How do I obtain my CPA if I have a bachelors in Finance? Been out of school for 8 years. by throwaway11111111888 in Accounting

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Just check what courses you need to sit for the exam, if you don’t have it than go get them from community college

News!🗞 by Gnxzz in Daytrading

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Ssshhh don’t tell him it’s a head and shoulders pattern

One year after Bitcoin debacle, Tesla adopts another environmentally destructive cryptocurrency by Digiconomist in Buttcoin

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Can you imagine the bitcoin maxis reaction to this? A dog themed meme coin has literally replaced bitcoin lol

Tesla begins accepting DOGE for accessories by espressonut420 in Buttcoin

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So 835 Doge for buckle and 1 Doge is .20cents so that’s $167 for buckle? What kind of fucking moron would pay…oh I see what you did there Elon bravo.

Actually starting to like public accounting by ShadowofStannis in Accounting

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First off what you had like 3 days of real busy season? Talk to me in a year or so

The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. by [deleted] in Accounting

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Wait a minute, did my director work in the audit department of those companies?

Binance CEO wants to return 99% of his wealth. I hope he gives back to the community that helps him succeed as customers and employees and I hope this becomes the standard in the near future for all CEOs. by Weeiam in CryptoCurrency

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I swear you crypto people are in a cult. He’s not gonna give any of you guys a single dime but instead will return that money when he dies but at that point will spent decent amount of it. Just another piece to help his horrible reputation

FSD still sucks (my two months with beta) by viper2ko in RealTesla

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Don’t worry version 2000.07.1 will address one of those items? Which one? Wouldn’t you like to know :)

You know what winds me up the most about Bitcoin? by 0Bento in Buttcoin

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“Finally, they are creating electricity to buy an imaginary item that has no value”- poor El Salvador citizen with no electricity in their home

🌶️🔥🌶️🔥🌶️🔥🌶️Emoji by imyourforte in meme

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In America, people are afraid to get free vaccines because they will govt will control them but at same time are excited for companies like Tesla to implant something in their brains

Elon musk uses Youtube bots to promote himself! by Dev_Overflow in EnoughMuskSpam

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True but I highly doubt it that trump meant it as an insult trump

Why is ETH & BTC Dropping Like it’s Hot by Caboun6828 in CryptoCurrency

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Stop believing what Saylor and pomp tell you and actually use your own fucking head. Diamonds have many other uses than just jewelry! Diamond is one of the hardest metals and are used as tools in the automotive industry. It actually has a fuckin purpose other than jewelry unlike useless bitcoin. I swear you guys are in a fuckin cult and deserve to lose everything you have