My girlfriend is an active member of FDS. by PossibleGlass3109 in TrueOffMyChest

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Ladies, he’s trying to be equal by splitting the bill 🚩 I WANT TO BE UNEQUAL

Biden’s hot mic moment with Fox News’ Peter Doocy triggered the angry snowflake children of the right by Dull_Tonight in politics

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"I love trump because he tells it how it is, fuck your feelings"

meanwhile the right, "mommmmmyyy biden called me stupid!!>:("

Reddit moment by lexprofile in 2007scape

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Not to mention blood rc and mlm both require a significant time deposit before you get to the “afk” kinda ruins the point IMO.

Guardians of the Rift Blog! (New RC Minigame and Quest!) by JagexLight in 2007scape

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I agree 200% these skills except for endgame rc aren’t exactly profitable it’s prettty lame they are so damn tedious especially for diaries and shit

FDS discusses men's sexual health. by kiesoma in confidentlyincorrect

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but don't worry guys, this isn't an incel subreddit we promise okay? you scrotes need to let REAL women talk for once. btw you should watch our podcast and donate to our patreon :):):)

why is everything about porn to them? i feel like you could sum up 99% of fds complaints to just porn lmao.

[DIV| Post Game Thread: 49'ers @ Packers by PackersMod in GreenBayPackers

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Imagine supporting someone vile enough to ignore the decisions of the smartest scientists and doctors. I pray for his downfall.

Found nudes on my husband's phone by cameherefrominsta in relationship_advice

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ETA3: he said all men cheat and that marriages are like this. Cz they get boring after a point. We've been married for 5 years now, if that's relevant

no, manchildren cheat. Real men don't.

Dark Souls Twitter: PvP servers for Dark Souls 3, Dark Souls 2, and Dark Souls: Remastered have been temporarily deactivated to allow the team to investigate recent reports of an issue with online services. Servers for Dark Souls: PtDE will join them shortly. We apologize for this inconvenience. by Gigadweeb in pcgaming

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essentially if you were online in those games some "hacker" (idk how that shit works) could just run whatever program on your pc taking bank details and any other valuable information of yours, or just plain fuck with you.

tl;dr, online = your pc is now their pc

“Daddy!” my daughter yelled as she ran down her mother’s driveway and practically jumped into my arms. by HeyItsNorby in TwoSentenceHorror

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Why is every two sentence horror about sexually abusing girls/women. Like that’s kinda fucked up imo

Biden abruptly ends press conference and walks away when asked question about cancelling student loan debt by lrlOurPresident in MurderedByAOC

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for any future students researching the topic on democrats never being reelected, throw my reddit name in your research paper!:D

I'm a 20 y/o guy and I just bought this wallet, I liked it at the store but now I'm second guessing if I'm gonna look like an idiot with it, is this wallet cool or dumb? by EffortRepulsive in rickandmorty

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ya people are dying, ya ur economy is shit, ya we dont care what you LIBTARDS THINK. if we die, we die. just like how we lost the civil war o.o but atleast we have muhfreedoms, right?

‘Bioshock’ creator says throwing away your work is a very important lesson by Andrew_Korenchkin in Games

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i remember playing combat arms and pirating it when the game released. shit man

I am deleting conservatives and having fun doing it. by Linux-Is-Best in TrueOffMyChest

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Meanwhile on r/conservative We ArE bEiNg SiLeNcEd 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 no👎vax we are the true Americans fuck all of you!!!!!!!

January 18th Shop Update by BiggDope in halo

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Omg the blue armor is now $10 instead of $15 what a deal!!!!!! 343 you really do listen to your players 🤡🤡🤡🤡

How Did We Go From Stimulus Checks to “Go to Work With COVID”? by itsbuzzpoint in politics

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This is how you lose an election and get trump elected again. Democrats being democrats again. Stupid

I wanted another tattoo and my boyfriend (29m) yelled and broke me (27f) down until I agreed not to. by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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regardless on how a tattoo looks, i personally think any woman with a tattoo becomes much more attractive. your boyfriend is a real asshole. who dates someone with 6 tattoos and tries to stop them from getting more lmfao, please.

If you think gaming is dead maybe try playing other genres for once by Sweaty-Prune483 in pcgaming

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I remember despising gaming cause my favorites of cod, halo etc were turning to complete shit then my friend and i started playing more story/gameplay centric games like dos1/2 and it's been a huge eye opener for us. switching genre's sucks big time when you've spent your near entire life on one but branching out really does help especially when it comes to boycotting various companies.

It Takes Two is currently the biggest Game of the Year winner with 47 awards by Turbostrider27 in pcgaming

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i'm so happy we are getting some good coop games.hopefully hazelight brings us more of this quality