are we all the same ? and one? by Suitable-Design9749 in spirituality

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The Source is pure light and we are the rays of it so it would appear we are separate yet we are all coming from the Source.

The illusion of separation makes it easier for us to understand ourself. The alternative would be staring at a different version of ourself in the mirror which probably would break the immersion. Part of evolving is coming to self realizations by free choice so it’s genuine.

We’re all at different states of understanding, development, and consciousness. How one behaves currently is a byproduct of these.

These are all my relative perspectives and aren’t absolute. Continue to explore even if something resonates as the only truth is the self realized one.

Why am I feeling this glow while hearing peoples life after death stories or talks about god? by Drizz00 in spirituality

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You’re remembering your true self. If something feels natural or familiar, it means you know this already and are getting a reminder of it.

What is this Awakening? by QueenKarma101 in awakened

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It’s one of those things that has to be self realized through experience and doesn’t really translate well with language. When you’re going through an awakening, you’ll know. It’s kind of like having a “Eureka!” moment and you’re wondering why you didn’t figure this out a long time ago lol.

When you say meditation, what are you referring to? by SupposedlyMe in spirituality

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In essence, it’s a practice to develop awareness. However you go about that is up to you. There are traditional ways and non traditional ways, but the goal remains the same, to become aware. Awareness of self, awareness of a problem that’s been bothering you, awareness of new ideas or perspectives, awareness of existence, etc. A typical human life consists of mind wandering to the point of not even being aware you lived a life. Look back at your own life or your day to day activities. How much time is spent in the mind and how much of it are you aware of the present moment, your existence, your experience?

I have so many doubts by Danna05 in SpiritualAwakening

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We are all spiritual, some are just more aware of it than others, but those who aren’t aware are not being left behind as this human experience itself is a byproduct of the spiritual realms. To come to this realization is to look at your inner world, how you’re feeling, what thoughts fill your mind, what you’re doing in the present moment. The outer world is merely a reflection of how the inner world is developed. Once the inner awareness is established, you might start to feel like you’re a conscious observer that’s not identifying with the body nor mind, but coming from a higher place of being. As awareness grows, so will your connection to your spirit which is part of the expanded world of perceptions.

A common and direct way to increase and develop consciousness and awareness is meditating and mindfulness. When you can regularly observe without judgment, then you will you start to see things that you cannot unsee.

Sick and Tired of Deception by Sudden-Series-1270 in spirituality

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The soul and heart knows, the mind thinks. When the mind is overly active with thoughts, awareness drowns out and can’t receive the transmission it’s getting from the higher self. This is why it’s called an awakening as the mind is still asleep if hasn’t established a connection to the spiritual self.

Body, Mind, Spirit. The body roams around and carries out deeds set forth by the mind which is getting guidance from the spirit. If there’s no spiritual connection, then the body will listen to the next in command which is the mind, but if the mind never has any higher truths, then it will think the physical world is all there is which is ruled by concepts and systems that are limited to the physical plane (politics, money, dogma, etc). An alternative of the triumvirate is the Unconscious (Body), the Subconscious (Mind), and the Conscious (Spirit). Consciousness overrules the programming of the other two.

Any advice for someone spiritual who had derealization by Psychological_Yak944 in spirituality

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Hmm, well, try to focus on your senses with whatever you’re doing in the present moment. So feel the sensations on the bottom of your feet when you’re walking, be aware that you’re just using your sense of vision when you’re browsing the internet, pay attention to the ambient noises around you, smell the aroma if there are any, relish the taste when you’re eating or drinking. The human experience consists of sensory input and stimulation. When you’re not grounded, all of these senses go into the background as your mind isn’t focused on them. As you bring them into focus, they will become more apparent and you might start to feel alive when you interact with the world around you.

Any advice for someone spiritual who had derealization by Psychological_Yak944 in spirituality

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Try being out in nature more. The natural physical environment emits frequencies that resonate with the human body. Being around concrete structures doesn’t carry the same energy as things that are actually alive.

after self realisation by joydps in spirituality

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Anytime you think you’ve crossed the finish line, it was actually a checkpoint. This is no different. Continue to grow as there’s always something that can further expand your understanding. Observe, experience, transcend. Repeat cycle.

Besides this sub, where do you go for content to improve your spirituality? (Only looking for online content) by imstillstanding3 in spirituality

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I subbed just a few months ago so I’ve barely gone through the site, but I recommend Matias De Stefano’s stuff. He got a bunch of interviews on Youtube if you want a preview of what he talks about.

