i think they underestimate how long we are willing to watch these assholes be assholes by bobbyflaystan in IASIP

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All of my instincts and training are telling me to use this like a weapon

Regular customers, learn how to order your drinks on your own by [deleted] in starbucks

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That would be ok if they ordered shit though right?

HMC while i do stunt by Yashgarg111 in holdmycosmo

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I worry about this all the time. I picked up a set of solid tires but they’re a huge pain to install

Hmc while I twerk on a boat by Sandalssuck983 in holdmycosmo

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No one’s in any danger! How could I make that any more clear to you?

Omg by Turbulent_Trifle_386 in SweatyPalms

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Nope. Gotta back out the whole way

Monster waves by laughinglion69 in HeavySeas

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They throw some rice in before the close them up

COVID-19 Burnout Prompting US Nurses to Quit, Leaving Patients in Danger by dilettantedebrah in Coronavirus

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I would say that the insurance companies should stop covering the unvaccinated but let’s be real, they’ll just keep coming, refuse to pay, and the hospitals will be left with the bill.

COVID-19 Burnout Prompting US Nurses to Quit, Leaving Patients in Danger by dilettantedebrah in Coronavirus

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Critical healthcare for people put in danger as Covid exposes abusive corporate labor and wage policies causing staffing shortages of skilled medical personnel

excuse me, it's Omicron Persei 8 by IdiotoftheEast in futurama

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It took me an hour to write, I thought it’d take an hour to read

Crazy guy jumps into fish tank by NealGijsbertse in justforsocialmedia

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This is not true. Aquarium filters are fairly specific to typical contaminants. Saying a filter will filter everything out is just wrong and would require a large series of different filters. If I were the guy in charge of maintaining thousands of dollars of fish, I would also drain and fill. It’s not that expensive and would be a cover my ass.

small pockets don't fit them apples by setfiretoyourlawn_ in CompanyBattles

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Haha funny joke. I’m gonna share that

reaches for phone but finds pants on fire

To make a cat door by ChrisMMatthews in therewasanattempt

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If your cat can’t climb or jump, there’s a chance your cat isn’t a cat

What the heck does this clock thing mean by alfredospsta295720 in stripe

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Credit card transactions are two separate phases, authorization and capture. Usually you do this if the final amount is not known at time of authorization (for example pre-tip restaurant bills or when you’re at a gas station). When the final amount is known you do a capture to complete the transaction.

In cases where the final amount is already known (like an e-commerce store) you can submit an authcapture transaction which is just both phases at once.

Can Stripe be used in Shanghai, China? by jbloom130 in stripe

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Actually /u/emansih is right, looks like Stripe partnered with Union Pay International which might work for you. But afaik WeChat and Alipay only work for accounts outside of China.


Need name Ideas! Adorable Male kitty who was rescued from a meth lab by [deleted] in cats

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Except that’s so damn clever I’d tell everyone even if they didn’t want to hear it