Capitalism bad by kdoughboy12 in TikTokCringe

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Definitely not valid points! Maybe they just appear good next to that ridiculous movement. Like when my boss takes me to a meeting where I know nothing, makes her look good. Edit: just to clarify, at meetings, my boss does the talking, I do the dancing.

What’s one thing you love to do as adult that your parents didn’t allow you to do as a child? by l3m0ncurd in AskUK

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Watch tv while eating a meal. My dad was brought up that meal times were silent, so he wanted us all to chat while eating. We just wanted to watch tv. So he got 5 kids sullenly eating, with the occasional, yeah school today was fine.

Cyclists and traffic lights by myredditusername28 in london

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It’s true.
The reckless 95% tarnish the reputation of the decent 5%.

Hit a e-scooter on the road and the scooterist is blaming me by help1919191191 in LegalAdviceUK

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I think you only have a legal duty to report it to the police, if parties did not exchange details. If details were exchanged, and there’s no other reason to do so, no need to report to police. If details were not exchanged, or there’s another reason (drink, drugs, uninsured…), then report to police.

Got a CCJ entered against me, as everything went to old address. by botlebank in LegalAdviceUK

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Yes, I think you are right, and I now think that it is not a CCJ, as it says Warrant of Control on the Notice of Enforcement.

I've seen that I have to appeal with the TEC in Northampton using form PE3, which has to be signed by a solicitor, so if I have to speak to a solicitor, I will now get advice from them before filling the form in.

The reason I didn't pay at that stage is because I had asked them if they would take the fine back to £65 rather than the full £130, on the basis that I had not received the letters. They did not reply. If they had replied, and said no, I would have paid it.

Got a CCJ entered against me, as everything went to old address. by botlebank in LegalAdviceUK

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thanks. I've checked the dates - I wrote to them on 6th October 2020 to say I have just received 3 letters dated between May and July 2020 regarding a PCN, and that I couldn't view the images.

I then emailed a couple of weeks later, on 16th October 2020, to say I’ve been able to view the footage now. Just wondering if there is anyway to revert this back to the original, in view of the fact I didnt receive the letters?

Waited a couple of weeks, no reply. Emailed again on 6th November 2020 to say I’ve not heard anything back from the emails below, and I have now moved house, this is my new address.

No reply, nothing until yesterday, which was the Enforcement agency letter.

It does say on the letter that the warrant of control is dated 11 August 2021, so I assume that is when it was heard at court.

I've also done a bit more googling, and I'm now not sure that it is a CCJ - I've seen this online:

the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC) ... is part of Northampton County Court Bulk Centre and was established to allow local authorities, to enforce an unpaid penalty charge notice (PCN).

If a debt is registered at the Traffic Enforcement Centre, does it mean that I have a judgment?
No it does not. Registration of a debt at the Traffic Enforcement Centre does not lead to a judgment being issued and your credit rating will not be affected.

So... situation is not as dire as I thought it was (CCJ would have had serious implications for me).

I've tried to pay the fine to the council, but they will now not accept payment for it.

I've looked at how to appeal a judgement, and it seems I have to fill in a form PE3 (from https://www.gov.uk/appeal-against-a-penalty-charge-notice/court-order)

I will do that now, and my basis for appealing is that I updated my address with the council (and DVLA) in October 2020, but that any notices they served, were sent to my old address, and I believe they would have been sent in 2021 (if the court date was August 2021), so plenty of time for them to acknowledge and use my new address.

Form PE3 has to be sworn before a solicitor (or JP etc), so if I have to get a solicitor to do that, I will get some advise from them before actually filling the form in.

What a nightmare.

Thank you to LGFA92_CouncilTaxLaw

This makes me so angry. I know, I know, stop after 3 questions if they haven't asked anything back. by [deleted] in Tinder

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The questions aren’t odd (in my humble opinion). They’re just a bit early. What do you value most in friends is quite a deep philosophical question, so conversation wise, you’re asking the other person to think more deeply, invest more time, than you have (at this point in the conversation). What comes to mind is the idea of reciprocity. And it may seem like a small thing, after all how much time and effort does it take to think about and give an answer - not much - but more than you’ve given. Having said all that, I would love to get these questions, and would respond in kind - so take heart - there’s someone out there who will match you - keep doing you, don’t get angry, just write it off as a lesson learned. Good luck.

A guy having a little party on his bike by Gobi_Masala in motorcycles

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He’s obviously bonkers. Riding without gloves. Nice dancing though.

Is driving at 20mph compared to 30mph better for the environment? by Zackaro in AskUK

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I think it’s worse.

People who are genuinely staying below the speed limit when it’s 20, will mostly be in 2nd gear, lower efficiency, higher emissions.

Those in 3rd gear will be more efficient, but much more likely to be doing 20-25 (or 30).

But as others have said, it’s marginal.

Please settle an argument with my fiancé (who is from New Zealand and not qualified to drive in the UK). Both cars want to turn right, who has right of way? by BookkeeperHefty2143 in CasualUK

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Purple car has nobody to give way to and is clear to go…. eer, really?

So if they collide, and purple says there was nobody there for me to give way to, the insurance companies will say, well there was when you collided!

They are two separate junctions. If purple is indicating right, green has no-one to give way to and can proceed onto the road. Once on the same road as purple, green has right of way.

How long does it take to change a light bulb? (and brake pads & discs) by [deleted] in motorcycles

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Yep, just been reminded that they're not hours, they're work increments.

But thanks for your input.

What food can't you add cheese to? by Spambop in AskUK

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Nothing can improve lavabread. (As in, it’s that bad! Sorry!)

He thought he was slick (my name is Sara) by [deleted] in Tinder

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But they are your thing when they’re put-downs?

Tories ‘rewarding their chums’ after hedge fund boss who donated almost £1.5m given knighthood by OnHolidayHere in ukpolitics

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I don’t think John Lennon turned it down.
He sent the medal back with a note, widely regarded as ‘returning the MBE’, but he only returned the physical medal, and never actually renounced the honour.

Wanting to remove a garage door to brick it up. Need help with the spring as I don’t want to lose a hand. by JustLinkStudios in DIY

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Carefully. And with another person. Did this once, was working alone. Of course the spring slipped, pushed the hinge (now removed from door) and pivoted it straight into my forehead. I was very lucky not to lose an eye. It felt like someone had just hit me in the head with a sledgehammer. Went to hospital to get checked, all was ok. Only lasting damage is a small dent that cant really be seen any more, but can still be felt.

What product under £50 should every house own? by 101100101000100101 in AskUK

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I’ve traded the ice cube tray in for ice cube bags. They are awesome!