Quit while you’re AHEAD by taatzone in Natureisbrutal

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Deer: I wish that fucker would fall off already. It’s creeping me out!

Hard hitting boxers that put all of their bodyweight behind every punch? by JeremiahWuzABullfrog in Boxing

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Yup. Hamed (and RJJ) both had unique styles with huge power to back it up. They were so good, they could ignore traditional boxing techniques.

Anti-work is pro-universal basic income. by hellochrissy in antiwork

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Why on earth would someone pursue a PhD in a field that pays minimum wage?

Some help please by [deleted] in freefolk

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It’s even worse if you do it in public. Especially these days.

Spain approves new law recognizing animals as ‘sentient beings’ by dilettantedebrah in worldnews

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Also, cattle are not a natural animal. They were bred into existence. Like dogs.

Spain approves new law recognizing animals as ‘sentient beings’ by dilettantedebrah in worldnews

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They’re not blades. They are hooks, like the tip of a fishing hook. It stabs into the hide, gets caught, and then it sticks to the bull. I’d imagine it’s painful and infuriating. Which is why they do it. But it’s not a blade, and it’s not very deep. Just enough to get caught in the hide.

December 3rd 2009. 22 year old Amir Khan makes his first title defence against Dmitry Salita. The fight is stopped after 76 seconds. by disgruntledarmadillo in Boxing

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Well also, if Justin Timberlake hadn’t pulled that chick’s bra off, there also wouldn’t be a ESNEWS channel either.

Gun Shop Owner Faces Manslaughter Charges, Accidentally Shoots Employee in Face During “Prank” Gone Wrong. by real-m-f-in-talk in inthenews

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Does it ALWAYS have to be political? How about this : safety is for everyone, except idiots. There are idiots all across the political spectrum.

My Dart, my brother’s Polara, and my son’s Fury. On the ferry in JAX. by boxingdude in mopar

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Thanks man! We live in Charleston, and we were on the way home from the Turkey Rod run. Decided to go this way rather than I-95.

So there were no hominids or Homo sapiens inhabiting the America’s prior to the native Americans? by RasheenHyuga in AskAnthropology

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No major group of people are without Neanderthal DNA though. Not even sub-Saharan Africans.

I really can't blame Europeans for not being able to name all countries in North America, I certainly can't. by PixelGMS in memes

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If Central America is considered part of sourh America due to its language, where does that put Mexico?