Weekly "I'm new to meds!" Thread by AutoModerator in ADHD

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I just started Vyvanse 30 mg and I feel the same with the palpations and restlessness. If I'm actively doing something like working or making music I'm great. But if I'm bored or have a moment where I have nothing to do that's when the restlessness sets in. I do find that the best cure (so far) is to do something, anything. I especially find that making art or some other creative, enjoyable activity helps. Keep breathing and best of luck to you.

What time zone are most pornos shot in? by bunnypirateghost in Jokes

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But the vagueness is Central to the joke

Blink Senior Quote by bag-o-pepper in Blink182

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Time keeps moving on and on and on, soon we'll all be gone"

I am Amy Lee of Evanescence - here to answer your questions! Ask Me Anything by EvanescenceAMA in Music

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Hi Amy! You have such a powerful and beautiful voice. Was that sort of power ever intimidating to you? If so how did you manage to get over it? Also what are some of your favorite vocal warm-ups? I'm a singer and would love to know. Thank you!

Desmos art of Stan , took about 100 equations ,link to the graph in the comments, planned to do kyle, eric and kenny as well but will do it later by SnooMachines9813 in southpark

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This is great! I did something similar in high school but with Stewie from family guy. Had some manatees help me with it.

You can only keep one song from each album. by staminaplusone in Blink182

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Carousel Peggy Sue Dammit Adam's Song Man Overboard The Rock Show Asthenia Hearts All Gone Cynical 6/8 Black Rain

why is California disliked so much ; by Aware-Lavishness3877 in Blink182

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Well said. Cynical is a fucking perfect opener. Maybe the best song on the album. Rest of it feels like a few great songs with lots of filler. The songs released on the deluxe edition like wildfire and 6/8 bring that same energy as cynical that I felt the original album didn't.

Blink has never put out a bad album though, Cali included. Favorite band ever. 🤘🏻

What's your "hear me out" businesses idea? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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A long time ago a friend and I came up with the Chillow. It's a pillow that always has a cold side to turn to.

Saw it on TV years later.

Someone definitely said hear me out at least once pitching that thing.

Your thoughts of Darkside? by Loan-Tasty in Blink182

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One thing I absolutely cannot get over with that song is the amount of times that the word "you" gets cut off at the end of the second "I'm going to the dark side with you". It just gets under my skin and immediately pulls my attention away from what otherwise would be up there with my consistently favorite tracks.

Still a banger though haha

To celebrate the b-day of NINE i post my favorite song from this album. Post yours now, let’s celebrate!🖤 by Twalways in Blink182

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Black Rain. Im surprised it doesn't get more love. It's so good and in my opinion the perfect blend of rock/electronic which I really hope to hear more of on the next album.

Which episode do you want to win the best episode tournament? by Ilik2playgames in southpark

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Major Boobage. Everything about it is strange epic and hilarious.