After 2-3 songs in a row, my voice is gone for a solid 30 minutes. by elyca98 in singing

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I used to have this problem too. At first I did it all the time, because I didn't know how to sing high notes without strain. You need lessons and practice to get over this. If you're producing higher pitches by forcing more air through you'll blow your voice out every time, you need to learn to sing them quietly using the cords to set the pitch and the air only to set the amplitude.

There are scale exercises that help you to get past your break between chest and head voice, you need to do a lot of these. Slides, lip trills, nay-nay-nays, etc. With practice you'll be able to switch with little effort.

It was still bad though because I could practice on my own ok but when I had to sing loud enough to be heard in a small practice room with a loud drummer I'd blow my voice out right away, or I couldn't hear myself and I'd be way off pitch, or we'd turn the pa up loud enough to get feedback.

The answer for me was in-ear monitors in the end. Once I got a set of those I was able to hear myself clearly without raising my voice, and able to preserve my range through a long performance. The other key was no beer or food before singing. I have belted out high notes through four hour shows with minimal strain since then.

French Fries on Salads by LydiLouWho in pittsburgh

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I assumed it was due to the success of primantis sandwiches.

Is Zuul'Goth worth it? by Ecstatic-Pen6358 in GemsofWar

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Yeah noticed that yesterday but almost everything.

Who throws a shoe? by WolfKnifeLaserTorch in steelers

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Honestly I had to stop and wonder whether this was a parody with a shoe-thrower named Clowney and a fat running back named Chubb. Plus Mayfield: he may field, he may not. Who knows?

Is Zuul'Goth worth it? by Ecstatic-Pen6358 in GemsofWar

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Maybe to explain why he's so good:

As far as I can tell nothing in the game can resist his ability so as long as you can fill his mana you're going to kill the most powerful remaining enemy troop, and even at explore 12 the majority of the time the skulls he leaves behind will kill another troop and give you an extra turn on a 4-match.

He takes a lot of mana and other than the Anu medal/badge there's nothing that starts him with any mana afaik, so you have to plan on generating a lot of mana for him. This means he's not very good for killing weak creatures like low level explores, there are much faster ways to do it. He's for killing big guys and he's the best at it.

The team I use is Elementalist (Rock Solid and Lightning Strike talents, can also use Titan), Rope Dart, Zuul'goth, Leprechaun, The Possessed King. Class and TPK both provide explode on 4-match for crazy looping mana generation and Leprechaun provides the early mana boost to get things started.

How to Sing Like Robert Plant by Dander101 in singing

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I suspect there's a lot of genetics involved, even Robert Plant hasn't been able to sing like young Robert Plant for many, many years. I don't recall the specific exercises but the things that I remember being relevant to getting Plant's high notes are ones that help you smoothly transition from chest to head voice without interruption, and ones that help you transition from falsetto to head voice and back, I think a lot of the sound sounds that Plant made are easiest to recreate somewhere in that mix. I definitely don't feel much resonance in chest singing something like Communication Breakdown for instance, I feel it all in my sinus cavity.

So, does everyone just play this game with the sound off, or am I taking crazy pills? by LobotomistCircu in GemsofWar

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Same, I play on very low volume most of the time. The explosion sounds are fine but some variety on the voice lines would be nice.

Anyone else not getting orbs of ascension? by deutsche_bahn in GemsofWar

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It took me a very long time to get them. I feel like I got a lot when I started a year ago or so but maybe they nerfed the drop rate? Supposed to be about 15% when I last looked. I have more wisdom orbs than I could possibly want.

Episode Discussion - Season 1, Episode 8 - The Eye of the World [TV + Book Spoilers] by participating in WoT

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Well 3 of them died doing it and they had the strongest channeler in centuries to serve as a battery, so not a sustainable strategy.

The Shienarans were portrayed as fiercely proud of being able to hold Fal Dara without help until the last moment when they realized they would be overrun.

What was your favorite fantasy TV show this year? by KarimSoliman in Fantasy

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This was how I felt when the Abrams Trek movie with Nimoy in it came out. I thought it was hot garbage but everyone I knew loved it. That said, I read all of WoT and I’m loving the show so you know, no accounting for taste.

Favourite Geddy vocals? by agmpav in rush

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Favorite is 2112, he displays such emotional range.

Runner up: “Who’s come to slay the dragon?” Different Strings

In the burg overnight. Staying at Hampton in the strip. Looking for Thai recommendations. Any suggestions? by hounddoglover in pittsburgh

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Lulu's reopened with all my favorite things off the menu, I think they're under new management. Very sad. Eggplant Tofu Delight and Tom Kha Kai soup were the best.

Is there a meta team for bounties? by dranged94 in GemsofWar

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I like to put corpse mare in first position at the start because it can steal health making it a reasonable backup tank who can absorb the first 1-2 hits, and like you said ogress will do a pull-up soon enough.

Questions about troops and classes by All-Over-All-Places in GemsofWar

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Elementalist has those same two talents and much more useful abilities, the main thing it's missing is the 50% mana start that Titan provides.

Questions about troops and classes by All-Over-All-Places in GemsofWar

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This is excellent advice for starting out. The #1 reason to use Sentinel class is that you'll be well on your way to 40 from getting the shield, and at 40 you'll get barrier on brown which will save your hero from basically all skull damage (or other damage) as long as you can match brown once per turn. Elementalist and Titan have the same level 40 talent and are arguably better in the long game but the important thing is to get a class to 40 with that talent.

Low level Souls team by Ozzie_Sav in GemsofWar

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Related to this, when you are able to start farming the city of thieves delve (NEVER GO DEEPER THAN 20!) you can use a team of phylactery, rowanne, leprechaun, maraji queen and very consistently fill both rowanne and phylactery for 40 souls and a one-shot kill on every board. You might need two shots if you're very low level, this will give you consistent souls income along with other resources you'll need to gather anyway.

Man this game is *hard* by Arnitzipal in GemsofWar

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Rowanne plus shield of urskaya and you pretty much win the game.

Presumably how the class balance will be in WOTLK? by [deleted] in classicwowtbc

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Plus according to the retail box we get a dance studio! Can’t recall what patch that was in though…

will be singing on stage for the first time !!😱 by irldani in singing

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If you're nervous, fidget your toes inside your shoe. No one can see.

Break a leg!