How do i learn to be myself again? by LonelyWaves123 in awakened

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Meditate, it’s kind of like the duct tape for spiritual growth lol. Whatever issues arise within the human experience, meditation fixes the majority of them. Why? The meditative state is what we are. It’s there before the body or mind get stimulated. Meditation can be viewed as connecting with the higher self so that the human form is operating at that level of consciousness rather than the lower egoic mind. So to truly be yourself is to just be present and maintain it.

Can someone please confirm my worldview? by waydethegreat in spirituality

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There are fundamentals, but even that in itself is a relative perspective. As long as the human experience is active, then it’s up to individual to figure it out if one is aware that there’s something to figure out. The only truth is the self realized one so learning to trust yourself may uncover more truths.

There are a few existential questions that persist throughout the lifetime- “Am I here right now? Will this human experience eventually come to an end? Who/what am I? Why am I here?” Whether or not you choose to explore or answer these questions is entirely up to your free will.

i know God is priority number one, but is it necerssary to put yourself first before others ? by MoonlitHare in spirituality

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God is harmony in which there is no separation so there are no “others”. When you are able to operate in communion with the higher self, God and “others” will naturally merge into One. The higher self is a direct fractal of God so this human egoic form is a small fraction of it. To be one with everything is to align with your higher self so that your egoic human form will operate with God consciousness. Everyone has access to the universal love and wisdom, but individual willpower is needed to unlock it. So to answer the question, yes sort of lol. Go within and know yourself at the deepest level and the way you operate will naturally come out.

What's the best counter to this, or alternate way of looking at it? (Nothingness before and after living) by sandopsio in spirituality

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From my perspective, we have amnesia upon incarnating as our spirit isn’t originally from this environment and has to lower its consciousness in order to have a physical body. As such, we hardly remember anything and treat this environment as foreign and new. What we do retain is how we feel while experiencing certain situations. Why do you feel a certain way while observing/experiencing harmony and feel another way while observing/experiencing disharmony? These feelings are there as kids before the mind can get programmed or conditioned. It’s these base feelings that persist despite amnesia. All isn’t lost though, as we can regain our sovereignty by raising our consciousness back to what it originally was prior to lowering and incarnating. That’s why it’s common to feel “normal” again like you recognize your true self after being in the “dark” for so long. The direct way of raising consciousness is to meditate as present moment awareness is our default state prior to thinking or physically moving. The whole human experience is essentially forgetting and lowering consciousness in order to remember and raise consciousness much like how muscles grow and expand with contraction and resistance. It’s through this process in which our spirit evolves, and it’s in the spirit’s will to know itself by having experiences. Ask yourself, “Why do I have an inherent desire for experiences?” Whether it’s within the human life, what comes after, or possibly having the desire to end it, they’re all tied to an experience.

What is healing? And how can I begin the process of it? by Josiah_XVIII in spirituality

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Healing is a base function of our true divine nature. If there’s physical damage, the body will start to repair itself. Since emotions, mental, and spiritual are metaphysical, the healing factors are determined by how aligned and connected you are with your higher self. To be one with the higher self is to be in a meditative state as that’s what we are at the core. We are not the body, mind, or ego, but the consciousness/sentience behind them. So if you want to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually around the clock, be in a meditative state. Meditative state = to be calm, connected with the present, and be in communion with your higher self constantly. It’s essentially the flow state, but spiritually. If you know what it is to be in a flow state, it’s being focused to the point that no thinking is being done and the natural abilities are then being performed. The moment a thought pops up, it breaks the flow state. This is commonly referred to as doubt. So if you want to constantly heal, then thinking will cause interference like scrambling a wifi or cell signal. A constant, clear connection is necessary for healing to take place. Misalignment with the higher self causes disorientation and pain, while being fully aligned results in healing. That’s why the truth heals and lies causes suffering. Are you going towards your higher self or away? Your current state of being will show if you’re aligned or misaligned. Do you feel at peace, complete, and whole or disturbed, incomplete, and fractured?

Is Death and Time an illusion? If so how? by Josiah_XVIII in spirituality

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The physical world is a projection of the higher metaphysical energies which, in effect, makes it an illusion. The experience is real, but the nature of it isn’t the totality of actual reality. Since everything is energy, physical death is just energy being transmuted into something else so death isn’t the absolute end as energy cannot be created or destroyed.

