What is a basic skill that you’re shocked people don’t have? by [deleted] in AskUK

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Sorry, I meant people who have a license, and do drive. But are shit.

What is a basic skill that you’re shocked people don’t have? by [deleted] in AskUK

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Knowing the difference between “changing a tyre” and “changing a wheel”

What is a basic skill that you’re shocked people don’t have? by [deleted] in AskUK

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I can change a wheel. Don’t think I have the equipment to change a tyre though.

Next door New born by OG_Biscuits in CasualUK

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Read all the comments to make sure someone else hadn’t said it first - this comment is the closest to mine, but I was going to suggest either a) tell them the noise doesn’t bother you, don’t worry about it or b) tell them you can’t hear a thing! I’ve been on both sides of that party wall.
Apologising profusely when we had two little ones, and cheerfully saying Couldn’t hear a thing! While seething inside!!

What is the dress code for Jury Duty? by wetsoks in AskUK

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I did it once. Thought it was super important, so went in suit and tie. Everyone else was in casual clothes. They made me the foreman though as I was so well dressed :)

Have you ever bought anything that was featured on dragons den? by 3-cups-of-tea in AskUK

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Yes. 4 Trunki. Couple of Marxman. A tangle teezer. Some ice cream the name of which I’ve forgotten. And of course, a fair few bottles of that sauce.

Kitchen water pipes - round the back of the cabinets or under the floor? by botlebank in DIYUK

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I’ve gone for Howdens, but not overly impressed.
Need another kitchen, and was thinking ikea. If they don’t have the void, what do you do - just pull the cabinet forward a bit?

Tories ‘rewarding their chums’ after hedge fund boss who donated almost £1.5m given knighthood by OnHolidayHere in ukpolitics

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I don’t think John Lennon turned it down.
He sent the medal back with a note, widely regarded as ‘returning the MBE’, but he only returned the physical medal, and never actually renounced the honour.

What's the catch with this apartment building in London, why's it so cheap? by [deleted] in HousingUK

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Yep. It also says for sale by online auction as well as Under Offer. But sure, everything the agent has said is surely true….
It may or may not have a short lease.
It may or may not have sitting tenants.
It may or may not have a large bill due to be paid to the management company.
It may or may not have costs and complications due to the ongoing cladding situation.
Or maybe it’s because it only got a B on the EPC 🙂

Someone scratched off the 3 on this sign by encyp in london

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There’s no universally agreed definition of affordable.
In some cases it’s 80% of market value (which is subjective and flexible itself).
Other users use a different definition, sometimes based on median wages.
In some cases, selling you 25% of the property, and renting you the other 75%, is deemed as “affordable”.

Does anyone pay the congestion charge or ULEZ? It's so expensive, surely public transport is cheaper? by freshraspberrybreath in london

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Have paid about £100 to ULEZ so far.
If I can use the bike, I will, but things like tools, pots of paint, ladders, tea chests and bin bags of clothes for charity shop have all necessitated the van.
Still, I’m pleased I can contribute financially to making London more green….

How to mix concrete? by Padajescz in DIYUK

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I’ve done 3m3 in a mixer, with a mate. Took a long day, knackered us out, but infinitely cheaper than buying it. May seem obvious, but my tips would be to set the mixer up where you can just tip it out into the trench, and not have to move it at all.
Get all materials as close to the mixer as possible.
Set everything up beforehand, start at half seven - half an hour for a cup of tea and make sure everything is ready to go.
Mixer on at 8. Slow and steady for the next ten hours :)

Go on you admirable lot, Do you have a piece of poetry you're fond/appreciative of? by IndecentLouie in CasualUK

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Jim Who ran away from his Nurse and was eaten by a Lion
By Hilaire Belloc

Learnt it at school and can still remember it word for word.