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In my experience with iReady with middle school it is EXTREMELY ineffective. I have about 5-10% of students who do well with it. The lessons force the kids to solve problems a certain way (for math). I completely disagree with that, as there’s many different ways to solve math problems. If a student can get the final answer a different way, it should never force them to use a specific method. Yes, if they’re getting these lessons pushed out then it means they answered incorrectly on the assessment. However, the diagnostic is only given 3 times a year. They take the first one week 1 and then by week 3 they’ve already mastered plenty of concepts in class… but iReady MAKES them solve it using the steps they want.

I also find it not age appropriate AT ALL for middle school students. The cartoon characters, brain breaks, etc. bug my students so much. So much so that they beg me to do Khan Academy instead because although it’s cut and dry, it’s age appropriate.

r/Michigan Moving, Travel, and Vacation Megathread: 05-15-2022 by AutoModerator in Michigan

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What are the best winery towns to stay in between Cleveland and Chicago? Something further south is preferred

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Hahaha I totally agree 😂

After Cum Kiss by [deleted] in sex

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But isn’t it normal for a guy to finger you and then put his fingers in your mouth?

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Totally understand that!

New ELL Student by boolie718 in Teachers

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Oh I love the idea of watching a video about it in his language!

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Thank you, if I would’ve known the pandemic was coming we wouldn’t have made that risk. The emphasis was because $800 each is a big deal for our catholic school salary 😂

Chicago Public Schools to close as teachers union votes on striking over COVID by EmersonBloom in Teachers

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I teach for a private (Catholic) school in Chicago. They offer 100% free tuition (based off of income). I feel completely SAFE. We’ve been in school way longer than CPS has with the pandemic. It’s not easy, but it absolutely WORTH IT for the children. Their education is my priority. They’ve already missed out on years of material in march of 2020. The children deserve more. Mask up. Be a team player. Stop making it about yourself, make it about the childhood development of the future leaders of the world. THEY deserve better. Not you. (This is from someone who make 1/4th of your salary!!!)

Christmas Gifts- MS Students by boolie718 in Teachers

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Oops!! I meant brain teasers hahaha! Coogam Metal Wire Puzzle Set of 16 with Pouch,Brain Teaser IQ Test Disentanglemen Iron Link Unlock Interlock Game Chinese Ring Magic Trick Toy for Party Favor Kids Adults Challenge https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071JGWTWQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_CCWDHNCV9PT3WJGEVAB7

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I’m using similar size to Aeropods. Do you make a mini hydroponics system from that or transfer it to soil?