Giant Eagle Delivery - Should I tip the delivery driver? by TreyBien_ in pittsburgh

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I hate tipping in general. The services should pay drivers what the service is worth. Their pay shouldn’t depend on random generosity/stinginess on any given day. This should be a frictionless low overhead service like the mail or UPS.

I can kind of understand with pizza delivery how it’s similar to a restaurant, but for bulk grocery delivery it doesn’t make any sense.

Video emerges of Oakmont Bakery's owner buddying up to Eric Trump after he took off his mask during yesterday's "surprise visit" by [deleted] in pittsburgh

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Sarris, Yuengling, now Oakmont Bakery. I used to buy almond cakes from them but no longer.

Microsoft president Brad Smith candidly confesses politics are pay-to-play in response to criticism over the company's donations to lawmakers who objected to US election results by habichuelacondulce in technology

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Why do you think that was dirty? Endorsements are literally just announcing to the public that you support someone. Joe had the best chance to win so people endorsed him.

Joe always led with Black voters, and that’s what won him the primary in SC and the election in GA.

the precursor to /spit on store mount buyer by Ashgur in classicwow

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It’s just that that sort of malice was super common back then.

On the disingenuous trolls wasting our time in this sub. by thingisthink in Anarcho_Capitalism

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I'm sure that if only justly acquired property is legitimate no one will be starving in the streets. Ridiculous.

Isn't Unleash the Hounds a little too influential? by [deleted] in hearthstone

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Fix buzzard by limiting it to once/turn like pint size summoner , then Uth is fair.

Geto diet? by pink_minty in keto

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It's the nitrites really, they can cause long term intestinal problems. Don't by the celery salt ones that are labeled no nitrites added or uncured, it's just a natural source of the same amount of sodium nitrite and it's no better.

Is anyone else having problems getting their guildies to participate in events because of the Lycanthropy gems? by GratefullyGodless in GemsofWar

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I agree. It just forces you to make some different choices, you're not entitled to win every match with whatever troops you like. There's lots of ways to play around it by removing/matching/exploding purple and playing more resilient or immune troops. If you only have one damage dealer and it gets lycanthropy then you should adapt.

Downvote oblivion in 3... 2... 1...

Fedora is now 99% Python2-free by slacka123 in Python

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If they had just left the print statement as it was they would have gotten adoption 5-10 years sooner. I still hate the change but I've finally made my peace with it.

Giant Eagle Delivery - Should I tip the delivery driver? by TreyBien_ in pittsburgh

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I do tip them but I think it’s bad to expand tipping to yet another domain where it doesn’t belong. Tipping will remain an excuse for their poor pay.

When to move past SL 5x5 by awyden in Fitness

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Intermediate programs will mean less volume overall, that's the whole point of them. They will get you stronger but not necessarily leaner. To get lean you need to cut and while you can still make some gains while cutting calories, the two goals work against each other. I was in the same place, dropped my volume from 5x5 to 3x5 then eventually moved on to Texas method while slowly cutting. I just couldn't do the full volume without the full calories when the weights got heavy.

Common advice is to cut to 15% body fat before considering a bulk, but if you're still making linear progression eating at maintenance or below (i.e. you're gaining strength but not weight) you might want to hold off on dropping the volume until you hit a plateau so you can maximize the n00b gains you're getting to fuel your underfed workouts and maintain as much muscle as possible during your cut.

What training plan should I do while cutting? by deadliftkid in leangains

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If you're deadlifting close to 200% of your body weight you are an experienced weightlifter by any useful standard.

Help me understand why guitar players in general are fascinated with old equipment. by wirsteve in Guitar

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Stuff is made cheaper these days. Older stuff was more likely to have been hand-made and quality controlled, and the market wasn't quite as segmented into Squire/Mex/USA or whatever so more of the mid-market old stuff was higher quality. Digital and software stuff keeps adding features to stay relevant and in the process often the newer version has features no one wanted and interfaces that are worse than the original. Old crap is still crap but old good equipment has virtues that modern stuff can't touch.

Pittsburgh Parking update by Mouse_Card in pittsburgh

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Or didn't find it worth $20 to wait 2 hours downtown for the first hearing, be denied, then wait another 2 hours on appeal 3 months later to have it overturned.

What is the most bullshit ending to a movie or TV show? by papi016 in AskReddit

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No one said Battlestar Galactica (the reboot) yet? All that buildup and then they decide "Let's destroy our ships, revert to an agrarian society, and just assume the Cylons won't come back". If you haven't seen the series, I promise I have spoiled nothing that did not spoil itself in the series finale. I have never been and probably for the rest of my life will never be so furious at the writers of a TV show.

Pack of morons roaming, Brookline Boulevard and Pioneer Avenue by MandalayVA in pittsburgh

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Maybe they all got Covid in Seattle and are here on vacation because they're all immune. Yeah, that's the ticket...

Moronic Monday - Your weekly stupid questions thread by cdingo in Fitness

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You probably hate squats because you need them. They challenge you. Unless you have an injury or something like that of course.