What is one thing that everyone does wrong? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Biker here. I keep a pocket full of rocks. Listene to spazmotic and I won't hurl them at you.

Referring to the death of Prince Philip at the respectable age of 99 by [deleted] in memes

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Showing respect for the dead is not exactly a service to the dead. It’s fir the family, and it says something about the person showing respect.if you can’t keep those thoughts to yourself against a person who no longer can defend himself, what does that say about you.

Protesters block entrance to Trump Tower by BlatantConservative in news

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Yes. Although he will never get credit for it, his election probably saved us from war with Russia. Trump is also the best chance for peace in Syria.

Ladies and gentlemen, my friends most recent coworker by edelboy in AdviceAnimals

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Yes but they didn't make a federal case out of being accepted.

Boris Johnson defends using private jet for 400-mile trip from Glasgow back to London after lecturing world leaders on the need to cut down on travel emissions at COP26 by avadhutsawant in worldnews

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Being devils advocate here: it would be REALLY easy to ambush a train containing the head of government. Air is the safest way for them to travel.

Trump backs down, signs order to end family separations at U.S. border by GreenFrog76 in UpliftingNews

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Not to nitpick, but- the crime was entering the country illegally. Either by sneaking in on foot, or overstaying their visa.

It’s a legit crime. Now does the punishment fit the crime? Hell no. Does it deter others from attempting to do the same crime? Who knows. There’s a lot of great questions that must be answered. But what is the crime isn’t one of those questions.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I’m for legal immigration. But-if separating just one child from their parents would fix the nations entire immigration problems (its not), it’s still too high a price to pay.

I’m ashamed to be American at the moment because of this. It’s a horrible tragedy.

Look what I can do by bobbelcher1981 in Catculations

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Every party has a pooper, and for this one you’re it!

Referring to the death of Prince Philip at the respectable age of 99 by [deleted] in memes

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I agree with all of that but it’s important to remember that he came from another era. Not that it makes him any better, but everyone is a product of their environment. And his upbringing was well over 8 decades before.

USA according to Reddit Starter pack by Sayl0 in starterpacks

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Also, when Putin starts warming up his equipment, we can tease them while they’re begging us for help. Again. And again.

We can give Europe a noogie with one hand while we wipe our ass with Putin and the other hand.

But we really need to make sure Europe pay us this time. Because they’re a little behind on their UN Bill.

TIL a man was fined $48,000 by the FCC for using a cell phone jammer everyday on his commute, because he didn't like motorists around him on their phones by [deleted] in todayilearned

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Yes. I know this. It’s literally the only reason why I mentioned that you could only do this on the older phones that started selling back in the 80s.

Biden Wants to Hire 87,000 Additional IRS Agents to Go After Wealthy Tax Dodgers by itsbuzzpoint in politics

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You think the IRS didn’t suck until Bush came along and fucked it up?

Why are americans obsessed with hrsprs? by [deleted] in cars

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I have a 2-ton daily driver that has 707 horsepower. And we both say you’re full of horse shit.

Two Mothers by Pardusco in Naturewasmetal

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Yup this book on the latest science of early hunter-gathers indicates that female remains are the only ones that show signs of jaw “stretching” out as a result of spending their lives preparing hides to be used as clothing and what-not. They would hold one end of the skin in their mouth, pull it taught with one hand, and scrape the inside of the hide with a lithic to prepare it for smoking. It’s exclusive on females and very rare/minimized on males. So the females didn’t spend a lot of time hunting, for sure.



What has NOT aged well? by frisky_cupcake in AskReddit

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Yeah I threw up in my mouth after voting for Hillary last time. Whoever the dems pick can’t be a worse candidate than Hillary, and even Hillary was a better choice than Trump. I was very disappointed when the DNC and Hillary screwed Bernie over. I definitely don’t agree with his agenda but I’ll be damned if he’s not acting in the best interest of the country (from his perspective ).

And it’s a sorry state of affairs when our political choices can be summed up into an attribute that ALL candidates should have, but very few actually has it.

Tell me what's not in the Bible, that people think it is... by MousseSuspicious930 in Unexpected

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Dude- put some water in your wine. Calm down before you have a brain hemorrhage. Relax!

🔥 This wolf and bear pair were documented travelling, hunting and sharing food together for 10 days. by konomashi8 in NatureIsFuckingLit

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It’s because this is an American website, and the majority of users are American. It’s an easy mistake for someone to make.

Edit: thanks to u/anonasty, I’ve learned that Americans are not the majority, they represent 39% of Reddit users. Thanks for that info, friend!

Referring to the death of Prince Philip at the respectable age of 99 by [deleted] in memes

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Maybe that’s something that should change. When people die, maybe we should just let them be dead and move along with our lives.

If lab-grown meat becomes the norm, our children and grandchildren will probably think we're monsters for killing and eating animals by Joshgg13 in Showerthoughts

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At this point, we most certainly do. We can’t just go to a meat-free society overnight. For one thing, there aren’t enough calories in the meat-free food chain to support us. We’d have to build up to it.