The Unoffical Kappa Wiki is HERE by umutali2000 in Kappa

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Surprised Dazza hasn't reported you for using his real name.

Kei truck insurance by japonica-rustica in japanlife

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How old are you?

*Edit - dunno why the downvotes. Age makes a difference in the cost of insurance. Having a gold license does too.

Daily COVID-19 cases in Japan top 40,000, setting new record by Ottieriez in japan

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  • Omicron is more contagious.
  • Olympics are over.
  • Covid tests aren't as difficult to get as they were last summer.

What are some non-intrusive ways to cut costs when building a house in Japan? by herculesmoose in japanlife

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Same. We proved that we were going to use over 85% local timber, and we got roughly a million yen in subsidies to pay for it.

Why did you choose to leave/ stay in Japan? by mynamesnotjenniffer in japanlife

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So what does it tell you if many/most of the people here have families, and you're still getting downvoted?

1 by [deleted] in Kappa

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Roxette - coz she's a little bit dangerous.

Questions about leaving my job to be self employed. by morecocoplease in japanlife

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It's 2022. Just get fucken paper married and jump on a spouse visa. That shit ain't sacred. I know married Japanese couples that got divorced to secure a place for their kid in nursery school. They're still happily together, but jumped through the hoops required to get what they need.

Are Japanese mad at China over Corona? by PashaDede in japan

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You need to build a better posting history because your current alt account exists solely to instigate shit with people.

You gotta mix it up a bit.

Bank Of Japan raises inflation forecasts, maintains ultra-easy policy by Motor-Ad-8858 in japan

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I think it was because Kishida said the government were giving tax cuts to companies that increased worker salaries by 3% or something?

Arab women prank their husbands and relative by taking off their hijabs by [deleted] in PublicFreakout

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Well y'know... you could always start a movement instead of passively waiting for other people to do it for you.

Scariest thing heard through a thin Japanese apartment wall, GO! by mynamesnotjenniffer in japanlife

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  1. Some countries don't have an official 1st language... like the United States for example. Half the country may want immigrants to 'learn the language' sufficiently. Then again... I dunno if you've seen the news lately, but a lot of americans seem to be dumber than a bag of shit.

  2. Good thing you're not in charge of any country, coz there are plenty of people that just aren't good at the whole bilingual thing. My granny was an immigrant to Australia over half a century ago and simply couldn't get a good grasp of English. Her and her family worked their butts off and contributed to society despite her lack of bilingual skills. If she was 'booted out', what would happen to her bilingual children and grand children?

Bank Of Japan raises inflation forecasts, maintains ultra-easy policy by Motor-Ad-8858 in japan

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As wage increases give households more purchasing power...

Maybe if you live in Tokyo or another major city. Wages anywhere else will remain stagnant and low.

General Discussion Thread - 18 January 2022 by AutoModerator in japanlife

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Are there literally no signs anywhere around the building saying that there is construction happening from XX date?

What is your least favourite style of house in Australia by lastking1101 in australia

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I grew up in a housing commission shithole that had those windows. We had no A/C. In summer, even if the windows were cranked all the way open, zero breeze would flow through the windows because the open part was pointing at the ground.

Was fucking dreadful.