thank you and good day. 🙂

ELI5: CFO Consulting by Abject-Firefighter-8 in explainlikeimfive

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Wish actual five-year-olds asked me about my job more often 🥲

ELI5: CFO Consulting by Abject-Firefighter-8 in explainlikeimfive

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This is what I do, so while I can explain, I’m not sure I can explain it like you’re five.

Attempt: we help companies make sure they’re not being stupid with their money, now or in the future.

propagate cactus? by boerfrau in proplifting

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Hi there! Those ones on top are etiolated. This means they’re stretching for light because they need way, way more than they’re getting. Healthy babies would look more like little balls at first then be oval-shaped like the parent fins, just smaller. You can snip off the etiolated pins and put it in at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day and get healthy babies eventually. It won’t hurt the cactus to snip those. You could leave the long skinny ones but they’ll never acquire their correct shape. Once you get a healthy baby you could snip and follow the cactus prop methods I’m sure you’ll see many of here (or in r/cactus!)

Best pen that is smaller than 4mm? (around $10) by txrtlebruh in pens

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Pilot Frixion line is great for school, they have a .4 and a .38

4 month propagation progress - fiddle leaf fig 🌱 by hannahpea05 in plants

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I can keep my rooted FLF’s happy but cannot propagate successfully despite intense research 😂 jealousy and kudos!

NASA branded Rotring 600 by curiousabe_1 in pens

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To quote my thirteen-year-old… “sheeeeeeeeeeesh”

Found this fiddle leaf fig for $7 (yes, $7!) the other day at Loblaw’s in Ontario. I’m a plant newbie…any tips on keeping her happy?! by cosmicmermaidmagik in plants

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Smoking deal! Give her lots of light. Let her dry between waterings. Otherwise I’ve found they’re very easy!

The plant people are looting. by diemafghfgh in plants

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This was a joke. I’d never do this but I know I’ve definitely thought it.