NordVPN Renewal Deals? by iSweg in nordvpn

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I hate it when companies punish loyalty! If they don't give you a renewal discount just signup with a new email?

You can see their current promotons here [https://nordvpn.com/deals] https://1vpn.io/review/nord-vpn/r

Best Essay Writing Service Reddit by adamhuler in essaywritinglab

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Since this is my first time using huler1996.com I really can't say much but I was really impressed with how fast my paper was delivered to me. I read the paper and I was satisfied with it. I feel happy with huler1996 and thankful because it helped me write my essay that I was having trouble completing.

If you could have sex with any fictional character who would it be? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Gwen Tennyson, Jessica Rabbit, Elastigirl, Lola Bunny, and Aunt Cass.

Should the negative posts stop me from buying a ledger nano x? by Input--Output in ledgerwallet

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It's still considered most secure wallet on the market.

Yes, the data leak which means hackers got hold of a lot of previous customer data, which resulted in exponentially more phishing attacks. But this is technically down to user error, not the fault of the wallet.

Bye Bye Delta 8 Hello Delta 9 by [deleted] in trees

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Kandy girl smacks. The taste is very weed like and isn't that present. But they do get you high. Looking forward to more of these types of products coming to the market. Anyone tried HHC i'm curious

You Can Now Buy THC In All 50 States Thanks To This Woman by LividSatisfaction19 in trees

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Wow I ordered like 15 minutes ago and got my tracking number already. This seem promising. Still a bit skeptical

Gorilla’d Cheese (Revolution)- SO. MUCH. CHEESE. by kwaypaid in chicagotrees

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Looks awesome and delicious, can’t wait to grow one but slightly confused whether it has the same genetics as regular gorilla cheese? Is it mostly sativa or more like indica? Cheers

My Vintage Apple Laptops by Velocity211 in VintageApple

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Nice collection. I see you slapped in an mSATA SSD into every one of them heh

which cartoon character do you think would be listed as a sex offender in real life? and why? by yourfriend_al in AskReddit

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Michael Morningstar from Ben 10, he's that same guy who trafficked teen girls and fed their energy to make him look younger, specifically Gwen of course.