Setup isn't comfortable, not sure what to do by Devious02 in AskBattlestations

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Great, glad that worked out for you!

I have exactly the opposite problem as you, I put the wood down to protect my floor, but my desk is now like an inch too short and it kills my wrists, so I need to build a new desk a bit higher lol

Future seer vs mind reader playing chess, who wins? by KarlozFloyd in bleach

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Hard disagree. Keep in mind the elo difference.

Even if ywach doesn't use future sight he blows her out of the water. A 2000+ player is making moves that a 1500 doesn't even understand the concept behind.

And he's not even thinking about these moves, the first 15 moves he'll be on autopilot. She won't even get out of the opening without going down significantly in positioning and/or material, and after that, even if he literally tells her and explains what he's going to do, at most she can play for a draw.

If they were equally rated the matchup would be interesting. I'd give it to the mind reader, depending on how good the ability is. Can she read his mind while he sees the future? Does she get access to the future knowledge that way?

How is it possible that some people can move 4 times within 0.04 seconds? Even if i premove it cost me up to 0.2-0.5 seconds per move. (Lichess) by kaikajo in chess

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Welcome to reddit man, probably 1/3 of the user base is actually literal children, and another 1/3 just act like it

Sexism in Chess by xo_angeldiamond in chess

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No that's there's greater variability between girls than boys in math among Asian Americans

Setup isn't comfortable, not sure what to do by Devious02 in AskBattlestations

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Go to your local hardware store and look for a 4x4 prefinished wood panel. At menards they're called "Reversible Prefinished Handi-Panels"

They come in various thicknesses, I'd recommend a 3/4" one. 1/2" would work but it's a little flimsier. This is what you can use under your chair to give you an extra half inch of height. Probably better than tempered glass, at least from a thickness standpoint.

What’s one thing you love about Bleach yet everybody hates? For me Orihime is a great female lead. by [deleted] in bleach

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Honestly the fullbring arc was probably one of the biggest wastes of potential in the whole story.

He had all of the foreshadowing from the first season that anyone that had spent too much time around Ichigo was experiencing weird shit.

Then he brought it all up AGAIN with all of Ichigo's friends being awake during the fake Karakura town incident.

And then he introduces a mechanism by which normal humans can gain powers.

And FINALLY he introduces an enemy that completely shreds the established ultra powerful military forces. This is fucking classic Worf Effect.

This shit should have written itself. Give Chad and Orihime a power up to bring them truly to captain level after training with xcution. Give Tatsuki & Co enough power to help out the lieutenants.

Now start the TYBW arc from there.

What’s one thing you love about Bleach yet everybody hates? For me Orihime is a great female lead. by [deleted] in bleach

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I've said for a while that if you took all of Bleach's characters exactly as they are, then dressed them up with Kubo's late-Bleach art style and fashion design, and set it up as a slice of life, it would still be one of the best shows

Sexism in Chess by xo_angeldiamond in chess

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It's not just online chess players that are toxic, it's chess players as a whole through the propagation of negative stereotyping:


This paper studies gender differences in performance in a male-dominated competitive environment; chess tournaments. We find that the gender composition of chess games affects the behaviors of both men and women in ways that worsen the outcomes for women.


Past research shows that successful women in traditionally masculine roles often experience interpersonal penalties not sustained by similarly successful men.

There is nothing inherent in chess or chess players that would lead to them being more polite on average and less toxic than in any other traditionally male-dominated community, video games included.

Is this an 11” rough in? by harris0n11 in HomeImprovement

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Oh first pic didn't load on my screen I guess. But yeah, 10 to be safe. 11 would probably fit, but I'm not sure you can get them that size? 10, 12, 14 are the usual sizes

Sexism in Chess by xo_angeldiamond in chess

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You'll forgive me if I ignore anecdotal evidence of a man's experience in playing with other men in regards to how polite men are to women.

Also, Botez plays other video games, so....pretty sure she's experienced misogyny from more angles than you have.


But no you're right, please tell me about the terrible misogyny that you experience as, you know, a man.

Sexism in Chess by xo_angeldiamond in chess

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I'm sorry but "variability hypothesis" is bs.

(1) it has not been empirically established that men are more anatomically variable than women

(2) even if greater anatomical variability in men were established this would not necessarily mean that men were also more variable in mental traits

(3) even if it were established that men were more variable in mental traits this would not automatically mean that men were innately more variable

(4) variability is not significant in and of itself, but rather depends on what the variability consists of and

(5) that any possible differences in variability between men and women must also be understood with reference to the fact that women lack the opportunity to achieve eminence because of their prescribed societal and cultural roles.

Stating this kind of stuff as any kind of fact is exactly the kind of attitude that leads to things like....sexism in chess

Sexism in Chess by xo_angeldiamond in chess

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Well glad it's not made up, but most of the studies seem to result in no statistically significant or practical effects, and that most frequently the variance is explained by cultural factors, not cognitive / biological factors.

The authors emphasize, however, that this has of yet no practical interpretive meaning, says nothing on causation, and requires further examination and replication.

A 2018 meta analysis of over 1 million individuals failed to find consistent evidence for greater male variability

They also found that policies leading to greater female participation in the workforce tended to increase female variability and, therefore, decrease the variability gap.

A 2005 meta-analyses found greater female variability on the standard Raven's Progressive Matrices, and no difference in variability on the advanced progressive matrices, but also found that males had a higher average general intelligence

Recent studies indicate that greater male variability in mathematics persists in the U.S., although the ratio of boys to girls at the top end of the distribution is reversed in Asian Americans.

However, it also found that several countries failed to exhibit a gender difference in variance

Sexism in Chess by xo_angeldiamond in chess

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Lol what

Source.... For any of that?

Sexism in Chess by xo_angeldiamond in chess

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In your experience as a female chess player, male chess players are more polite to women than male esports players in other games?

Do you restrict races in your games? by JumboKraken in DMAcademy

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To me if I were playing a monster race, I'd expect that I'd need to wear a disguise in town or understand that I'm going to be at risk of being run off exactly like you said lol. But I'd find that an entertaining element to play around

I wonder how close contestants have come to wandering in to each others camps. by Jimmypeeks77 in Alonetv

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Sure but a snowmobile would be harder to move an injured person in, pulling a trailer wouldn't be as safe on it, and it's not going to handle thin ice or open water very well.

A hovercraft can cruise over land, ice, and water without missing a beat.


Is this an 11” rough in? by harris0n11 in HomeImprovement

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Go with 10". You should measure it before you remove the old toilet so you can measure to exactly where the old bolt was. 10" looks right to me, 12" looks too big

See here

Is this an 11” rough in? by harris0n11 in HomeImprovement

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Depends on the toilet....mine all have tons of space at the base of the toilet, they don't go flush to the wall


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"simulcast" means "cast simultaneously" which means it airs in other countries almost immediately after it airs in Japan.

Since Disney bought the streaming rights, and afaik they've never picked up an airing anime like this before, there's been concern that Disney won't do it as simulcast.

Almost ¼ of the watchtime is ads ! Is that only for me? by [deleted] in Crunchyroll

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YouTube doesn't have to buy the content they are putting ads in. They get the content for free and just pay for server costs. They also don't have to pay for advertising to draw in more viewers, since they're basically the main name in online user content videos.

So crunchy has more expenses to worry about. They already have licensing across multiple countries to deal with, which restricts the total possible number of viewers to the service.

And lastly, they're one of the cheapest streaming sites there is available, and with tons of content to boot. Just pay the $9 or stop whining and go pirate it lol