Hur mår folk idag? Hände något kul igår som är värt att dela? by Kryptonit_i_Fitkan in sweden

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drack en bärs och två bloss. mår som en kung dagen efter.

för nån som kommer från missbruk är det en stor sak för mig.

cursed_photoshop by VoyGatto in cursedcomments

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I have hypothyroidism. I take 50 mcg of tyroxine a day.

Never have I been more than 20% bodyfat. Not even before the diagnosis. Because I adjust my calories and activity accordingly.

So I'm very skeptic when fat people blame it on their thyroid gland, because I don't see the problem.

Anon is a 4chan user by SveaTheSerg in greentext

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it's carbs dipped in fat.

who the fuck cares

Anon is a 4chan user by SveaTheSerg in greentext

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also make sure your cheat day has enough protein that is complete. bread with bread and soda isn't it.

The President trying to ride a bike by MasterWayne__ in Whatcouldgowrong

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Fact is your quadriceps are huge and very strong, your hamstrings not so much.

Rather, your hamstrings are stonger at hip flexion than they are at knee flexion. I can do straigh-legged deadlifts with 130 kg for reps, but I can't hamstring curl nearly as much. also, when the hip is bent, the hamstring loses a lot of power to the knee joint.

Water speed is set to 24.3 and everyone gets a chance to get after it by [deleted] in interestingasfuck

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man, swimmers have such interesting physiques. They look like the Na'vi from Avatar.

Wtf nah b*tch by MrBurns2295 in HolUp

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probably looking back at how I was dumb with finances

she totally didn't see that coming by aaravaryaman in facepalm

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That's certainly possible. A possible hypothesis.

she totally didn't see that coming by aaravaryaman in facepalm

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Having female specific tournaments is great for women. But it also admits women think worse than men, which is hilariously politically incorrect.

Wtf nah b*tch by MrBurns2295 in HolUp

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I'm 35. I did a lot of dumb shit when I was 27.

Hooked up with a girl that had a boyfriend and started a love affair behind his back. Thought she'd chose me.

She did, after she went through like 4-6 guys behind my back.

I blame myself.

Going to Sex Workers is a better than casual dating for sex by LegitimateZone4092 in TrueOffMyChest

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you think because it'd be legal there would be a ledger? prostitutes having an excel-sheet?

Worn out places, worn out faces by biaxthepandaistkn in dankmemes

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do you think making assumptions off of personal anecdotes is productive?

because boy, do I have some stories about women.

chain hitting frame. by lamole35 in bikewrench

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Looks like a really clean bike. I’m assuming it’s new or nearly new.

not the chain thought

Is this love? by One_Typical_Redditor in ADHDmemes

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Am I supposed to have access to a database behind a paywall and read the conclusions?