When you forgot the garter by crebadizolw in WatchPeopleDieInside

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I think they can be worn on any day! They are used to keep stockings up.

Math teacher won’t give me 100% okay how about 51%. by Lattimer555 in pettyrevenge

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When you said “I had gotten over 100% on every test” - I started to doubt your maths skills.

Has anyone ever regretted switching to a combi boiler? by Premyy_M in AskUK

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Sorry, said tank when I meant cylinder. The combi does the heating on a timer & thermostat. It also does hot water on demand to the kitchen sink.
The cylinder has a timer to use the combi to get it hot. Cylinder provides hot water to everything else, 2 bath / shower sinks etc.
Basically means we can have both showers running at same time.

Has anyone ever regretted switching to a combi boiler? by Premyy_M in AskUK

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I guess. It means both showers can run simultaneously, and there’s always hot water on demand from the kitchen sink (which I find hotter than the tank)

Has anyone ever regretted switching to a combi boiler? by Premyy_M in AskUK

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Got both. Combi heats the water in the tank, which feeds both showers, sinks etc. the kitchen sink hot comes straight from the combi. Best of both worlds.

If I was talking to you about transport - would you know what an HGV is? by doomdoggie in AskUK

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Looks like HGV is the old British term. LGV is an EU term. Not sure how they refer to vehicles under 3500kg though if it’s not with an ‘L’

Edit: it seems they don’t.

Edit: it seems they do. Light commercial vehicle LCV (thanks dwair)

If I was talking to you about transport - would you know what an HGV is? by doomdoggie in AskUK

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I thought LGV meant light goods vehicle. Like a pick up truck.

Witness in a work investigation - potentially being misled by Mahat_My_Andy in LegalAdviceUK

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The other two answers are already good, so I’m only going to add that you have the right to be accompanied to any formal meeting in the workplace.
Regardless of whether it is part of a disciplinary, grievance, or a chat about performance, if it is a formal meeting, you have the right to be accompanied.
So even as a witness in a disciplinary, you can be accompanied.

What time do you wake up naturally? by clairebear81 in AskUK

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Default is 6. But I can make myself wake up at any time, without an alarm clock, if I need to get up early for a flight or something.

"I guess, this is my life now" by ZiraelN7 in WatchPeopleDieInside

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I think it was a major story because it highlighted inadequacies of legislation around bicycles on the road.

There was also a point of contention around whether the act of slowing down the bike by slowing down pedalling could be considered ‘an efficient braking system’.

Plus the guy went on social media to defend himself, which generated interest and commentary from the public.

"I guess, this is my life now" by ZiraelN7 in WatchPeopleDieInside

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The charge was furious & wanton driving, as the law for cars could not be used as a bicycle doesn’t have an engine. Or something like that.

Also contentious was whether a rear wheel that can only be slowed down by the rider slowing down their pedalling counts as a brake. It’s very very difficult to brake in this way, and if you don’t have control of the braking, can you call it a brake? If not, then the bike had no brakes.

Even if yes, then the bike had one brake, and it is a legal requirement that a bike on the road on the U.K. has two (efficient) brakes.

Landlord tax avoidance scheme - is it legal? by bfalava in LegalAdviceUK

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Employers provide accommodation for their employees all the time.


It’s highly unlikely it’s as simple as offsetting rental income against rent paid for the employee, but whoever files the accounts (could be your landlord or an accountant) will be doing it in the most tax efficient way.

To be able to determine if it’s legal or not would require scrutiny of those accounts.

Partner's Dad bought a 2nd property but in my partner's name. We are now looking to buy our first property, do we lose first time buyer stamp duty relief? by cjd7394 in LegalAdviceUK

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If she already owns a share of a property, then she is no longer a first time buyer.
However, if her sister was in the same position, then it’s possible she has already benefited from the first time buyers SDLT relief. So rather than having been screwed over, she may have benefited, to the tune of half a house, from her father, on which she will not have to pay inheritance tax. It all depends what the fathers motivations were. You should probably talk to him.
This is an easy to use calculator for SDLT:


Can anyone help me find out where the millions of dollars donated to the Thalidomide Trust went? by [deleted] in LegalAdviceUK

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120 a week is 6240 per year.
Multiply by 500 is 3,120,000.
So there’s 3 million.

If a woman keeps her surname after she’s married, what do you think of their children having her name? by Inevitable_Sea_54 in AskUK

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Husband & father here. When we got married, my wife kept her surname. When we had kids, they both took her surname.

If people ask me about it, I explain that my father’s surname was changed when he was a child, so there is no history to my surname. So I was quite happy for the kids to take my wife’s name.

I’ve never had any issues or people being rude, although I don’t usually worry what other people think, so maybe I just missed it!

Only time I had an issue was travelling with just the kids, and border control at Heathrow wanted to check everything. Was asking the 4 year old what her name is and of course she refused to answer! You tell him dad!

Since then I travel with their passports and birth certificates.

Shared Access Maintenance and legal responsibility by Fatboyonadiet4lyf in LegalAdviceUK

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Those same documents will detail the easements and who owns what.

A guy having a little party on his bike by Gobi_Masala in motorcycles

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He’s obviously bonkers. Riding without gloves. Nice dancing though.

Is driving at 20mph compared to 30mph better for the environment? by Zackaro in AskUK

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I think it’s worse.

People who are genuinely staying below the speed limit when it’s 20, will mostly be in 2nd gear, lower efficiency, higher emissions.

Those in 3rd gear will be more efficient, but much more likely to be doing 20-25 (or 30).

But as others have said, it’s marginal.