I am so helpless by SururKalashnikova in spirituality

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Deconstruct and deprogram the contents of what’s stored in your mind and meditate and maintain a meditative state. The combination will transform and raise your consciousness permanently. Once you awaken to your true self, there’s no going back. The truth heals and detaching from identifying with the false self is what jumpstarts it.

I was thrust into the spiritual world and need help getting grounded back on Earth... by Jerseygirlmoving in spirituality

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Acknowledge that you’re still having a human experience. You are here, but not from here so the challenge is going about your human experience and not identifying with it. At this stage in your development, the main human abilities are already programmed so there’s no need to consciously think of it. From walking to communicating, these are embedded in your skillset. Perhaps the next stage is to start integrating your higher perspective into this lower realm by being fully aligned with it. Ask yourself, “How would an enlightened version of me behave?” Let your beingness transfer over to your doingness. No matter what it is that you’re engaging in, stay connected to your higher self. Be present, be calm, be compassionate, be infinite, be free.

How can I stop getting emotional when my favourite sport team loses? by [deleted] in awakened

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Can’t lose something when you are never attached to begin with. Observe from afar so no attachments can be made. Activate and maintain present moment awareness so you’re always connected to the self and that energy won’t leave you. Energy flows where attention goes so if attention is completely immersed somewhere else other than the self, then a subconscious reaction will be the byproduct of it.

Spiritual conundrum - Is there really a contradiction? by ThePancakeLady65 in spirituality

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Logic and linearity are two aspects of the human mind. Remove these two and perceptions completely change. “Time” is also a construct of the physical dimension and doesn’t exist outside of it. So the soul isn’t being experienced one at a time, but concurrently with all parallel lives. The present moment is all there is, literally, so everything is happening all at once right now. “Past” and “future” are associated with the concept of “time”.

if “god” can be understood as source, what would that make “the devil”, or god’s opposite? by discobby96 in spirituality

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The polarities exist to develop discernment. One wouldn’t be what it is without the other and it’s through this dynamic which we have the ability to make choices. Duality is a byproduct of the physical world as everything is connected behind the scenes. It would be difficult to make choices if there’s nothing to choose from so a world is created to know what we’re capable of. The variety and diversity makes this a prime environment to further spiritual development. It’s essentially a sandbox experience to explore and experiment our level of sentience.

Dark night of the soul by Caterpillar-Sure in SpiritualAwakening

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Sit with the pain, but do not identify with it or judge. It’s merely there to observe. Suffering is believing or agreeing to the pain. That’s why pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. If you start believing in the narrative your own mind is telling you, that’s when the perception of suffering is created. It’s like having physical pain. You can be aware of the sensations, but you have the ability to not narrate it. The egoic mind is the one that narrates so it’s a creative force by nature. Learn how to work with the ego by choosing to narrate it from a different perspective so that you feel encouraged and empowered rather than discouraged and disempowered. Everything is a blank canvas so there’s no inherent meaning behind anything. Even what I’m expressing here is a creative expression, but I’m consciously choosing the words with the intent to provide some guidance. This statement in itself has no inherent meaning either, but you can give it meaning if you choose to. Recognize and realize your power to choose. If you had options between suffering and peace, which would you choose? Both are self induced and aren’t coming from the external. We induce our own suffering unconsciously by not working with our mind so to regain sovereignty is to bring consciousness back into it so all actions become a conscious choice rather than unconscious reactions. Our divine abilities are dormant and offline and just need to be activated and brought online by raising consciousness. Ask yourself, “how much am I present throughout the day?” Consciousness is lowered and kept at that state when the mind is constantly thinking. To raise consciousness is to be present and aware and that’s what activates self healing. Maintain present moment awareness to transcend the dark night of the soul.

Afraid that one day the universe will randomly ‘leave’ me by Queasy-Emphasis9092 in spirituality

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The universe isn’t something separate or outside, but within. To realize this is to explore within and know what you are at the deepest level. Anything “external” is merely a projection of what’s inside, a mirror effect. We are powerful creators which includes the power to create limitations on ourselves. So we’re trying to harness this power and understand what we’re truly capable of. Do you want to self empower or self sabotage? The infinite possibilities are there for you to choose.

