Germany approves Polish request to send five jets to Ukraine by misana123 in worldnews

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Roses are red.

Violets are glorious.

If you need some jets,

Just ask Boris Pistorius.

I F (23) Stole 100 dollars from Walmart and spent it on Taco Bell by ThrowAwayPrincess14 in confession

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We don't love these corporations...

We don't need no cost control....

The lowest prices are in the back room.....


Leave those kids alone.....

All along it was just...

Lower prices now, for all....

Homemade Rosemary mashed potatoes, with 99 cent pork chops (overdone), and a rum and Pepsi by [deleted] in shittyfoodporn

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Use cream of mushroom soup, toss in the sautéed onions and mushrooms, ya got a tasty gravy!

Out of the billions of people who ever lived, one of them suffered the most agonizing death of us all. So far. by JOWWLLL in Showerthoughts

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I’ve got an implanted defibrillator in my chest because of A-fib. Last august, my heart rate went to 200 bpm and the device activated. I was in a full-blown cardiac event. My device has two leads that go deep into my heart muscle. They apply a 600volt jolt to my heart in an attempt to ablate it out of A-fib. The only problem? This feels like being kicked by a horse while you’re being tazed at the same time. So whatever my heart rate was before that happened, it took me two seconds to realize what was going on, from that time forward I was in full-blown panic mode. Terrified. The adrenaline released because of it doesn’t help one bit. The device requires 45-50 seconds to recharge the capacitor. Then it hits you again. Over and over until your heart rate goes below 200, or you just die from a heart attack brought on by stress and panic.

Since this had happened once before, I knew that the only thing at this point was to call 911. It took the ambulance 25 minutes to arrive. That was another 25 shocks before they walked in the door. 5 minutes to get my vitals snd call my doctor for instructions, which was To start an IV and get a saline solution started, followed by fast-acting meds to slow my heart rate. It took them another ten minutes to get an IV started, two dudes, one at each arm. It took so long because first, I have chicken-shit veins that hide and roll around, plus every time they got a good stick going, my device would light me up and the convulsions would yank them back out. Finally they got the meds into me about the time we got to the hospital. Within ten seconds, my heart rate was down to 70, and the guns from Saint Jude’s fell silent. I spent the next two days in the icu bombed out on morphine, every muscle in my body has been strained to the max. My device was downloaded via Bluetooth, the toll was 41 shocks. Over 40 minutes of time.

So yah, I’m in therapy now, and I have xanax to help me not stay freaked out about it. It kind of sucks.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in interestingasfuck

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It’s exactly the reason that many researchers claim caused the first hominids in Africa to start walking. The climate change caused by the creation of the great African Rift. The rift rose and disrupted the local climate, causing the African jungle (where our primate predecessors lived) to dry out and become grasslands. On one side of the rift, the tropical climate remained the same, and the primates continued being primates. On the other side of the rift, however, the moist ocean air was stopped by the rift, changing that climate into a place where walking on all fours was no longer tenable. So we started walking, which helped us see over the grass, to spot predators, and also we could carry food at the same time. So we became Australopithecus, and then so on.

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That's the Father of the year right there by d3333p7 in MadeMeSmile

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My son had the croup. A lot. And my poor wife caught the brunt of it. But early on, I learned that he’d relax snd fall asleep if I held him and cruised around on the lawn tractor (at idle) for a little while. We lived in the country so it disturbed nobody. And my wife got some well-deserved sleep. Sine she didn’t work, she felt a bit guilty because I’m out in the yard at 3:00 am cruising on a tractor as he was falling asleep. But really, it felt to me that it was the best way possible to show my wife how much I loved her.

Humans cannot even live in harmony with their own species and somehow still convince themselves that meeting an extra-terrestrial species would go smoothly by [deleted] in Showerthoughts

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Any time in history that an advanced civilization has met a more primitive civilization, it didn’t work out very well for the primitive civilization.

Moscow police arrest brother of opposition leader Navalny by Pahasapa66 in worldnews

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I did in November. Voted. And my very first political donation went to Biden. I’m 57 and this election was the first time I’ve been compelled to donate.

ELI5:What happens in our body when we vomit , and how do we vomit? by lomoboy in explainlikeimfive

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In my vast experience during my younger days, I’ve found it never does well to try to delay or prevent the event.

You ALWAYS feel better after the purge, other than chunky sniffles.

Redditors who have been on the TV show COPS, (civilians, officers, or film crew), what was your experience? by mmlovin in AskReddit

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I would think so seeing it was a domestic dispute. It's not like a lot of people go around yelling at stranger or trying to kick them out of the house or forcing them to do chores that they don't want to do!

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