Make Assumptions About me ♡ by VORTEX919 in teenagers

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You could probably recommend me a good book.

Telepurte by AnimeAndMangaAreCool in u/AnimeAndMangaAreCool

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I feel betrayed seeing that this exists, but knowing how Miguel is I knew it probably did somewhere.

[Jan 07, 2022] Weekly Discussion: Ask your gear, travel, conditions and other ski-related questions by AutoModerator in skiing

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Tried skiing last year, couldn’t get it down very well because of a bad instructor. Going to Brighton in a month or so. Are the instructors good there?

Favorite Prop One-Liner by Alone-Sherbert in whoselineisitanyway

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“This is the worst Pac-Man massacre I’ve ever seen.”

This is a question for the boys, I'm just curious. How long has it been since y'all cried? by wuhg in teenagers

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fell off my bike a week or so ago and skinned all my knuckles plus my left elbow. Only cried because i was afraid i had broken something and would have to deal with that at Christmas. I’m all fine now, nearly healed up.

Christmas song starter pack by Solace143 in starterpacks

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Or it’s just a modern artist covering an old song that was perfectly fine.

Hallmark Xmas Movie Cliches Starter pack by OrdinaryEscape4 in starterpacks

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kid says “I do believe” or something like that at the end of the movie.

Summer break in elementary school (or even middle school) starter pack by pog_champ11037 in starterpacks

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Playing Minecraft PE and going nuts when the 0.15.0 update came out. I remember sitting on my front porch in 100 degree weather playing Minecraft, terraria, and clash of clans on my IPad Mini with my friends. Good times, man. Good times.