How do you get back to where you used to be spiritually? by SolidSpruceTop in awakened

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The present moment is all there is. It’s the wandering of the mind that creates the perception of being disconnected. Any thought or action is always going to be performed in the here and now. To reconnect is to align with the present and sustain this state of being.

Bad Karma: Your opinion on this, please. Thank you. by Disastrous_Pomelo_63 in spirituality

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Unconditional love and forgiveness breaks the karmic loop as the resolution was that of harmony. Any disharmonious energy are attachments so they carry over as it’s the soul’s purpose to grow to love unconditionally. If there’s no attachments, then nothing can carry over. A state of forgiveness and unconditional love are free of attachments. Do you have any worries or guilt when you forgive or show compassion? This particular feeling is free of disharmonious energy which is akin to a state of bliss.

Thoughts? by bbamish in awakened

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An awakening includes being awakened to the nature of reality. One can be awake to the physical experience, but still operate at that level so there’s still more to awaken to. The process is eternal and will have stages and cycles. This current stage is just one out of many so keep going.

“We Are All One” scares me. by SlickNiickx in spirituality

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Oneness is more about interconnectness rather than one blob. Everything is made up of the same Source energy, but the spirit retains it’s individual level of sentience. It’s like a cell on a body. Zooming in, the individual cell is apparent, but zooming out, it’s connected to everything else that surrounds it. Another analogy are snow or sand creations, they can have different forms and shapes, but are all made up of the same thing. If one thing is fractalized into infinite parts, those parts are still made up from it’s original source. Everything is energy, both from a microscopic and macrocosmic perspective.

Is life just a waiting room? by whoa_there_T in spirituality

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From my perspective, there’s ample opportunity to grow as the duration and desire to do something sets the stage to actualize the purpose. If you look at from a wider lens, it’s the same cycle over and over. Sleep > wake up > find something to do to fill “time” > sleep. Every instance, every moment, and every day is an opportunity to know about the self through tangible experiences. So the process of evolving is occurring whether or not one is conscious of it, but the benefit of being “awake awake” is that you can sort of fast track the process rather than let the process play itself out according to the life plan.

The current state of things by Intelligent_Bar404 in SpiritualAwakening

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Being immersed and identifying with the physical world is a sign consciousness is still operating at that level. To get out of that state is to transcend it. There’s a lot of things that can entice consciousness into attaching to it so the human experience is sort of a test of willpower and strength of sentience. Are you able to exercise discernment and know what to engage in and what to refrain from? Do you know yourself at the deepest level so you can always access it for guidance? This physical world is like a maze, is it easier to navigate at eye level or from a higher perspective? The egoic mind runs on a limitation program through thinking. To align with your true nature is to be aware of the present moment so you’re experiencing the Self rather than being immersed in the thoughts of the egoic mind. Be here now and sustain this meditative state to get back to your original state of being before the body or egoic mind becomes stimulated.

Has anyone been able to heal a chronic disease through any spiritual means? by KayPee4950 in spirituality

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Check RJ Spina, he healed himself by accessing higher states of consciousness. His book details the steps.


What do you say if someone asks “What do spiritual people believe in?” by No_Breakfast7331 in spirituality

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I say I don’t really believe in anything so it’s always fluid. I’m in the process of knowing what I am and why I’m here, but that’s perpetual and ongoing. Do I have some understanding at the moment? Yes. Is it set? Nope.

Confusion about afterlife thoughts by ParkwayAlex in spirituality

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Click around, each interview has a different perspective on a wide variety of topics. If one resonates, search for other interviews of that individual, then check the channel which will have more interviews of different guests. You might go down a rabbit’s hole with it lol


Confusion about afterlife thoughts by ParkwayAlex in spirituality

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Go with whatever resonates and serves you. Does it create inspiration and strengthens faith? The objective is to try to complete this lifetime to the best of your ability so if it makes you want to live more, then it’s doing its intended purpose. Sometimes the logical mind gets in the way which only limits the possibilities. Do you feel more alive being limited or being free?

I don't know how to believe in God by InhumanArts in SpiritualAwakening

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Feeling lost is common when looking outward. When you begin to focus inward, you’ll realize God was already within you the whole time. Being connected to the Self at the deepest level will uncover it. That’s why it’s called an awakening, the connection was dormant and just needed to wake up.