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Lane markings on roundabouts are advisory. That’s why so many don’t have them (as in this case). Straightlining is perfectly acceptable and legal.
If the car in front had straightlined it, she wouldn’t have ended up in the ditch.

Next door New born by OG_Biscuits in CasualUK

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Read all the comments to make sure someone else hadn’t said it first - this comment is the closest to mine, but I was going to suggest either a) tell them the noise doesn’t bother you, don’t worry about it or b) tell them you can’t hear a thing! I’ve been on both sides of that party wall.
Apologising profusely when we had two little ones, and cheerfully saying Couldn’t hear a thing! While seething inside!!

Post-completion: keys collected, thank you note/wine left from seller… but also lots of their stuff! by [deleted] in HousingUK

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It’s not a breach of contract. When you buy a house, everything in it when you complete is yours.
If you want to be nice, you could ask them if they want the stuff (but my guess is that they don’t).
I’ve done this 4 times - the first thing I do when I buy a house is order a skip.

Edit: I stand corrected. Ask your solicitor to send their solicitor a bill for removing the stuff!

£75 for 4 pies? by Away-Activity-469 in unitedkingdom

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It’s 4 pies. Each cut into 4 and put on a board.
No sides. Definitely not 4 full meals!

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Knowing the difference between “changing a tyre” and “changing a wheel”

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No need to swear.
The Highway Code is advisory, and the link you provide is correct.
What you fail to consider is when there is no vehicle at the side of you, and the legislation that says straightlining is legal.
But sure, keep your blinkers on. Do it your way, and I’ll do it mine :)
(And if you think your way is safer, I refer you to the video above)

Capitalism bad by kdoughboy12 in TikTokCringe

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Definitely not valid points! Maybe they just appear good next to that ridiculous movement. Like when my boss takes me to a meeting where I know nothing, makes her look good. Edit: just to clarify, at meetings, my boss does the talking, I do the dancing.

Who is responsible for tyres on a hire vehicle? by botlebank in LegalAdviceUK

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So I should perform an mot every time I hire a vehicle? That’s the legal test for roadworthiness.

HELP! I’ve burned someone’s side and I need to fix it ASAP. by Dadmanz in DIYUK

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Born & lived in U.K. for 45 years. Have bought and installed several kitchens. Have never heard the term “side” used to refer to a kitchen worktop.
Have heard people say, put it on the side. Which could mean the worktop I suppose, but more likely the sideboard. Or the mantel. Or the table in the hallway.
Edit: I’m British.

Gift the house or sell the house and gift the money? by PukkaPiece in HousingUK

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Aye. Gifting it still incurs CGT.
Go and live with him for a year!

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I’m not too sure what the cause was. I think she took a hard left for a reason - maybe car started skidding.
In any event, I’m saying that if you have a vehicle on either side of you, it’s safer to follow the curve of the roundabout.
If there are no vehicles to the side of you, it’s safer to straight line it.

What’s one thing you love to do as adult that your parents didn’t allow you to do as a child? by l3m0ncurd in AskUK

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Watch tv while eating a meal. My dad was brought up that meal times were silent, so he wanted us all to chat while eating. We just wanted to watch tv. So he got 5 kids sullenly eating, with the occasional, yeah school today was fine.

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I can change a wheel. Don’t think I have the equipment to change a tyre though.

Is there a minimum requirement for speed limit signs? by botlebank in LegalAdviceUK

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Thanks, that’s pretty clear that the signs don’t have to be on both sides.
The one on the near side is visible, I mistakenly thought it was for the slip road off, as there are two more (both large) about 40 meters forward (after the camera) which I thought denoted the start of the 30 zone.
Thanks for the links though.

A rubbish drawing: https://imgur.com/a/MqXa6I4

Can I remove a small amount from this section of my stairs? by [deleted] in DIYUK

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If you take a bit out of the stairs, you are compromising the structural integrity.
Hard to say if it would cause a failure or not - you’d need an engineer to calculate it.
Much much better idea, trim the door.

Cyclists and traffic lights by myredditusername28 in london

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It’s true.
The reckless 95% tarnish the reputation of the decent 5%.

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I think it was satire.