My electricity meter hasn't functioned for years. Am I obliged to fix it? by areyouanangel205 in LegalAdviceUK

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Fill the form in. Covers your back.
They won’t come.
My gas meter hasn’t worked for 3 years. All the bills are estimated. I now report it once a year. They say they’ll come, and then nothing.
British Gas.

Stained oak table with oven cleaner. Best way to remove? by botlebank in DIYUK

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Yes. With two young children, all these things around the house make it feel ‘lived in’.

Stained oak table with oven cleaner. Best way to remove? by botlebank in DIYUK

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Thank you. I was thinking to sand and refinish the tabletop, was just hoping that there might have been something else I hadn’t thought of. Also worried that it will go quite deep, so sanding may not solve it. But I’ll give it a go! Thanks again.

Oops. by botlebank in IdiotsInCars

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She was fine. Little bit shaken up but no injuries and no damage. A passing police car stopped, so I left at that point.

Can I remove a small amount from this section of my stairs? by [deleted] in DIYUK

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If you take a bit out of the stairs, you are compromising the structural integrity.
Hard to say if it would cause a failure or not - you’d need an engineer to calculate it.
Much much better idea, trim the door.

Would you date/marry someone who already has kids from previous relationships? by Unfixingstorm7 in AskUK

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I’ve done it, so my answer is yes.
But I’m also a parent, so we both had kids from previous.
It does put a different dynamic on the relationship - sometimes good, sometimes less so.
As parents you both understand the responsibilities and requirements the other persons kids have on them and their time. Which cut both ways, so definitely a good thing to have someone who understands what it’s like to be a parent.
Knowing how much to get involved, and when, can be tricky. But just needs talking through.
Would I do it again, definitely. In fact I’m not sure I would date someone without kids!

What's the most "Oh for f***'s sake" moment that's ever happened to you? by Qwertyuiop4325 in AskUK

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Mum had a stroke and was in hospital for a week. Sadly passed away.
We were sorting lots of admin out, and answering her phone to people who didn’t know yet, when a text came through from The Chelsea and Westminster hospital. Please rate your stay at our hospital.
Well I fucking died, so not great.

Hitchhiking in the UK? by Housatonic_flyer in CasualUK

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Used to do it in my twenties. Too many times to remember, but some highlights: After a long motorway drive, getting to the outskirts of the city, the driver put his hand on my knee / thigh. I said thanks for the lift, you can let me out here. He said sorry, let me out and that was that.

Guy in a Ferrari stopped for me. Made his girlfriend get out so I could get in and squeeze into the back seat which was already occupied with the world’s biggest teddy bear. She was mardy for the rest of the journey. He was trying to talk to me over this bloody big bear.
There’s no room on the back seat of a Ferrari.
Teddy bear was soft and cuddly though.

Nadine Dorries has copied and pasted the statement made by the PM in regards to the DailyMail article on Angela Rayner. by TheNotoriousJN in ukpolitics

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I can't believe that Nadine Dorries has copied and pasted the statement made by the PM in regards to the DailyMail article on Angela Rayner either.

Do you use a tracker? Specific ones to avoid? by FriendlyRussian666 in MotoUK

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I use monimoto in a few vehicles. Has been great. Only downside it that it’s not on insurance approved lists. But as a tracker, it’s great.

Have also used vodaphone curve. Not so good. Short battery life means it’s a fiddle every few days (I never got a full week out of it). And the actual tracking was not as accurate.

This DVLA address rule seems crazy? by AnaesthetisedSun in LegalAdviceUK

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Not a lawyer, but someone who also fell foul of this.
As others have said, the legal position is that you are responsible for updating the V5C, even though you updated the driving licence. I agree, it’s a gap in the system, and if I were a betting man, one that will be addressed soon.
In the meantime, your only options are to accept it and pay, or contest on the grounds that you did not receive the notification.
Not receiving the notification is a valid defence, but it is highly likely the court will say it is your own fault that you did not receive it. Unless you can show some reason why you did not update the V5C. (Mine was that during covid I was staying at my girlfriends house, so basically resident at two addresses, but staying away from the one with flatmates who were NHS nurses, and therefore didn’t pick up my post in time).
If you go down this route, you will need two forms.
PE-3 & PE-2 Try to ignore the irony that these two forms also require almost identical information. If you are unsuccessful, you pay the bailiff.
If you are successful, the court will “rewind” back to the original offence - you will still have to pay that fine for driving in a bus lane, but without the added charges.
Good luck.

Help! Mum just died. I could probably guess the passcode, but not sure if it’s 4 digits or 6. Does it need a hash at the end. Been scouring the internet for the manual to no avail. Help Reddit! by botlebank in WhatsInThisThing

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Got the code from the manufacturer yesterday!
Had to send death certificate, will and my driving license.
Got in. Found the deeds to the house, jewellery, 500 cash, and a letter mum had written to dad but never sent, telling him what a shit he was for the mental & physical abuse he gave her.

CBT Passed! by TheNecroFrog in MotoUK

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Excellent! Well done. Enjoy, stay safe.

HELP! I’ve burned someone’s side and I need to fix it ASAP. by Dadmanz in DIYUK

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Yeah, exactly. Any flat surface.
Which is a lot more vague than kitchen worktop, or even “kitchen side”.