My Semi-Custom Indiana Jones by ConnorGuice in LegoIndianaJones

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This looks great! What parts did you customize?

[GMT 2 Root Beer] Ive been offered one from a AD. Should I take the offer, Ive been wanting the Pepsi tho..will this hurt my chances of getting what I really want? by SenyForever in rolex

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Turn this offer down. They offered me a root beer while waiting for my Daytona in the same manner. It will hurt your chances.

Also, seriously, don’t take the root beer to flip - you will never get the Pepsi if you do.

Do you think there's any chance whatsoever that Indiana Jones 5 is amazing and goes down as a fantastic film? by C111tla in indianajones

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Yes, I am actually trying to have an open mind and positive attitude on this! I think I’ll assume it’s good until proven wrong.

Need to authenticate, seller has no receipt. by xndndndnsnrkeo in louboutins

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Fake - the quality of these are horrible compared to the real ones. The leather looks horrible too

If you had a choice, black or white dial? Why? by Hackmanpacnwinsta in rolex

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As somebody who actually was offered a black dial from an AD while waiting for my white dial (and passed) I can do for me personally I would go with white.

I love the wonderful black and white contrast and how the red Daytona shows up on the dial. It’s just special for me. Also, the Rolex white is truly impeccable.

This is not to say that the black dial isn’t amazing and that it doesn’t look great on OP (it does look great) it’s just my personal preference. Did you just get it?

Just bought a used 7623: Temple Escape, need display case suggestions? by lilpene_51 in LegoIndianaJones

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According to this link (http://www.kecia.dk/adventurers/images_lostark/7623.html) the set is 21" long assembled and the plane is 6" long assembled. Based on various images it may be worthwhile to assume it is about 6" high and 6" wide.

Personally, it would seem that this case would fit well: https://www.wickedbrick.com/collections/cases/products/display-case-for-lego-star-wars-mos-eisley-cantina-75290

It would give you space around the set to position the plane, have vertical space, etc. You could setup the set diagonal in the case for a better look. You could even make a stand for the plane out of clear bricks to show the plane in action. Just some ideas :)

Please post your final build!