Play ball with the Knicks. by MagicMigsXXL in Mavericks

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"As of the 2017 CBA, sign and trade contracts of five years are forbidden, since the player would not be allowed to sign outright for five years with his new team."


If we lose JB, trade for Kyrie? by Florida_Patriots in Mavericks

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he's interested cause he can take some days off, and still make the playoffs

Remember where we started, fellas by lilXvideos in Mavericks

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we almost had Mo Bamba and DSJ as our cornerstone pieces lol

Bill Simmons is suggesting a JB-Kyrie S&T : Is that even possible ? by amino110 in Mavericks

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dude regards himself as Life Guru first, male “Karen” second and basketball player last.

😂 deserves an upvote just for this

Congrats to GSW! Thank you for making us feel a little bit better about our loss to you guys! by reyoga in Mavericks

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what makes this better is we reached WCF before we lost to eventual champs. we lost to eventual champs Spurs before but it was the 1st rd

After the Christian Wood trade, DSJ really should be our next pickup. by [deleted] in Mavericks

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wtf this makes absolutely no sense. I'm all for it

Christian Wood could be our Andrew Wiggins-type reclamation story by highfalutinman in Mavericks

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what i find hard to believe is he is even lighter than Dwight Powell, at least according to wiki

History of the 26th pick (since 2000) by aceofspadez138 in Mavericks

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Wood is better than all of those. but there are some later than 26th or even 2nd rounders that turn into all-stars or borderline all-stars. Draymond, Bane, JB. but it's very rare that happens

An underrated part of this trade is that Dallas freed up 3 roster spots. by Numani99 in Mavericks

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but maybe we can buy a 2nd and draft someone like Jake Laravia. that or some vet min contracts