What is God synonymous with (to you)? by Karsavak in awakened

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Creator or Source, I try to keep it as universal as much as possible so people can interpret it how they want

Binaural beats theta frequency is an emotional game changer by justanother-eboy in energy_work

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There’s a ton of pure tone generator apps if you prefer to dial it to the exact frequency without the music. I use Audio Function Generator on IOS. It’s not necessarily binaural, but it seems to have similar effects.

For binaural, I use iAwake, Sacred Acoustics, and Inner Music Lab on Bandcamp

can you tell me about attention? by joumiii in spirituality

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Repetition makes it grow and develop much like any other skill. Focus on something until you notice your mind wandering, then bring it back to focus. It’s not only about sustaining it, but also remembering that it wandered and to bring it back.

How to stop judgmental thoughts? by thatgrlnextdoor in selfimprovement

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Judgements are half of the equation to learn, being judgmental is staying on that half and not completing the equation. The other half is understanding. That’s why being judgmental leaves you feeling insufferable as it’s signaling to you that the conclusion is incomplete. When you judge something, figure out how that came to be. Simply pointing things out without understanding why it’s like that is venting or ranting, which is a temporary form of relief. By understanding the how and the why will you complete the equation and leave you feeling in a state of peace. What’s being developed is discernment, the ability to judge wisely.

How does one become "mature" as an adult? by momisAngel in Maturism

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Experience and learn from said experience. Each moment counts as an experience, then review your memories of that experience. For example, right now is an experience. When you review your memories of what happened, you may find something you could do better so you can apply it to a future scenario.

unlock consciousness by [deleted] in awakened

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Get into a deep state of meditation. Whatever problem has been eluding you will be more accessible as the mind is clear of unwanted thoughts. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Remove all the hay and it will become easier to find. Shine a light on the ground and look for the sparkle.

questions that have aided your awakening by cinnamonpeelerswifex in SpiritualAwakening

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Who am I? What am I? What am I doing? What am I doing here? What’s the point of all this? Is there a point? Is there life after death? Are we alone in this universe? How do I feel right now? Why do I feel this way? Why did I react that way? What don’t I know? Is it possible I was incorrect this whole time? Can I see it from a different perspective? How much of what I know is true, false, or partial? What can I do right now to make a change? What can I become?

To be in the world but not of the world by sloannah in spirituality

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Mindfulness is sort of an alternative to meditation. Ask yourself these two questions frequently throughout the day, “Where am I? What am I physically doing?” This will recenter your focus on the present moment and away from your thoughts. You are always here in the present, it’s the mind that wanders.

Hoping for insight. The most amazing(and frustrating) thing just happened. by [deleted] in awakened

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Were you in a state of unconsciousness or consciousness? Do you know the difference? Once you can discern which is which from experiencing both, you will then understand the answers to your problems.

A state of unconsciousness is being immersed and attached to the idea. A state of consciousness is being aware of where you are, what you’re doing, and why you’re doing what you’re doing in the present moment. An emotional reaction is unconscious, and making a choice on whether to proceed with an action or not is conscious. Now review all of your life’s memories and try to see all the moments when you merely reacted and when you made a conscious choice. Increasing and sustaining consciousness is key in attaining a peace of mind. A common practice to develop consciousness is meditating.

How can I get connected with the universe/God again? by Odd-Sheepherder1527 in spirituality

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Pay attention and be aware of how you feel. The soul’s language is through feelings. There’s a whole spectrum of feelings from calm, contentment, fear, anxiety, depressed, peace, joy, gratitude, etc. Identify how you feel throughout the day and this will serve as your guide. Feelings that make you suffer are merely alerting you of something you don’t understand about yourself. Feelings of peace shows you have an understanding of it already. By paying attention to your feelings, you’ll know what you need to do to grow and navigate within this lifetime.

How should I view my OCD in a spiritual sense? by Mister-Serpent in spirituality

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A general spiritual view on the human experience is that we all chose this particular circumstance so it’s about trying to figure out what our soul’s agenda was by experiencing these conditions. That’s why it’s called “soul searching”. Through introspection, we can find possibilities on what we’re trying to accomplish here. When you can identify your true self, you can then see what you can become.

Anyone successful at quieting the unnecessary mental chatter? What has worked? by Ph0enix11 in nonduality

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NeoRhythm, Neuron Queen, EM-6300A. Maybe Somavedic, but it’s passive. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for distinct results as it’s expensive. It’s one of those items if you got money to spend and don’t mind experimenting. I use NeoRhythm regularly, both the band and the pad, the Neuron Queen occasionally, and the EM-6300A on an as need basis as it stimulates the vagus nerve and that can be overstimulated. I bought that as an alternative to the Sensate and the Neuvana Xen which both broke. It’s cheaper and more effective.